Bye Bye Biden?

Is Joe’s astrological number up? Alex examines numerous upcoming potential death indicators in the President’s chart. The post Bye Bye Biden? appeared first on Daykeeper Journal Astrology.

July Horoscopes

A month when you could sink or swim, dive or surf; when life is sweet and spicy in the same bite; and anything could happen. To find your horoscope, click here. To join the Oxford Astrologer and get your horoscope monthly — along with other benefits including the live Q&A session, click here.  The post […]

NFL Player Carl Nassib Comes Out

Astrological indicators in the chart of Carl Nassib, the first active NFL player to come out as gay. The post NFL Player Carl Nassib Comes Out appeared first on Daykeeper Journal Astrology.

When Does A Person Discover Their Destiny?

I was talking to a client about destiny and/or a person’s vocation. I recalled really wanting a boyfriend from the time I was five years old.  By the time I was six, I was rabid in this regard. I had an … Read More…

What Does It Mean When You Don’t Feel Like Your Sun Sign in Astrology?

​There is a lot of focus on your Sun sign in astrology, and this is because your Sun is who you really are, your true self. That makes your Sun sign very important! But, some people don’t feel like their Sun sign much, or at all. What can show that being the case? ​Let’s review […]

Self-Care Strategies for Sleep and Dreams (Webinar)

  As we know, good sleep is paramount to well-being. Yet, in our modern-day lifestyle, getting adequate rest is something with which many people—perhaps you too—struggle. Which is why I decided to offer a new webinar this month in which we’ll talk about an array of lifestyle practices, flower essences, essential oils, and teas that […]

Weekend Love Forecast – COWABUNGA DUDE

This weekend, the summer Sun in Cancer heads into sextile with Uranus and quinunx to Saturn, juicing up our interaction with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. Oh no, you say – oh yes, I say. The silver lining, however, exists in … Read More…

Stellar Insights: June 28 – July 4, 2021

  Photo by Sam Moqadam via Unsplash On June 11, warrior Mars entered dynamic Leo. And with that, we may be finding that there’s an additional urge to pursue our goals with more vivacity, creativity, and heartfelt wonder. In addition, we could be experiencing ourselves or others either expressing themselves in a bold and unabashed […]

New Moon in Cancer 2021- Complex Drama

The new moon in Cancer takes place in the evening on July 9th at 18 degrees. I expect some drama out of this, one way or the other.  It’s not necessarily bad. It’s more like a movie with a good … Read More…