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Having recently lost both my parents and both my in-laws, I know that one effect of death is to change the shape of a person’s life. Up until that point, if they have lived long, you may be thinking of them as a very old person, but a while after they die, you begin to see the whole life, like a story. And it may be that you see them in the midst of their life more. I usually think of my own mother in middle age or even younger, rather than as an old lady, and, even though I never knew her so young, I often think of my lovely mother-in-law as a young woman, discovering London in the 1950s.

This will be the case with Elizabeth II in a while. People will begin to see the whole story of her life now that we know how it ends. The ending changes how we see the rest of the story. Perhaps one of the most important things about the Queen’s death is how close it was to her husband’s — their enduring marriage may become the centre of this story.

Young and in Canada

When a recently-widowed 96 year old, dies in her bed, with her family beside her, having worked up until the previous day, I can’t help feeling good for her. Why be sad when a full, rich life is completed like that. Celebrate it.

Here is the chart for her moment of death (via Victor Olliver who quotes Lady Colin Campbell). I have included the Queen’s secondary progressed chart because of the extraordinary line up of trSaturn (the Grim Reaper), prMoon and Mars (her life force).  It’s interesting that Mercury, in his role as psychopomp, transiting the 8th house of death should be involved. He opposes transiting Jupiter and natal Mercury. In some ways it’s a less remarkable farewell chart than one might expect. I think the Venus-Moon opposition by transit suggests a smooth transition to the other realms. What do you think?


I added in the asteroids to see if they added some more nuance. Notice Juno, the Queen, and the line up of Ceres by transit, with prMercury and natal Neptune.

with asteroids


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