April: An Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and a Very Lucky Day

The Music of the Woods. Edward Atkinson Hornel.


Come, fill the cup, and in the fire of spring
Your winter garment of repentance fling.
The bird of time has but a little way
To flutter – and the bird is on the wing.

Omar Khayyam (Taurus) tr Edward Fitzgerald (Aries)


Pale plum blossom and primroses, dancing daffodils, satiny magnolia: spring is here in suburbia, thank the blossom goddess.

Emerging from winter into this fresh new season felt like a struggle this year. But at last we are blinking in the light of Aries season.

In fact, after the dramatic changes last month, this month is fairly straightforward. All planets are still in direct motion, except Mercury which turns retrograde on 21 April. This means Mercury is slowing down from 5 April, and in the shadow of his retrograde. The usual warnings apply: mind what you buy, what you say and what deals you make; turn up early for appointment.

Oh — and then there’s that eclipse.. and April 11.

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