April Horoscopes: The Great Wave and Eclipse Season

Two Parrots Took A Walk Together in Spring by Maria Prymachenko

We are awash with watery energy, leaking across boundaries, flooding the basement, slooshing through the media, washing over the doorsill and up the stairs. We’re not at the high tide yet, though, it’s coming.

You may have noticed breaches in boundaries — political (Ukraine), professional (Will Smith), or personal (you name it). There are many astrological factors involved, but the most universal one is the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, which I have written about a few times. This is a massive wave of watery energy. The important thing is to keep swimming and keep your head above water for the next few months.

For each of us, this will feel different. Some may be swept up on a high tide of fortune, and some may find themselves deluged with work, asked to sacrifice all their time and effort. However this takes you, one important piece of advice applies across the board now. Do not spread yourself too thin. Don’t think you can do everything. Delay what’s not necessary, put down the burdens you can’t carry. Simplify.

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