by Sebastian


Personal for Friend

April is going to be fiery month for you Friend,  that offers us you a chance to boss up and change your live for the better.

The first major move of the month occurs on April 3, when talkative Mercury moves into Aries, heightening the passion in your communication. April 9 brings the karmic cosmic meetup between responsible Saturn and the Nodes of Destiny, which will cement your commitments. In the middle of the month, you will feel things starting to heat up: The Aries New Moon occurs on April 11, inspiring you to move towards who and what you love. And on April 14, tender Venus moves into Taurus, allowing you to seek comfort in all forms (wink, wink), while passionate Mars’ swim into sensitive Cancer, encouraging  you to feel your desires on an emotional level. April 19 brings the start of Taurus Season and Mercury’s shift into Taurus, which will add a stubbornness to your views. You will have to focus on being more flexible to help matters evolve. The Super Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on April 26 and will push us to transform. The month ends with Pluto starting its planetary moonwalk on April 27. This retrograde will last until October 6, and it will awaken your spirituality and give us the strength to heal old wounds.

Yours Sincerely,