Asteroid Amor in the Zodiac Signs

There are thousands of asteroids in astrology, and each link to something specific. Some asteroids link to love and relationships, and one of those asteroids is an asteroid called Amor (number 1221 if you want to look it up), which is an asteroid that rules romance. Amor can show what you need to display romance and affection.

Asteroid Amor in the Zodiac Signs:

Aries: With Aries being independent, you may want more of your own freedom to do your own things with Amor in Aries. This can get in the way sometimes though, and you may push a little too much. Someone you can find that delicate balance with, who gives you room but also holds you accountable, can be best for you. When in love, you can be really passionate.

Taurus: With Taurus being the sensual sign, you may want a strong physical connection in love with Amor in Taurus. This might make you confuse sex with love though, so it’s important for you to learn the difference. Someone you can have both of those things with, great love and passion, can be best for you. When in love, you can be very affectionate and like to pamper your partner.

Gemini: With Gemini being the sign of the mind, you may want a strong mental connection in love with Amor in Gemini. You can get bored with people pretty quickly, so grounding your mind can be important. Playing 200 questions with potential partners isn’t the best! Someone who is naturally interesting, intelligent, and curious can be best for you. When in love, you can keep it fresh.

Cancer: With Cancer being the sign of emotions, you may want a strong emotional connection in love with Amor in Cancer. You may be a little too much sometimes though, oversharing too soon or acting clingy, and that pushes people away. Giving yourself more self-care and support can be important to avoid that. Someone who is sweet and nurturing can be best for you. When in love, you can be a big cheerleader for your partner.

Leo: With Leo being super affectionate, you may want a lot of praise and attention and affection in love with Amor in Leo. This can get demanding though, and you may seem insecure to potential partners. Work on your own confidence so you don’t have to seek validation from those you’re dating. Someone who is fun-loving, shares your hobbies, and generous can be best for you. When in love, you can be a big-hearted softie.

Virgo: With Virgo being the perfectionist sign, you may place high expectations on your partner and relationship in love with Amor in Virgo. This just leads to inevitable disappointment and heartbreak though. Try to figure out why it is that you’re trying to check off a list of perfection in the first place. Are you just trying to guard yourself? Someone who is attentive and hard-working can be best for you. When in love, you can do lots of little things for your partner.

Libra: With Libra being the sign requiring peace and balance, you may want total harmony and equity in love with Amor in Libra. Equality and respect are a good thing to shoot for, but if you’re avoiding conflict to keep the peace and letting big things slide, that adds up over time and leads to the relationship’s downfall. Don’t run from problems, and don’t believe that if you have one the relationship is bad (even the good ones go through bad times!). Someone who is respectful can be best for you. When in love, you can be very considerate.

Scorpio: With Scorpio being the intense sign, you may crave major passion and sexual chemistry with Amor in Scorpio. This can go too far though, and you may walk away from something good if the person can’t match your insane level of intensity, or you may opt for toxic people and relationships just for the intensity of it. Scorpio being ruler of transformation means there may be a transformation required linked to some deeply-held issues causing this. Someone loyal and strong can be best for you. When in love, you can be all-in.

Sagittarius: With Sagittarius being the adventurous sign, you may want adventure and fun in love with Amor in Sagittarius. This can make committing a little hard for you though, since you want freedom to do whatever, whenever. Tackle whatever is causing you to run in the first place. Someone who gives you space but still keeps you interested can be best for you. When in love, you can be passionate and open.

Capricorn: With Capricorn being the sign ruling goals, you may want someone you view as successful with Amor in Capricorn. Don’t let that be your only criteria, someone successful or with recognition. Responsibilities can also be an issue, and you may take on too much in love, or not enough, and need balance. Someone disciplined, focused, and traditional can be best for you. When in love, you can be fully committed.

Aquarius: With Aquarius being the sign of friendships, you may require a foundation of friendship in love with Amor in Aquarius. This can be a good thing, but you may push for freedom a little too much, and use friendship as either an excuse for a lack of passion, or a placeholder for lovers. Someone who gives you the room to fully be yourself, eccentricities and all, can be best for you. In love, you can be loyal and interesting.

Pisces: With Pisces being the compassionate sign, you may be very sacrificing and devoted in love with Amor in Pisces. This can go to extremes though, and you may give too much of yourself to others, get manipulated and controlled by those with bad intentions, and go for crazy love just because it feels “destined”. Boundaries are incredibly important for you to have healthy love. Someone who can respect your boundaries and see you as your own person can be best for you. In love, you can be gentle and understanding.

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