Astrology of Now: Angels, Ghosts & Other Worlds

Orchid, fairy tree, Montaigne Noir, Aude.

There are other worlds. Of course there are. We are more, or less, aware of them.

If you get down to cat-level and look between blades of grass, a new world opens for you, where a bug is sheep-size and orchids are trees, or look into the heart of an orchid and you are a bee. These are easy to see, these worlds folding into and over each other. We shapeshift: human to cat to bee.

Put on a mask and dive below the surface of the sea, climb a tree to the clouds. We change our point of view and we see worlds within worlds — we see world outside our world, in the farthest reaches of the night sky. We are living in many over-lapping and interweaving worlds, curled around each other like bracken heads, interpenetrating like shafts of light through water. On starry nights, our minds take us flying through the still spray of the Milky Way.

Or you can close your eyes and conjure angels.

Sometimes, these overlapping worlds are simultaneously vivid, inner, outer, microscopic, telescopic. The angel is at the foot of your bed, the bird’s eye vision is your dreaming, the starry sky is in your heart… and yet you are awake and the bedside lamp is lit and the cat purrs at the end of the bed. All is happening at once, because there is no time except right now.

The Angel of Illness

I have been slipping in and out of worlds since 12 April — thanks to fever, or a visitation from the gods of expansion and dreaming, Jupiter and Neptune.

Of course, it was textbook astrology. The mighty conjunction on that day took place on my Piscean Mars, my vitality or life force, and pulled me under. I came down with flu — combined with food poisoning, so the gods were making extra-sure to take me into the water. In fact, Neptune has been sitting on my Mars for a while now, and I have been feeling fine. It took the arrival of Jupiter to overwhelm me, and take me to the other places.

It has been, as you have just read, mystical — in the way of fever dreams. The illness reached a peak at the Full Moon, when I felt myself transparent with not just skies within, but whole universes swirling through my body, a body that had no edges at all. For much of the time, I have not been able to speak, and I have had to let go of many obligations and float untethered, dreaming of spinners turning my viral visitors into nets of light to diffuse into the heavens.

I recall just two other times when an influenza put me in bed for days like this. The last was over 20 years ago, in the mid-90s. I know the exact day because it was New Year’s. I looked back: a conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in 1997, which was at 26° Capricorn, sextiling our current one.

Of course, it’s not over yet, as this conjunction will be woven with Venus over the next 10 days, and the two mighty teachers are still close together anyway.


You may be wondering about my ghosts, since I mentioned in my newsletter that I’d be down here in my parents’ old stone presbytery outside Carcassonne. As some of you know, it’s haunted.

In November, we did a big house clearance here, guiding spirits to the light gently. It seems to have worked. The house is still crowded, but the very difficult energy has gone.

As my friend Liz Rooke pointed out, it might not be so surprising that I grew up in haunted houses, since I have Neptune on the IC in Scorpio. This house was not the first my parent’s chose which has other occupants. The one where I spent a large chunk of my childhood was full of whispering spirits, rustling up and down the long stairs.

My natal Neptune was trined by the 12 April conjunction, and on the day, before taking to me bed, I saw two people, both of whom, “coincidentally”, were unusually psychic, and one of whom has the conjunction on her midheaven. She said: “I want to fill your house with fire and flowers.” So that is what we have been creating, a fiery path of flowers to the heavens for our friends in the world of spirit who need to untether themselves.

How has this strange time worked for you? Sally has moved into a big flat (Jupiter), near the sea (Neptune). Another friend has become a yoga master… Has it been mystical or did it just rain a lot?

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