Astrology of Now: Dragon Diarrhoea & an Invitation

This alchemical image shows the double headed dragon standing on the earth between the Moon and the Sun.

Talking with a client this morning, a rather unpleasant simile for the coming eclipse popped out of my mouth: “It’s like diarrhoea.” Oops.

A bowel evacuation is sometimes nasty, but necessary, especially when you’re getting rid of poison.

This coming eclipse, on the night of May 15-16, is in Scorpio, the sign that rules the sphincter. So perhaps it’s no coincidence that the cryptocurrency market is having a bout of the runs right now, flushing away cash by the billions during this inter-eclipse period.

It was always clear that this series of eclipses across the two big money signs, Taurus and Scorpio, through the end of 2021 and 2022, would have an effect on money. The North Node of this eclipse cycle is in Taurus, therefore ruled by Venus, the planet of cash and currencies. Note if you are a speculator that there is a matching total lunar eclipse to this one in November, so that story is probably not over yet.

Scorpio also rules the reproductive organs, and as several other astrologers have pointed out, the attack on abortion laws in the United States is also symbolic of this eclipse. This is not just an important battle in the US; it’s important for people across the globe who look to the reproductive freedoms in the United States as a model of protection for women


This week’s front cover of The Lancet, one the UK’s top two medical journals.


This current eclipse on Sunday night is on the South Node — the dragon’s tail. This node is the place of release, and with those Scorpio rulerships, you can see how a scatalogical metaphor comes to mind. We’re not even going to get into why some people like the term blood moon (again). Although, this time it may be quite accurate. This node is ruled by Mars, currently in Pisces. On the day after the eclipse, Mars makes a conjunction with Neptune. Not only that, these two planets will be at easy angles to the eclipse points.

This suggests a certain flow with the eclipse, if you can hit the sweet spot. What is it you want to let go of? Speaking personally, I have had some great news in the past few days. As the eclipse sweeps across my IC, I have found a buyer for my parent’s house. So I’ll be releasing a huge burden.

It also means that the eclipse is actually interacting with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of 12 April. Interesting.

The other really important point is that the eclipse makes a hard aspect to stern Saturn in Aquarius. That looks like quite a jolt for some people — especially if you have any planets at 23°-26° of a fixed sign Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo.

I’ve associated this tour of Saturn through Aquarius with the lockdowns because Saturn is about rules, boundaries and restrictions and Aquarius is about community. Some parts of the world are in really terrible lockdown at the moment, so it’ll be interesting to see what the eclipse brings. So far between the eclipses the screws have tightened in places like Shanghai and North Korea.

We’ll be talking about how the eclipse and how it’s affecting individuals on Sunday night at 7pm. This is for members of the Oxford Astrologer. To pick up the Zoom link or join if you’re not a member, click here.

Of course, mixed up in the middle of all this is a Mercury Retrograde — so we’ll see how that plays!

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