Astrology of Now: Valentine’s Day

The Embrace, Gustav Klimt

It is such a pleasure to be able to tell you what a wonderful planetary alignment we have for Valentine’s Day — for the first time in years!

Venus and Mars, the lovers of the Solar System, embrace in earthy Capricorn, which means it’s certainly time for some of us to finally make a commitment, and it’s devilishly passionate too.

Winged Mercury leaps into air today, bouncing right on the critical 0° Aquarius — which I mention often because it’s the degree that began this whole two-decade Aquarian era in winter 2020. Whenever any planet goes across this point, you may expect some small reminder of the times. Some of us will have a truthful, rational, positive conversation! He’s moving towards Juno, the asteroid of marriage at 5° Aquarius. Go get those rings, or at least a small fragrant rose for your beloved.

Lucky Jupiter is powerful in the sign of universal love, Pisces, and today he is making a lovely twinkling sextile to Uranus, the planet of the unexpected in earthy Taurus. This looks pretty sexy for some.

Meanwhile, the Moon has moved into dramatic, luxurious Leo, and approaches Full (on Feb 16). It’s glorious, dramatic, quite heady.

If you’re not in the embrace of a committed other, and have no plans to be, think about that Jupiter in Pisces, and the universal love that rings and sings from bird to worm to tree, and binds the world together.

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