Black Moon Lilith in Gemini: July 2021 – April 2022

​Black Moon Lilith is going to move into a new sign, leaving earth sign Taurus and entering air sign Gemini. What can we expect with Black Moon Lilith in Gemini?

What is Black Moon Lilith?

Let’s review what Black Moon Lilith is. It’s the apogee, or highest point, of the Moon, or the farthest point away the Moon is from Earth in the Moon’s orbit.

Black Moon Lilith has two positions, Mean and True/Oscillating. The movement of Lilith is suuuper wonky, so the True/Oscillating is the exact position while the Mean is the averaged out position. You can assess both in the natal chart (thought True/Oscillating tends to have more weight for most of us).

For transits, Mean Lilith is much easier to follow. The standard ephemeris on includes Mean Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith shows where we speak out, stand up, and hold firm. Lilith was Adam’s first wife, and she stood up for herself to Adam in the Garden of Eden, even when it meant getting thrown out! Lilith knew her power and worth, being equal to Adam.

Transit Black Moon Lilith can bring this out in all of us in general with the sign it’s touring and aspects it makes to the other planets (and personally in the natal house is tours for you and aspects it makes to your natal chart).

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini dates:

enters July 18th 2021
exits April 14th 2022

Impact of Black Moon Lilith in Gemini:

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is interesting because Gemini is the sign that Black Moon Lilith is said to rule. So Lilith is pretty at home here! It makes sense if you think about it – Black Moon Lilith wants to speak out, and Gemini is a sign of communication and expression. So, we may find that we’re all speaking up a lot more while Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini, and have a lot more to say about matters. We may just need to make sure we’re allowing others the room to speak up too, otherwise we may be ignoring important information.

With Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, we may become more involved in the causes that are close to us, in our communities and neighborhoods, or that impact the young people in our lives. We can focus on the areas that need change, and bring focus to those areas.

Gemini is a sign ruling learning and education, so we may spend more time educating ourselves about the issues we’re passionate about, or educating others about them. We can also focus on issues of education themselves, and challenge others to open their minds to new ways of learning.

Gemini is a busy sign, so we may find we’re much busier with the causes we believe in, the issues we’re pushing, and what we’re speaking up with. In Taurus, Lilith had a slower approach, but in Gemini, energy speeds up and we want to make things happen fast.

Aspects by Black Moon Lilith in Gemini

I’ve noticed that conjunctions by Black Moon Lilith to the other planets tend to be the big aspects that we really feel, but Lilith won’t make any conjunctions to the other planets while in Gemini. The biggest aspect that Black Moon Lilith in Gemini will make is a square (hard aspect) to transit Neptune in Pisces on February 7th 2022 at 21 degrees. 

When square Neptune, this might make it challenging for us to speak out. We may not be fully aware of all of the facts, and we may have to hold back for some reason. Our view of things may be obscured, and we need to exercise some patience. There may be issues of cruelty that need to be addressed.

Final Notes:

The last time Black Moon Lilith was in Gemini was September 2012 to June 2013, so you can look back to that time to get an idea of the impact now for you. What were you focused on standing up with and speaking out with back then?

Special note if you have natal Black Moon Lilith in Gemini: You will experience your Black Moon Lilith Return, which occurs when transit Black Moon Lilith conjuncts your natal Black Moon Lilith. There can be lessons that open you up more to speaking out and standing up, and you can become more aware of what you’ve been held back with and need to fight against. This can be a good time to get in tune with your inner Lilith.

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When you want to dive further into understanding Black Moon Lilith both in your natal chart and in prediction, go grab the Soul Astrology Masterclass! It covers Lilith (as well as the Lunar Nodes & Chiron)

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