The Astrology Of August 2021 – Make Things Happen

It’s August, so we are in full Leo season! Apart from some Saturn oppositions early this month, which are always a bit challenging, August 2021 is a month to look forward to. We have a record number of planets in their home sign: Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, and Saturn in […]

Full Moon In Aquarius – Precisely That Simple, Also That Difficult

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24th, 2021. The Full Moon is at 1° Aquarius, between Pluto (at 25° Capricorn) and Saturn (at 10° Aquarius) loosely conjuncting both. The Full Moon will also trigger the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st, 2020 at 0° Aquarius. This Full Moon in Aquarius will reveal something […]

New Moon In Cancer – A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony

On July 9th, 2021 we have a beautiful New Moon at 18° Cancer.  Cancer New Moons are special New Moons by default, because Cancer is ruled by the Moon. We are talking about Moon’s favorite New Moon of the year! Cancer is the sign of conception, and New Moons in Cancer are great for birthing […]

Full Moon in Capricorn – Time Is On My Side

On June 24th, 2021 we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. This is a beautiful Full Moon that will give us a renewed sense of faith and optimism. Faith and optimism and a Full Moon in… Capricorn? If you pay attention to the Lunar cycles you may have noticed that the previous Full Moons in […]

The Astrology Of July 2021 – Venus Conjunct Mars

July 2021 comes with several tense T-squares, a creative concoction of Leo energy, and Jupiter back in Aquarius. After a tense first week of the month, Venus and Mars join forces in Leo, clearing the dust (or the dusk?) of the previous cycle, and infusing fresh energy into our relationships.  Mid-month, Chiron retrograde and Sun […]

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044: Power to the People

One of the most anticipated transits of the decade is Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, retrogrades back into Capricorn on June 11th, 2023, and then back in Aquarius on January 21s, 2024. Pluto leaves Aquarius on January 19th, 2044. Yes, you read that right – that’s 20 years of Pluto […]

Venus Out Of Bounds

On May 24th, 2021 Venus went out of bounds. Venus rarely goes out of bounds, and when it does, things may not go on the “expected” Venus path. Venus remains out of the bounds of the Sun until June 23rd, 2021 so that’s one month to explore and enjoy a ‘different kind of Venus’.  First […]

Jupiter In Pisces 2021-2022 – How It Will Influence You

On May 13th, 2021 Jupiter enters Pisces, the sign of its domicile. Jupiter is in Pisces for a brief stay, until July 28th, 2021. In the next 2 and a half months we will get our first taste of this transit.  Jupiter re-enters Pisces on December 29th, 2021, stays in Pisces until May 10th, 2022 […]

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – A Deeper kind of Truth

On May 26th, 2021 we have a powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 5° Sagittarius. Full Moons are when things are revealed for what they truly are. The Full Moon is the only time in the lunar cycle when the disc of the Moon is fully illuminated. Full Moons bring clarity, transparency, and reveal […]

The Astrology Of June – Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde

If you are feeling a bit bored, or not challenged enough, then June 2021 is a month to look forward to. Your life will start to get a bit eventful, to say the least. Of course, if you are not bored and have quite a lot going on already, June may push you to your […]