Reviving Tarot Decks – Fanning Powder

Today on Kraft Time with Kalagni: How to save a tarot deck from sticky clingy doom.   Sometimes after a lot of usage tarot cards get harder to shuffle and deal, the cards start clinging to each other, they pick up oils from skin and the finish wears down, and they don’t glide smoothly over […]

Starry Path: Classes of Spirits

In the Circle of Descent* I mentioned in passing that the ritual might call the guardians, or it might not. I wanted to write a post about the guardians, but before I can explain them I should elaborate more on the primary classes of spirits for context. *(I can’t believe I posted that a year […]

Deep, Not Wide

I said in my recent post Shake It Up that it’s good to try something new to stretch yourself. I also said I’d make a post contradicting that, and that would be this post. One piece of advice from my magickal training that always sticks with me is : Deep, not wide. So simple and […]

How She Came to the Earth, and Returned to the Darkness

Otherwise known as ‘The Story of Star Goddess and Star Dragon.’     Star Goddess. 2020.Original photography by @n8rayfieldPhoto manipulation by Kalagni   She was first, first created before all creation; within her illimitable being were all things. From out of herself, the first darkness, she divided herself, into darkness and light she was divided […]