Why is Keanu Reeves the Internet Boyfriend?

In our new series, Astrology Talk Investigates, Sally and I look into the pressing question of why the actor Keanu Reeves is so beloved. Is it Pluto? Is it Chiron? Is it the Moon in Cancer? We take a short walk down the Reevesian Road and find ourselves in a matrix of possibilities. If you’d […]

September Horoscopes: Making the Moment Last

Michel Foucault and his cat Insanity (yup). We are our pets: our pets are us. Or so we may believe. Who knows what’s really going on beneath those be furred skulls. What is true though is that Virgo is a writer’s sign, and if you type in the words writers and cats into a search […]

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: Think It Over

  Mercury, the planet of communications, speed and thought turns retrograde on 23 August. This is his third retrograde of 2023 — first in Capricorn, then Taurus, now Virgo. There will be another in December. All are in practical earth signs, which means this most the rethinking or redoing associated with a retrograde are likely […]

Virgo Season: Retrogrades A Go-Go

This month Sally and I discuss all those planets turning tail and running for the hills — as well as few coming back to the well to drink some cool, sweet water. It’s really pretty complicated. There will be winners and losers — and those might just be the same person. Links to audio and […]

Barbie, the Actors’ Strike, Venus Retrograde

The Barbie movie is going to be this summer’s blockbuster — you know it. It’s been released when Venus, surely Barbie’s very own planet, is stationing, ready to go retrograde in Leo on 23 July. Leo is the actor’s sign, and we’re seeing a hella lot of actors in pink at the moment. When Venus […]

Leo Season: Alchemy

What with a Venus Retrograde and some singing lunations, this Leo Season promises to be specially memorable. We had a lot to sift through. There’s quite a lot of tension, but also possibilities. Listen here. Or watch The post Leo Season: Alchemy appeared first on The Oxford Astrologer.

Invitation to the Salon

The Q&A is morphing into a Salon. Do come along. Sunday  evening at 7.30 British Summer Time. Bring your questions and answers too. This is a benefit for members of The Oxford Astrologer & usually it’s private and not recorded. There have been some exceptions recently to that rule, but this time — in honour […]

AT Investigates: Why Is Bastille Day the French National Day?

Bastille Day is celebrated in France with fireworks, speeches and a huge military parade down the Champs Elysees. It’s a day when French identify is celebrated. But why that day? Others might have been chosen. Is there something in the astrology of 14 July 1789 that tells us about what it means to be French […]

July Horoscopes: Stay Cool

Stay cool this summer and go for a swim. It’s hot. It’s complicated. It’s kind of fascinating. July is a pivotal month for everyone. If you’re already a member, to read your horoscope, click here. To join The Oxford Astrologer, click here. To read last month’s horoscopes, click here. The post July Horoscopes: Stay Cool […]

Wagner Group Mutiny: Yevgeny Prigozhin

This is a sunrise chart for Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner Group. There’s no birth time. I am flinging this up quickly for you to see as history unfolds. Just in case you’re out of the loop: the Wagner Group is a mercenary organisation owned and run by Prigozhin which operates globally. Russian […]