Ceres in Gemini: July – December 2021, February – May 2022

​Ceres is about to enter a new sign, leaving Taurus (the sign it’s naturally connected to) and moving into air sign Gemini. What does this do for us?

What is Ceres in astrology?

Ceres is technically a dwarf planet (like Pluto) but in astrology, we call it an asteroid (as it was before the dwarf planet designation). Ceres is super nurturing, supportive, caring, and there for you. I describe it as a supercharged Moon (maybe mixed with a little Venus). You can find Ceres in your own chart on astro.com (in Extended Chart Selection, click on Additional Objects, and select Ceres from the menu).

Ceres in Gemini dates:

enters July 31st 2021
turns retrograde October 8th 2021 (12 degrees 8 minutes Gemini)
exits December 21st 2021
(ends retrograde January 14th 2022 @ 27 degrees Taurus)
re-enters February 9th 2022
exits May 15th 2022

General Impact of Ceres in Gemini:

So Ceres is nourishment and support, and in Gemini, this may mean mentally and in communication. We may need more support for our ideas and plans, and want encouragement with our opinions and thoughts. We may give more support with words, offering more words of encouragement and nurturing others with our words. We can choose our words a little more carefully, and want to use them to help, not hurt.

We may focus more on ideas that lead to greater nourishment and support in life, for ourselves and for others. We can be more active in our neighborhoods and communities, wanting to make them comfortable, supportive places. We may be more active in general when it comes to nurturing and supporting ourselves and others, and open to different ideas to do so.

This can be a great time for learning or teaching as this helps us feel more supported. We can grow more confident and comfortable when we’re taking in new knowledge and sharing knowledge we have. We may be interested in a variety of things, and the more knowledge we pick up, the more we can feel at ease mentally.

Gemini is a dual sign, so we may find two different ways of being supported or giving support, feeling nurtured or being nurturing, and we may have dual focus for what we’re supporting at any time.

Ceres in Gemini Aspects:

Biggest aspect: conjunct transit North Node on August 24th 2021 (6 degrees): Ceres conjunct the transit North Node is huge! The North Node is our potential, purpose, and what we need to grow into, so we may be much more focused on growing into becoming more Ceres, so more supportive, nurturing, and caring. This would be a great time for charity work, and we may see some major developments when it comes to helping others.
August 8th 2021: conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Gemini (2 degrees): This is actually another big one since I find whatever is conjunct Black Moon Lilith gets super focus. With Lilith and Ceres, we may stand up and speak out for others that need our help, and we can fight for ideas we think are right.
August 13th 2021: square transit Mercury in Virgo (3 degrees): This might create some challenges in communication since Mercury naturally rules Gemini, and we may have a hard time using helpful instead of hurtful words. We have to be more cautious with what we say and how we say it.
August 20th: trine transit Venus in Libra (5 degrees): This aspect helps us to get along, and we can feel at ease with others and helping others. We can do everything we can for those we care about and need our support.
August 30th 2021: square transit Sun in Virgo (7 degrees) and February 20th 2022: square transit Sun in Pisces (2 degrees): This aspect might make us feel like we’re not being supported very much, and our needs aren’t being met for some reason. We may be doing too much externally, and need to get some space for ourselves.
September 1st 2021: trine transit Saturn in Aquarius (8 degrees), November 14th 2021 (7 degrees) and April 30th 2022 (24 degrees): This aspect lasts a while since Ceres makes it while retrograde, and it can help us to be more caring and supportive in healthy, responsible ways. We can give but not so much that we’re depriving ourselves, and we can figure out smart ways to help the most and make it last.
September 21st 2021: sextile transit Chiron in Aries (11 degrees), November 8th 2021 (9 degrees) and March 28th 2022 (12 degrees): This aspect also lasts a while since Ceres makes it retrograde as well, and it can help us with healing and inner growth. We can help others with their own personal healing, and this can be great for health and wellness overall. 
October 3rd 2021: trine transit Mars in Libra (12 degrees) and October 5th: trine transit Sun in Libra (12 degrees): These aspects give us some energy to find more support, give more support, and make for more comfort and nourishment. We can pursue what we want and need, and help others with their wants and needs.
October 18th 2021: opposite transit Venus in Sagittarius (11 degrees): This aspect might make for some challenging energy when it comes to helping support others, and we may give too much or not enough. We have to work on finding balance with helping ourselves and helping others.
November 27th 2021: opposite transit Mercury in Sagittarius (4 degrees) and opposite transit Sun in Sagittarius (5 degrees): These aspects may show a time when we’re struggling with support and nurturing. We may not feel very supported, and we may be extra focused on external matters and helping others, so we get lost in the shuffle. We have to make sure we’re not ignoring ourselves.
March 14th 2022: square transit Mercury in Pisces (7 degrees) and trine transit Venus in Aquarius (7 degrees) and March 17th 2022: trine transit Mars in Aquarius (8 degrees): So this period can help with supporting others and having energy to do so, but we may struggle with finding the right words, being focused, or feeling mentally supported ourselves. Our minds likely need some nourishment, and this can help us be more nurturing of others.
April 3rd 2022: sextile transit Mercury in Aries (14 degrees): This aspect can help with giving and getting mental support, and we can be more open with what’s on our minds, the ideas we have, and the plans we want to enact.
May 1st 2022: square transit Neptune in Pisces (24 degrees): This aspect might make it a little foggy, difficult to determine if we’re doing things right, and so boundaries can get pushed and we may be easily taken advantage of. Try to maintain healthy boundaries as best as you can, and make sure you’re tending to soul needs.
April 25th 2022: square transit Venus in Pisces (22 degrees): This aspect might bring out some laziness when we need to support others, and we may instead want to focus on ourselves. We can work on internal blocks to being supported, and this can help us with others.

Final Note:

So, Ceres in Gemini is pretty busy! Make sure you’re giving your mind lots of attention during this period, and spread lots of words of encouragement 🙂

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