by Claudia


Personal for Friend

December will welcome you with a newfound, and much-needed, sense of hope Friend.

Chatty Mercury enters adventurous Sagittarius on Tuesday, a transit that drives us to better understand each other and the world around us. You can enjoy this powerful energy by engaging in discourse and listening to opposing views that expand your thinking. The downside: It’s easier to make mistakes when You’re feeling this open, so You will need to be careful not to take everything at face value.

Mid-month, your thoughts will naturally turn to what’s ahead of us. The final Solar Eclipses of the year occur on December 14, and the super-charged new Moon arrives in Sagittarius on the same day, at around 11:15 a.m. EST, forming a strong conjunction with intellectual Mercury and creates a powerful trine with ambitious Mars. It’s time to set a powerful new intention for what we’d like to accomplish in 2021. These happy aspects will help us formulate your goals and lend us the energy you need to progress towards your dreams.

You’re feeling more confident in your emotions starting on December 15, when Venus, which rules love and beauty, enters bold Sagittarius. It’s time to move towards a more direct attitude and ask for what you want from those you love. This transit offers a beautiful chance for single people to be straightforward about what they want from first dates, situationships, and everything in between. In a relationship? Venus in Sagittarius helps us to be brave when discussing your feelings with those you love. You will have your questions answered while Venus inhabits this cyourageous sign. 

Rule-loving Saturn enters forward-thinking Aquarius on December 17; the regimented planet will stay in the innovative sign for three years. In this time, you will be collectively focusing on making the world a better place. This transit offers us the opportunity to work together towards humanitarian goals, create leaps in technology, and create exciting new structures that you can be proud of.

You’re offered the chance to move away from individualist concepts of success starting December 19, when bountiful Jupiter enters altruistic Aquarius. Instead of focusing on how each one of us can get ahead, You’re encouraged to support your communities and discover exciting new ideas together. The planet of luck will remain in this air sign until December 30, 2021, giving us ample time to adjust your thinking. There will be a reformation to how you approach your ideas of value and success — get ready.

Your minds turn towards more sensitive matters starting December 20, when speedy Mercury enters practical Capricorn. You’re in a no-nonsense kind of mood during this transit, focused on getting results and sticking to the facts. Try not to lose your sense of humor, and remember to loosen up during this sober transit.

You’re ready to take on new responsibilities and challenges beginning December 21, when the ego-ruling Sun enters ambitious Capricorn. It’s a wonderful transit to dream up new goals for the upcoming year, making an action plan to chip away at in the coming months. The key is to start slow and move with precision. When the Sun inhabits Capricorn, he’s focused on achieving tangible results.

You’re greeted by the last full Moon of the year in deep-feeling Cancer on December 29 at 10:28 p.m. EST. You can use this reflective transit to think back on the past year, to appreciate how far we’ve come, and to give thanks to the support you were given. The Moon forms a sextile with change-loving Uranus, helping us to realize what changes are necessary for the future. Get ready for a brand new way of life Friend.

Yours Sincerely,