by Claudia


Personal for Friend

Dear Friend, get ready to rise!

The new moon beams into your zone of success and status, giving your life efforts an exciting boost. Ready to seek new opportunities or even start on a fresh path? See below the next twelve months in terms of opportunities and perils ahead, specific dates and themes to watch. Remember, I will be with you the whole way!

Get ready to begin a fresh new year with a more relaxed attitude. Your collective mood cools down from a wild flame to a steady burn starting on January 6, when warrior Mars enters steady Taurus. It’s time to look at the big picture and act accordingly. You’re blessed with a creative new way of thinking beginning on January 8, as messenger Mercury enters innovative Aquarius. You will enjoy venturing on tangents and seeing where they lead your minds during this imaginative transit.

On January 8, material-minded Venus enters prudent Capricorn. You will want to work with this transit’s energy to make small and smart adjustments to your budget. When it comes to Venus’ influence in love matters, you might notice that you will be drawn towards people who inspire you to chase your dreams and goals, and you will want to return the favor.

You will have an opportunity to set powerful intentions on January 13, when the emotion-ruling Moon begins a new cycle in determined Capricorn right around midnight. This event forms a conjunction with powerful Pluto, making us exercise caution around where you have to direct your energy and efforts. You will be feeling more intentional about the kind of change you want to make in the world starting on January 14, when revolutionary Uranus stations direct in dependable Taurus. You will need to be ready to release any emotions that have bubbled up since the Planet of Chaos went retrograde back on August 15. You will be processing your capacity to move forward, and will be ready to make significant strides towards a brighter future.

It’s easy to wrap your heads around unconventional ways of thinking beginning on January 19, when the ego-ruling Sun brightens analytical Aquarius. You will be encouraged to seek out freedom and express your individuality under this uplifting transit.

Remember the New Moon that arrived earlier in January? You will be able to watch the intentions you created on January 13’s New Moon blossom as the Moon waxes full in proud Leo on January 28. Finally, on January 30, speedy Mercury stations retrograde in quirky Aquarius, will be encouraging you to slow down. It may take you longer to understand where others are coming from as the communication planet moves in reverse, making it a good time to practice patience.

Yours Sincerely,