by Claudia


Personal for Friend

Prepare to wide the emotional wave this October Friend:

You’re in store for a month of shifting energies. On October 1 at 5:05 p.m. EST, the Moon waxes full in energetic Aries. This Harvest Moon will bring hidden thoughts to light and allow you to understand what no longer serves you, and with the moon opposing Libra, you’re asked to consider how your relationships support you. It may be time to switch up your priorities. Small yet mighty Pluto stations direct in persistent Capricorn on October 4 (mark this date!). He will give you the the chance to reflect on the current power structures you work in during his backward motion. As Pluto moves direct, you have the opportunity to make real changes that support your new perspectives. While it feels as though things are just heating up, you’re asked to slow your thoughts and protect your energy when messenger Mercury stations retrograde in analytical Scorpio on October 13. You can use this transit to investigate yyour purpose and take time to understand your inner thoughts and desires. It could feel as though people are extra hard to read during this transit, but this provides a chance to create stronger boundaries.

The emotion-ruling Moon begins a new phase in friendly Libra On October 16 at 3:31 p.m. EST. It’s a good time to set an intention, especially about how you collaborate with others. You’re ready to get in tune with your desires starting October 22, when the Sun makes his way into strategic Scorpio. There’s no time to beat around the bush during this transit; you’re not in the mood for superficial interactions and crave intimacy. You’re also going to be drawn to mystery, making it a fun time to do something like invest in a secret hobby.

This month will host a second Full Moon, on October 31 — making it a Halloween to remember. This Blue Moon waxes full in warmhearted Taurus at 10:49 a.m. EST. Your attention may be called to how you can create better stability for yourself to enjoy your time. As the Taurus Moon opposes Scorpio, you’re asked to think about how you balance your needs against your desires.

Yours Sincerely,