The World

The World Keywords: completion, ending, success, travel, closure, graduation, Universe, freedom, environment, rebirth Attributes: Saturn General meaning:  Congratulations – you have successfully completed a major cycle/mission or lesson!  Your journey is now coming to a conclusion and you’re getting ready for the next chapter.  A feeling of elation and completion.  Your karmic work is done. You’ve reached […]

The Sun

The Sun Keywords: optimism, success, joy, birth, happiness, health, inner child, energy, enthusiasm Attributes: Sun (Fire) General meaning:  A joyous and happy outcome.  Success at last!  The freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Celebration and pleasure.  The clouds are lifted and you can proceed with confidence.  Birth of a beloved child.  This is the […]


Judgment Keywords: rebirth, ending, higher calling, announcement, judgment, transformation, reawakening, passage, renewal, shift, oneness Attributes: Pluto General meaning:  Judgement indicates you are being called to something greater. Now is the time to let go of the old and rise up!  A major rebirth is possible. This is the end of an important chapter – you are integrating […]

The Moon

The Moon Keywords: intuition, illusion, deception, darkness, reflection, fear, subconscious, dreams, difficulty, fear, imagination Attributes:  Pisces (Water) General meaning:  The Moon portends a difficult, unclear path ahead. Things may not be what they seem – therefore, you need to proceed with caution.  There may be unexpected problems and drama, which could complicate matters.  The primary vibe here is […]

The Star

The Star Keywords:  hope, optimism, healing, balance, spirituality, health, well being, peace, wishes, vulnerability, success, balance Attributes: Aquarius (Air) General meaning:  The Star card represents renewal and hope. This is the healing and peace that takes place after the storm. Optimism is restored and wishes are being fulfilled.  Things are looking up!  Positive vibes.  You can shed […]

The Tower

The Tower Keywords:  chaos, disruption, tearing down, rebuilding, uncertainty, blow, enlightenment, unexpected change, overthrow, revolution Attributes: Mars General meaning: The Tower card is a sign that things are about to change – drastically.  This is revolution time, baby. Time to tear all that shit down and start fresh.  Don’t try to resist as this is necessary.  The ground […]

The Devil

The Devil Keywords: bondage, materialism, negativity, slavery, addiction, stuck, jealousy, deviance, excess Attributes: Capricorn (Earth) General meaning:  When this card pops up in a reading, you can be assured that things are taking a turn towards the dark and obsessive.  The Devil is about being “stuck” and limited by a situation.  The energy is oppressive and heavy.  This […]


Temperance Keywords: moderation, balance, healing, alchemy, middle ground, patience, blending, harmony, guardian angel Attributes: Sagittarius (Fire) General meaning:  It is time to pause on your journey and consider what you have learned thus far.  How are you going to integrate those lessons into your life?  Balance and harmony; finding the middle path.  Temperance is also a gentle reminder […]


Death Keywords: ending, transition, transformation, release, change, severance Attributes: Scorpio (Water) General meaning:  This is a time for endings.  Out with the old and in with the new.  In order for growth to take place, the outworn must be discarded.  A major transition.  A new cycle is ahead.  Release your attachment to what was and welcome the […]

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man Keywords: sacrifice, letting go, faith, suspension, waiting, hang-ups, martyr, illusion, surrender Attributes: Neptune General meaning: Now is the time to put things on hold until you can get a better perspective.  Non-action.  A period of waiting may be necessary and wise.  If you don’t like the way things are looking, you may need to look […]