The Wheel of Fortune YES-NO

Fortune keeps on changing every second, and in your case, it’s all for the worse, unfortunately. Luck doesn’t seem to be in your favor today and neither are the odds of you getting what you want. This is just a bad phase though and you’ll be back to your winning ways pretty soon.

Strength YES-NO

The Strength card is all about gaining a control over the raw animalistic side of yours. Here, it refers to a strong uncontrollable desire. Today, you’ll be struggling to put aside your deepest aspirations for something much greater. This turbulent storm inside you is going to get more destructive so try to stay calm and […]

The Emperor YES-NO

Your excessive ego is coming in the way of almost everything in life. The Emperor in its negative sense indicates that you might have taken things way too far and it’s getting back at you in the form of resentment. To make this better, you need to keep it low profile for a while and […]

The Temperance YES-NO

The Temperance card is a sign that you’re living with the wrong idea that things will actually work out the way you want them to be. You are ruling out practicality and unpredictability altogether. Nothing in life will ever go as planned. The sooner you learn to align yourself with the reality, the better it […]

The Hermit YES-NO

In a negative sense, the Hermit represents excessive circumspection and a painful withdrawal from something significant in your life. It will earn you nothing but solitude. The reason behind this misfortune is that you have let caution get to your head. You must learn to develop a better understanding towards all the personal aspects that […]

The Star YES-NO

You are done listening to others, and now is the time you listen to your heart and take everything into your hands. This is is the day that will see the emergence of new, confident, responsible and skilled you. You have every ability to make things go your way. Mark this day as a new […]

The Devil YES-NO

The Devil card represents negative energy. This is so because your sense of judgment is completely clogged by emotions like temptation, anger, greed, and fear. Your attention has gradually shifted to all things negative, and this is taking over your conscience. In simple words, you’re not in the best frame of minds to decide anything […]

The Tower YES-NO

The flip side of Tower represents a sudden end or culmination of an endeavor into a big failure. The fall depicted in the card of Tower perfectly captures the current state of things in your life. Your plans have gotten ahead of your resources and it will be only a matter of time until you […]

Judgement YES-NO

The card of Judgment in its positive sense symbolizes end; in a good way of course. It’s a sign something that has been tormenting you from a really long time will finally come to an end. You have been fighting your way through it and now is the time when you can actually take a […]

The Hierophant YES-NO

You are overly lenient with others, suggests the card of Hierophant. Due to the excessive kindness and gullibility that you have, it gets easier for people to fool you into doing something that is not good for you. You’ve overlooked your own interests to concentrate on other’s needs. You need to get a little selfish […]