Embolismic Lunations — Another Example (Alan Leo)

The previous post discussed the idea of Placidus about using ’embolismic lunations’ (Sun-Moon phase angle returns) to progress the natal chart. Placidus mapped each such lunation onto a year of life. To test the method, I have been experimenting with some natal charts with known or carefully rectified birth times. One such chart is that of Alan Leo whose rectified chart can be found on page xvi of his book The Progressed Horoscope (Destiny Books, 1983 edition). Here is Leo’s chart according the Alan Leo himself:

Alan Leo’s natal chart according this his own rectification
Born 7 Aug 1860 in London at 5:52:32 local time (+ 00:00:40)

In the 1905 version of his book, Leo casts the chart for 5:49 AM and shows an apparently unrectified MC of 15 Taurus 52, with an unrectified Ascendant of 27 Leo 39.

Alan Leo died on 30 August 1917 at the age of 57, just 23 days after his birthday that year. Based on his rectified chart, here is the embolismic return of 17 March 1865, which corresponds to his 57th year of life:

This is the embolismic return of 17 March 1865, which corresponds to Alan Leo’s 57th year (1917-1918)

Natally Mars rules the 4th house (end of life) and in the embolismic return Mars rules the Ascendant and disposes the Moon in Scorpio. Return Mars conjoins Uranus at the cusp of the return 8th house of death.

Jupiter, which rules the 8th of death in the natal chart, opposes the return Mars/Uranus/8th cusp conjunction and also semi-sextiles the return Moon/Asc conjunction, which itself is quincunx the return 8th cusp/Mars/Uranus conjunction.

In the return chart Venus rules the 6th of illness and conjoins Pluto at the cusp of the 6th. All in all, the embolismic return suggests significant health problems with the risk of death during the 1917-1918 year.

Addendum: Online calculator of soli-lunar returns.

The site https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/calculate-planet-revolutions-returns/ offers the option to calculate soli-lunar returns. The embolismic return is calculated for the birth place. Placidus paired each soli-lunar return after the birth date with a corresponding year of life.

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