Emily Maitlis Drops a Truth Bomb

Those of you who listen to the Astrology Talk Podcast will already know that the word Sally and I chose for this month was “surreal” a truly Uranian word. As that planet stations on 24 August and gets back into a tough square with Saturn, its influence is extremely evident. So it was nice to hear, veteran broadcaster Emily Maitlis describe this summer as surreal too, while she was busy dropping a Uranian truth bomb on the British media establishment

Now that she’s left the BBC, Maitlis can speak freely about the terrible effect of populism on reporting standards. She explained why BBC “balance” is actually “both-sideism”, giving false equivalence to ideas. Her description of interviewing Robert De Niro is an ear-opener.

Maitlis’ own chart is fascinating — and an excellent example of why Mercury Rx does not mean you can’t communicate! Take a look at that incisive, intelligent Pluto-Mercury conjunction in clever Virgo. Talk about speaking truth to power… and zero waffle in the lecture too. This is a very focused person.

Note there is no birth time.

The current transit chart is for yesterday’s talk — the very day when Uranus stationed. This is an explosive lecture, breaking open (Uranus-Saturn square) old ways of doing journalism. On this day, transiting Jupiter is opposing Maitlis’ own Uranus in Libra. Her lecture is all about balance, imbalance and perceived balance.

The Sun is also right on her Mars-SN conjunction. This talk took guts.

So glad she’s starting a new podcast.


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