by Sebastian


Personal for Friend

Hit the snooze button, because you’re headed to dreamland Friend.

After January’s series of reality checks, you will deserve the dose of inspired vision that’s coming your way.

The sun will stay in future-oriented Aquarius until the 18th, triggering revolutionary insights into where your peers and society are headed. On the 3rd, freedom-fighting Jupiter will run into Venus, planet of values, asking you to enlarge your heart and invest more in your fellow humans. Like a good-humored sleepwalker, you may be lured into over-performing your best intentions and promising more than you can give. Mental Aquarius will help you direct your good will toward learning more about how to make your communities more fair, honest, and equitable.

Much of February is going to be coloured by a spacey standoff, peaking on the 17th, between a hyperactive Sagittarian Mars and stoner Neptune. Don’t be fooled by the Neptune’s bleary gaze: The planet will have no trouble convincing Mars to toke up and tune into a month-long Netflix binge. Normally, Mars powers us through your daily life, with a healthy dose of self-centered focus and plenty of vim. With Mars on couch lock, it may feel like the fire will have gone out. The downside of this transit is that self-oriented motivations — like wins and promotions— will be less rewarding and a few minutes of exercise may feel like a heavy slog. Neptune says to put your selfishness on the back burner and turn your compassion into action.

Pisces season will officially start on the 18th, but by then the sign’s intuitive, foggy style will be as familiar as the comfy dent in your sofa. Struggling against the energy is pointless — and why do that to yourself? This can be a restful and restorative period if you take it as it comes. Feed your imagination with hopeful visions, be kind to your sleepy body, and offer to help out for free. Anonymous gifts and volunteerism are supported by this combo, as are art-making, art-appreciation, and traveling for its own sake. To reach a goal, eavesdrop on your dreams. By the 25th, Mars is  going to be rubbing the sleep-dust out of its eyes and will want to do something with the beautiful visions it saw. Mars says to end your month with a bold act of caring: Risk everything for beauty, shoot for love, fight for art, and arm-wrestle for justice.

Yours Sincerely,