Female Sexual Astrology 18+

Although the nature of female and male sexuality is different, they are both important.

But for some reason, it is customary in the media to talk more often about the second. Moreover, with an emphasis on the fact that ladies are simply obliged to anxiously take care of male dignity and strive to correspond to the sexual ideal created by the strong representatives of humanity. Of course, you need to take care of partners – this is understandable for any normal woman, but you should not forget about your nature, bed desires and aspirations. All the more so – to push them far away. Fraught, you know.

Because female sexuality is as fragile as male. After all, it is based not so much on physiology as on feelings, emotional experiences and innate eroticism. Therefore, for all women, sex is not just a physiological act, but a special kind of relationship.

For many of the men, watching a porn movie brings only a little less than sexual intercourse, which is called “quick”. With women, such a trick is impossible, since their sexual desires are more refined, but at the same time they have unclear, blurred boundaries. What they really want in reality is sometimes unknown even to the ladies themselves. It is not for nothing that women’s sexual aspirations are compared to the behavior of the Moon, and men’s – to the Sun.

Why with the moon? Because female sexuality is not stable – it grows, pushing a woman into the arms of a loved one, then it decreases, which makes it seem to a constant partner that his girlfriend has moved away from him. Because of this, today she is a passionate lover, demanding from a man the willingness to satisfy her all night long, and tomorrow she is absolutely touchy, dreaming only of a cozy nest from a blanket where you can climb up with your favorite book. What is the secret of such strikingly different behavior of the same person?

The secret is not hidden in the deep bowels of the human psyche and lies on the surface that is clearly visible, especially for astrologers and doctors. The fact is that the hormonal system responsible for a woman’s reproductive abilities and her menstrual cycle is interconnected with the lunar cycle. The work of these two internal “mechanisms” is predictable and rather stable, if a woman is healthy and not subject to frequent stress, does not suffer from any ailment.

We will assume that we are studying the sexual cycle of a perfectly healthy and relatively happy woman. Then one of its full periods is equal to twenty-eight days, during which the woman’s sexual attitude is “similar” to the full moon, then to the flawed or just “being born”. Those. the woman’s desire for intimacy is growing, then melting like a piece of ice, despite all the efforts on the part of the partner. Unfortunately, some men find it difficult not only to accept, but even to realize such subtleties of the female attitude towards intimacy. After all, many of them in the morning are physiologically ready to merge with a friend before they wake up – that’s why we compared the sexual attraction of men with the Sun, which necessarily appears on the horizon every day.

But men, women themselves are not always familiar with the reasons for mood swings for sex. Many are ready to go contrary to their nature and the lunar cycle, just to correspond for some reason to the accepted ideal of a kind of priestess of love, trouble-free and always thirsty for her “prince”. Otherwise, you can earn the glory of the “ice”, which is considered very offensive for the majority of “Amazons”. Because of this, they are ready to sacrifice their sexual needs, if only men were pleased and happy. But if you do this all the time, it will result in big mutual troubles for a permanent couple and health problems for the woman herself.

Dear princes, kings and young pages! If you learn to understand the lunar cycle, which has such an irrefutable impact on your girlfriends, then you will have the opportunity to be enrolled in the ranks of the best of all men alive and living. Moreover, understanding, sexually educated and skillful too. After all, figuratively speaking, for a woman tuned in to intimacy, even a man’s not very great bedding abilities will be perceived as a divine gift.

What days are heavenly blessed for sex?

The lunar influence manifests itself depending on what phase the Earth’s satellite is in and what is its location relative to the zodiacal constellations.

There are four phases of the moon that are well known to us: new moon – from this phase the beginning of the lunar month begins, the growing moon, full and waning. The state of health and the degree of activity of all life on Earth depends on the phase in which this planet is in relation to ours. During the first phase, there is only a small but stable increase in sexual activity. The strongest sexual attraction is observed on the days of the full moon. If the female cycle “keeps pace” with the lunar, then the first week, starting with the new moon, is not the most favorable for intimate relationships. In the evenings these days it is better to read, watch new or favorite films together, do other things that require more intellectual stress than physical.

Starting from the 6th lunar day and up to 14th – the period when playful thoughts and desires begin to come to mind. After all, the body is full of unspent energy, which is noticeably reflected in the appearance of a woman – these days she is especially attractive to representatives of the opposite sex.
The day when female and male sexual desires coincide with the same kind of possibilities is observed on the 17th lunar day. It is very desirable on this day to please yourself and your soul mate with a passionate night, which will not slow down to have a beneficial effect on the organisms of both partners. Otherwise, excess energy can provoke a malfunction in the activity of the reproductive organs, which will cause circulatory disorders in this system with all the following problems. Frequent lack of sex on such a day is the reason for the development of many female ailments. If there is no permanent sexual partner and the 17th lunar day has to be spent alone, then you can get rid of excess energy with the help of fitness or dancing.

Wherever I want, I take it there
The second lunar factor is the position of the moon relative to the representatives of the zodiac. In each of the constellations, the Earth’s satellite “stays” for about three days. Therefore, you need to build your plans for a passionate evening taking into account the Moon’s “walks” through its stellar neighbors.

The moon visiting Aries is the guarantor of passionate, but quick sex. During this period, there is no need for long preliminary caresses and persuasions, the desire to get the desired pleasure as soon as possible eats both of them. Moreover, there is a risk of engaging in a process of interest to two, regardless of the conditions of the situation and the presence or absence of unauthorized persons around. Cool sex, regardless of experience and skills, is guaranteed to everyone these days.

Moon visiting Taurus – sex for gourmets who love to stretch mutual pleasure. However, it is unlikely that you will succeed in taking your partner to bed with a swoop. It is necessary to take care of the setting, a delicious meal and a favorable environment with an appropriate setting for the occasion. It is advisable to take care of the presence on the table of natural stimulants that help prolong sexual pleasure. Since fast sex these days is of little interest to both.

The moon is visiting Gemini – time for experiments in bed. Do you dream that your loved one has agreed to fulfill your new sexual fantasy? Moon in Gemini is the best time to open up to your partner and offer to try a new intimate game. Excitement, enthusiasm for the novelty of sensations, courage and mutual openness are guaranteed. For some partners, a heart-to-heart conversation that finally took place will turn out to be cooler than the most sophisticated sex and will bring no less pleasant emotions.

The moon visiting Cancers creates conditions for emotional, sensual sex. Offer all the affection and tenderness that you are capable of and your partner will see a celestial in you. A volcano of passions, violent sex with voluptuous moans – Cancer will push you to a sincere manifestation of feelings during intimacy and strengthening of the current relationship. If you are a married couple, then it’s time to please your bodies with great sex and, at the same time, make the “bland” relationship more sensual.

The moon is visiting Leo – sex for the sake of mistress. It is her that your partner will want to feel herself at a subconscious level. Play along with her, fulfill whims and sexual fantasies not in the manner of a dominant male that is familiar to you, but in the role of a passionately enamored page. As compensation, you can demand sex in front of the mirror, where you can watch how you take possession of your queen.

The moon visiting Virgo is not the best period for bed pleasures, since these days women tend to be completely passive partners. Moreover, some of them will agree to imitate emotions, rather than try to experience them in reality. Therefore, it may be worth taking a timeout during this period and just soak up the bed, glad that your partner found time to keep you company.

The moon, visiting Libra, pushes men and women to the most gentle sex, if any at all happens. If the partner refuses in every possible way, then all sorts of romantically colored tricks in the form of a muted melody that means a lot to the two of you, flowers, exquisite fruits can help the case.

The moon is visiting Scorpio – passionate sex that everyone wants and wants to both partners. Considering that the period lasts about 3-4 days, we can say that the time period has come for partners with sleepless nights. That simply cannot but please people when they are overwhelmed with passion and desire.

Moon visiting Sagittarius – intriguing sex. Why intriguing? Because it is not known whether it will happen or not. Indeed, these days pulls to leave the familiar environment and go on a short trip. Even at the dacha, where in the evening you can kindle a fire and sit with him, in silence. Or not to sit … And not at all silently.

The moon is visiting Capricorn – sex without frills and experiments. Alas, no matter how a man tries to stir up his lady, nothing will come of it – her body during this period is in a depressed state and she wants more ordinary affection from a partner than sexual contact with him. Maybe she will agree to normal, “boring” sex. But only because of the great love for your soul mate.

The moon visiting Aquarius gives uncertainty about the possibility of sex during this period. Perhaps a delightful night full of experiments awaits the partners – if one of the couple has an irrepressible imagination and, due to his charisma, moves the other half. Otherwise, good nights and deep dreams await you.

Moon visiting Pisces promises erotic sex. Nights and free hours during the day during this period are the stage of disclosure in front of a partner: some unspoken wishes, sex of mutual desire, increased sensitivity – in general, complete harmony in bed. It is advisable to take care in advance that nothing and no one distracts you from each other.

How to conquer all men in the world or how to enhance sex appeal with the help of nature

Attractiveness in the eyes of men is often achieved not due to external beauty, but with the help of sexual energy inherent, in general, to every woman. Only for some women will the center generating an invisible force – the chakra – be closed, while for others it works in the prescribed mode. After all, did it happen to you to observe couples when he is – oh, what a handsome man, and she is an unsightly “mouse” at first glance?

A closed sexual chakra is a fixable thing. Moreover, it should be dealt with not only for the sake of gaining invisible power over men, but also in order to improve women’s health. After all, a properly functioning center is the key to the normal functioning of the endocrine system, accelerated processes of skin regeneration and painless menstruation.

How to open and recharge the sexuality chakra on your own?
During the waxing moon, take a walk in your free time to the park where birches grow. Pick the cutest tree and ask him to share his energy and beauty. You need to ask, putting both palms on the trunk, saying aloud or mentally something like: “Beauty-birch tree, share with me harmony and beauty, and I’ll say thank you, I’ll bow.”

After that, stand near the tree, without removing your hands. Soon he will feel either some attraction from the birch tree, or a desire to move away from it – in the latter case, look for another tree. If the birch tree agrees to give you some of its strength, then you need to hug the trunk of the tree – you can use your palms to form a single ring between your energy and the donor’s aura. A small nuance – the legs need to be positioned so that the pubis touches the trunk of the birch.

After that relax, imagine the forces of the Earth going up through the roots of the tree up its branches and your body. After a short time, you will feel that you have become one with the tree, and physically perceptible energy will begin to pulsate in the area of ​​the reproductive organs.

After sufficient “pumping”, the birch tree will push you away. Do not forget to do everything for her that you promised, otherwise the next time you come for help, you will become a donor – as a punishment for an unrestrained word. Another important clarification – the ceremony must be performed while wearing a dress or skirt with a blouse – in this case, trousers will impede the passage of energy, and you will not receive recharge. If you do everything right, you can be guaranteed to expect that soon troubles on the personal front will dissipate with last year’s smoke. The rite is so powerful that using it a couple of times, you will get the strength to build a happy destiny.

If there is still no stability in your relationship with your partner, and there are unresolved issues in your intimate life that you cannot start a conversation about, then our article will help you change everything for the better. Just ask your man to read it, and then discuss what you read and soon your bedroom will become a heavenly place for both.

Written by Sebastian

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