by Sebastian


Personal for Friend

Daily rituals are the major reason that super successful people are super success. Its not by chance or luck that they get the results they get, and they definitely don’t have more time in any given day than you or me.

But somehow seem to have this amazing ability to do it all. Below I have identified 5 rituals that appears in the majority of super successful people.

Friend you need to try these selected 5 specifically for you!

1.Meditate Every Day

Meditation is so powerful for clearing the mind, increasing focus, and being more centred.
Research also shows meditation increases sleep, reduces stress, increases productive, builds better relationships… The list goes on.
Many super successful people throw in a minimum of ten minutes meditation daily.

2. Get Up Early

This universal daily ritual seems to be found in every super successful person, with some rising as easy as 4:30am.

Even if you just rise 30-60 minutes earlier than usual, the amount of productivity you can bring to your day is huge.

If you want to get in the same pond as the big players, you wont do it staying in bed.

3. Exercise Daily

Daily exercise, especially morning exercise seems to be ranked as highly as getting up early for many super successful people.

Some use this time to fire up the metabolism, others to focus on the day ahead. Many say that morning exercise really helps to kickstart their day.

4. Don’t Leave The Day To Chance

Super successful people don’t let the day control them, they control the day. The average person is now distracted ever 11 minutes, so find it very difficult to stay creative.

Super successful people protect their time, this allows them to stay creative and not just react to the days events.

5. Read… Lots

Many super successful people read approx 4/5 books EVERY month, thats more books than the average person reads every year.

Super successful people have the desire to grow, and see books as a great resource of other peoples experience and knowledge.

Try implanting these 5 steps in to your daily rituals and see how much of an impact this makes on your life and business.

Yours Sincerely,