The position that a person will occupy in society can be judged by the location of most of the planets, but mainly by the Middle Heaven, by the planets located near it and their aspects. Consider the influence of the planets on a person’s position in society.


So, if in the horoscope of birth most of the planets at sunrise are in its left half (in the X, XI, XII or I, II, III Houses), then the person will have every chance to occupy a high post, reach an independent position. If, moreover, the planets or most of them are in good aspects, then this person will occupy a leadership position with a large number of subordinates. The good planets – Venus, Jupiter and the Sun, being in the middle of the sky and under good aspects, predict high position, honors and distinctions. You should expect the same result if they are in the Ascendant.

If most of the planets are above the horizon, do not rise, then a person will be assigned a great responsibility in leading work, although he does not achieve this. If most of these cries have good aspects, this means that the assigned duties will be on his shoulder, and he will fulfill them with honor, adding respect and honor to himself.
Success in business, recognition and glory are provided by the location of the planets on the borders of the II, III, VI, VIII or XII Houses, and even failures will be beneficial, will not increase harm, but glory, popularity.
If the malevolent planet is on or near the meridian, or above or below the horizon, then a turn for the worse should be expected.
The X House determines the source of glory and honor, IV – the end of life and the reason for the loss of glory and honor. Therefore, the good planets that are in these Houses promise rewards and honors corresponding to the work expended. If there are bad planets at their zenith, then in the worst case, this person will have great difficulty in maintaining his position.
It is unreasonable to believe that a good enough planet is on the meridian to expect fame and promotion without using one’s own efforts to achieve them. The position of the planets influences human affairs through the Ether of the Cosmos, changing its thoughts according to the known astrological laws. This is not an accident, because the rule says: “Gods help those who take care of themselves.”

How to determine the position of a person in society by the position of the planets in a horoscope

The influence of the planets on the position of a person in society. The position of the planet in cardinal signs pushes a person to seek fame and a high position in society. He manages to achieve this if the Midheaven is under good aspects or there are good planets on it.

  • Cardinal signs at the corners of the horoscope (on the meridian and on the horizon or a few degrees from them, more often at a distance of 1-3 degrees) provide glory to a person even after death. The same should be expected if the Sun or Moon are located exactly on the equinox line.
  • The position of Venus on the meridian indicates the achievement of a high social position, higher than origin. Good planets in the XI House indicate high patronage in achieving the goal.
  • If the luminaries are under a strong bad influence, then one should expect a lot of vicissitudes, the loss of a conquered position, or the inconstancy, fragility of achieving success in society.
  • If most of the planets are below the horizon, you should expect success in life and honors in adulthood or later.
  • If the planets are between the 4th and 7th Houses, then success in society will come after a wedding or as a result of some kind of community, unity. The source of these successes can be indicated by the position of the planets that are in good aspect with the meridian, or the good planets in the middle of the sky.

If there are no such planets, then the planets that are at the moment of birth under a good aspect to the Sun or Moon will indicate the means in achieving the goal. Conclusions are made based on the properties of the planet and the zodiac sign it occupies. The stronger the position of the planet, the more one should take into account its influence in life. So, if two planets form a triangular aspect (- 120 °), the influence of the planet that is higher in the horoscope, is in good aspects with other planets or closer to 15 degrees of this House will be greater.

The sun and the moon determine the position of a person in society

It seems necessary to consider questions about the position in society and about happiness, which are caused by the location of the luminaries and the similarity of the accompanying planets to them.
So, if both luminaries stand in masculine signs, and both or one of them are in an angular position, and especially if the luminary of the corresponding group is accompanied by five planets that are morning in relation to the Sun and evening in relation to the Moon, then the children born will be kings.
And if the accompanying planets are either themselves in the corners, or form an aspect with an upper angle, then the children born will always be great, strong and become the rulers of the world; they are even more fortunate if the companion planets are in aspect to the right in relation to the upper corner. However, if, with a similar position of the accompanying planets, the Sun is located in a masculine sign, and the Moon is in a feminine sign, and at the same time one of the luminaries is angular, then they will only be generals who have the right to execute or pardon. If, however, the companion planets are neither angular nor “eyewitnesses” of angles, the born will become simply great and will occupy a rather high position, marked by wearing a rosary, superintendence or command of troops, but not positions of prime importance.
However, if the luminaries are not in the corners, and most of the accompanying planets are angular or form an aspect with them, those born do not expect high positions, most likely they will become leaders in the civil service, and their career advancement will be moderate.
If the companion planets are not associated with corners, then their activities will be subtle and discouraged by promotion; finally, fate will prepare them for complete obscurity and vegetation, when none of the luminaries is angular, does not stand in a masculine sign, or does not have accompanying favorable planets. Thus, the general scheme of our research contains a similar gradation of positions in society.
Since there are many intermediate steps between these steps, their assessment should be made on the basis of the characteristic qualities of the luminaries themselves, as well as specific versions of their retinue and its rulers. For when their retinue consists of planets of the same group or of beneficial planets, the position will be characterized by greater independence and strength, however, if planets of the opposite group or unhelpful planets are represented in it, then it will be dependent and less stable.
The kind of future position should be predicted by the property of the accompanying planets

  • so the steward of the retinue, Saturn, brings power based on wealth and the accumulation of wealth;
  • Jupiter or Venus – for favors, giftedness, rewards and generosity; Mars – on skillful leadership, victories and fear of subordinates;
  • Mercury – on what depends on intelligence, education and thoughtful and skillful conduct of business.


Consider what features the influence of the planets has in maturity.

Influence of the Sun at maturity

The Sun in Maturity is the father’s conscious focus on your life force. Gradually, over time in adulthood, your father’s influence diminishes as you incorporate your father’s reality into your own creative life.
The fluctuations range from a patronizing father in late childhood to a teacher in the 5th and 6th houses and a father within you in the 7th and 8th houses. The sun during this time represents energy for recognition, recognition, personal focus and strength. Goals include personal identity and self-esteem, as well as the ability to take on the practical challenges of life for success, health and family.

The influence of the moon on the position of a person

The Moon in Maturity is the transfer of the mother’s image from the mother to those people with whom you are connected by the deepest feelings. The influence of the mother is most powerful and deepest during gestation, she is your protection in childhood and at home, and during maturity, her image begins to transform into your own family instincts and choice of a partner.
As you move away from your mother, you seek, find, and receive a soul. The maternal influence is integrated into your whole as soon as you reconnect your feelings with the will to exist in the world. The moon is feelings and a protective instinct, and at a higher level, the moon is an emotional reality as a whole and a set of hereditary predispositions.

Influence of Mercury in maturity

Mercury in Maturity is about connecting with friends, students, workers, companions, merchants, agents, intermediaries, thought leaders, organizers, friends and their impact on your mental reality. The communication context you create around you is reflected in the people to whom you express your thoughts.
The mediating function of bringing your ideas to the outside world can be entrusted to others or become an integral part of your own reality. When your daily life is structured, you strive for higher ideals that reflect a transcendental view that transcends ordinary life. Mercury can also refer to the transmission of life structures to children or to intellectual products such as books or other creative products.
The influence of the planet Venus in Maturity is a relationship with the objects of your love, with those whom you find attractive and who find you attractive, with mistresses, artists, musicians and sexual partners. Venus, moreover, is the environment in which these contacts arise in social life, entertainment, cultural events and friendships. Besides, Venus is children.

Influence of Mars on the position of man in society

Mars in Maturity – the desire to change your world through physical education, sex, as well as mechanical or craft activities and aggressive actions. Initially, the energies of Mars are projected onto the physical form, expressed in an interest in athletic competition and sexual exploration, which later transforms into a desire to focus energy on business, marriage and personal relationships.
Doctors, surgeons, artisans, or soldiers are under the jurisdiction of Mars. If during these houses the energy is blocked, then it finds itself a channel of expression in physical therapy, sexual relations outside the family, but if such a switch does not occur, then it is forced to accumulate inside until it leads to physical ailments, many of which torture people throughout their lives.

Jupiter’s influence in maturity

Jupiter in Maturity – shows your philosophy of life and those who formed it or with whose help it was formed and realized. This influence can be religious, psychological, philosophical or financial and is conducive to broadening horizons and optimism.
At first, expansion is represented by the ability to perceive oneself as part of a group or school, then it becomes an opportunity to grow and go beyond the established institutions. Jupiter can indicate officials, religious people, gurus, psychologists, psychiatrists, all people of exceptional character, wealth and respect, thinkers, healers and all people with good connections.

Influence of Saturn in maturity

Influence of the planet Saturn in Maturity – describes the life systems that determine your responsibilities, a sense of security and community, the ability to establish collective patterns in your home and society and get used to them. Saturn are those who support such organizational systems – doctors, bank managers, employees, partners and associates, as well as anyone who is more serious, older, straighter, more conservative, hardworking, and more mature.
In the 8th house, you may become a grandfather or grandmother, or the eldest in the family, or you will personify the existing or declining order.

Influence of Uranus in maturity

Uranus in Maturity – represents sudden changes, inventions, independence, erratic energies and all influences that serve to break down the rigid patterns in your life. The bearers of these influences are reformers, eccentric people, inventors, extraordinary teachers, therapists, and extraordinary companions or partners. Uranus’s influence ranges from humility and obedience to teachers and gurus to manifesting transformative influence on your life and the lives of others.

Influence of Neptune on a person’s position in society

The influence of the planet Neptune in Maturity is the gradual transformation of youthful fantasies and ideals into sensitivity, followed by detachment. Caring for society excites the souls of romantics, psychics, mediums and spiritual people and is rejected by alcoholics, conciliators, hypochondriacs and seducers. Drug experiences and mysterious dreams, confusion and quests are all part of the Neptunian influences.

Pluto’s influence in maturity

Pluto in Maturity is your relationship to collective values ​​and social change. The bearers of Pluto’s influence are characters from your personal and social life who understand or change collective values. You can transform under the influence of a changing civilization or be the one who changes it.
Pluto symbolizes revolutionaries, reformers, those who have a psychic or magical influence on the masses, the media, gurus, powerful partners or employers, and those who bring about change. Pluto’s registration point often speaks of changes in work place, life, partner change, or general outlook on life.

The influence of the lunar nodes on the position of a person

Lunar Node in Maturity – indicates group work, your family and marriages, companions, marriages and partnerships that you form. Professional associations, political parties, labor unions and groups show the influence of the Moon Knot.
The predominance of planets in the octave of Maturity indicates that the focus of your life aspirations is to become stronger and more significant.

Written by Sebastian

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