The impact of the color of food and clothing that we wear is especially noticeable when the moon moves along the zodiac.
The basic rule is: some colors are special or stronger if you use them under the zodiac sign that they correspond to. Therefore, the lunar calendar and color can be used to enhance your energy.
If, for example, you want to use color as an additional remedy for various violations, a selected or contrasting color for clothing, or at least for that part of the toilet that goes into the affected area of ​​the body. In this case, it does not matter whether the clothes are worn on the naked, for example, a T-shirt, or the body is on other clothes. The direct impact is somewhat stronger. But colored radiation, perceived by sight, has a beneficial effect in any case.
Red stimulates creative, vital, earthly forms of energy, develops passion and bold spontaneous actions, it invigorates and gives courage to implement new ideas. The red color of food and clothing activates the liver and supports the formation of red blood cells. It is a color that removes harmful substances from the body, it helps to get rid of constipation and is very useful for iron deficiency.
Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and has a harmonizing effect. Orange is especially useful as a remedy against nervousness, fear, depression. This color has a beneficial effect on the glands and lungs. A negative effect with an overabundance of orange is extremely rare, only if this color is used exclusively. In this case, the color stimulates dependence on other people. It has a positive effect on color in the presence of problems with the digestive system and skin diseases, as well as in case of bad stool, especially under the sign of Virgo. This color stimulates the appetite. The warmth given off by the orange color relieves tension and cramps.
Yellow is the color of mental development, it, with vigor, supports the functions of the glands, activates the mucous membrane, and stimulates thought processes. It causes the formation of gastric juice. Helps with indigestion and intestinal obstruction, soothes the nerves, relieves other mental fatigue. Hence, this color is good for school and university environments. Yellow color calms the spleen, activates the lymphatic system, helps with liver problems.
Green balances and neutralizes, it is the color of hope, harmony, recovery and natural maturation. The color green affects the pituitary gland and thus metabolism. It restores the balance between the liver and spleen, has a regenerating effect on muscles and connective tissue. It is pleasant to the eye and soothes. Green color stimulates the autonomic nervous system and accelerates the growth process. An overabundance of green is not a negative impact. Only on very rare occasions does he develop indecision. Sometimes the reaction becomes too slow and sluggish.
Blue color calms, balances, reduces pain, relieves inflammation. As a rule, an overabundance of blue, as well as green, does not have a negative effect. In exceptional cases, fatigue, boredom, melancholy and low blood pressure appear. Blue is not very useful in food. In addition, the color cools. Therefore, it is useful for burns and fever. For those who communicate a lot with people, blue can be a wonderful screen. In addition, it relaxes and opens the way for creative thoughts, free from outside influences.
Purple color calms, stimulates the spleen, relaxes, relieves pain, supports the lymphatic system, enhances perception. The negative effects of purple are unknown. Such food purifies the blood and prevents loss of skin. For some tips on how to use colors, get acquainted with contrasting images and put new knowledge into practice, let’s take a short trip through the lunar month – from Aries to Pisces.
In almost all astrological systems, the correspondence of colors to the signs of the Zodiac (and this is a controversial and controversial issue in astrology), the main color of VENA is recognized as RED. The primary colors of the zodiac signs also have so-called contrasting ones. In the system, which is followed by all the tips in this section (I. Paer and T. Poppé), the contrasting colors of Aries are YELLOW and BLUE.

When the Moon is in Aries, the red color of clothing and food (it doesn’t matter whether drinks like red currant juice or vegetables like tomatoes) has a particularly strong influence. The red color always affects the way it was mentioned in the characteristics of this color, but all this is especially pronounced when the Moon is in the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. On the other hand, poor blood supply and circulation especially affects the head. Migraines and headaches are especially common on Aries days. By purposefully eating red foods under the sign of Aries, you can have a positive effect on blood circulation. If we are talking about the opposite process, when blood pressure and circulation are too active, you can use contrasting colors as an “antidote”. In the days of Aries, they are yellow and blue. All yellow and blue foods are soothing. So, with a strong rush of blood to the head, you should use a yellow or blue color, which narrows the blood vessels. If an insufficient amount of blood rushes to the head – red, which dilates the blood vessels.
In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Taurus is BLUE, contrasting colors are YELLOW and RED. All blue foods on the days when the moon passes the sign of Taurus have a particularly strong influence. Blue foods strengthen, but this is especially felt under the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The contrasting side under the sign of Taurus is the perfect time for anyone who should eat less red foods, such as people with high blood pressure. In Taurus days, the impact of red is weakened, so red foods are less harmful. It is very important to eat foods of different colors, but not in the same quantities every day. The area of ​​the neck ruled by Taurus is always green. But blue is very useful for treating sore tonsils, for problems in the mouth, thyroid gland or tongue. It is especially useful in the days of Taurus, with insufficient functioning of the pancreas, there are red foods, and with excess, blue or green foods.
In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Gemini is YELLOW, contrasting colors are BLUE and RED. The most beneficial yellow foods under the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, primarily for the liver and gallbladder, but also for the stomach and spleen. Of course, Gemini is not directly related to the liver and spleen, but they support this area due to the influence of the yellow color. Contrasting red and blue colors weaken their influence under the sign of Gemini. At this time, the yellow color strengthens the nervous system and supports the activity of the glands.
In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Cancer is GREEN, contrasting colors are PURPLE and ORANGE. Green is especially useful for the chest area. The time when the moon is in the sign of Cancer should be used to strengthen the vegetative nervous system with green color. There are a lot of green products, but do not forget about green clothes, which have a special influence (this applies to the presence of the Moon in the signs of Scorpio and Pisces). So, use nature to support your own breast (Cancer)! You will serve your body a good service if on the days of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) you eat as many B vitamins as possible.They dissolve in water and are found, for example, in grain husks, rice skins, yeast and potatoes.

In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Leo is RED, contrasting colors are YELLOW and BLUE. For heart problems and high blood pressure, red should be avoided (both in clothing and food), especially under the sign of Leo. At the same time, contrasting colors yellow and blue are useful, which restore balance, they should set the tone on the dining table. Green is also beneficial as it restores harmony.
In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Virgo is BLUE, contrasting colors are YELLOW and RED. In the days of Virgo, you can support the work of the digestive organs. If they are somewhat out of order, then they can be calmed down with blue, the influence of which is especially strong at this time. If the stomach, intestines and other organs do not work very actively, then they can, on the contrary, be stimulated due to the contrasting color with red foods and clothes. For problems with the liver and gallbladder, with the stomach and spleen, use the effect of yellow: compresses, and foods, and everything else should be yellow. At the same time, foods with a high acid content balance both the liver and spleen, refresh them, they do not get so hot, they quench thirst and stimulate sleep. It is under this sign of the zodiac that you can see especially clearly whether you are eating right!
LUNAR CALENDAR: MOON IN LIBRA In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Libra is YELLOW, contrasting colors are RED and BLUE. Everything you do for your glands on Libra is more beneficial than at any other time. Yellow foods and clothing not only enhance inspiration, but also support the functioning of the gallbladder and liver. You can start calmly while still under the sign of Virgo. At this time, it is best to get rid of the lack of vitamin C, for this, wild herbs are especially good, which contain 10 times more vitamin C than green vegetables. LUNAR CALENDAR: MOON IN SCORPIO
In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Scorpio is GREEN, contrasting colors are PURPLE and ORANGE. For health, the genitals need vitamin E, so in no case should you miss the days of Scorpio and eat as many green foods as possible. In addition, vitamin E is found in sprouted wheat grains, milk, butter, and salads. Green stimulates growth, so a lack or absence of vitamin E can lead to premature birth or miscarriage in women. Vitamin E also affects family ability, its lack can even lead to sterility. A little tip: women prone to miscarriages are advised not to eat lovage and thyme, although they are also green. Lovage and thyme have a negative effect on the fetus, especially in the days of Scorpio. Previously, these herbs were used as a remedy for unwanted pregnancies!
In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppe), the main color of Sagittarius is RED, contrasting colors are YELLOW and BLUE. The energy of Sagittarius sharpens the senses and supports the blood supply to the entire body with the help of red. At this time, a special influence on the veins should be used, because unpleasant sensations often appear in this area in the days of Sagittarius, the more important it is to prevent stagnation. Massage works miracles, and not only in the days of Sagittarius. You should also use the fact that red vegetables and fruits have a particularly strong influence in the days of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). But for fussy, very active people, an overabundance of red is undesirable.

In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Capricorn is BLUE, contrasting colors are YELLOW and RED. The days of Capricorn with the energy of blue are the best times for skin care. Unclean problem skin can be maintained. Vitamin H is very important for healthy skin, which is found in yeast, bananas, potatoes, by-products such as liver, kidneys, and brains. With a young moon under the sign of Capricorn, the body actively accepts this vitamin, as well as all nutrients from blue foods.
In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Aquarius is YELLOW, contrasting colors are BLUE and RED. Yellow in the days of Aquarius represents everything that happens in an accelerated, more active and lighter form. Sometimes this color slows down blood circulation, which can manifest itself in congestion of the lower thigh and varicose veins. At the same time, the contrasting red color can be a good prophylactic agent, because it dilates blood vessels. If you already have varicose veins, and you have decided on an operation, then it is better not to do it under the sign of Capricorn, choose some other day for yourself, but always with a flawed Moon. Typically, the real cause of varicose veins and other vein problems is “bad” blood, from which harmful substances must be removed. Try to start eating right as well. In the days of Aquarius, any yellow foods are very good for your body, just like yellow clothes or, for example, yellow compresses.


In the system followed by the authors of all the tips in this section (I. Paunger and T. Poppé), the main color of Pisces is GREEN, contrasting colors are PURPLE and ORANGE. Green is the main color of the sign of Pisces, but the fact is that through the foot, the part of the body under the control of Pisces, there are so many influences and energy lines that the main color no longer plays a very important role. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the endings of the bodily meridians are located in the foot, therefore, almost any part of the body and any organ, when the corresponding zone is irritated, experiences a prophylactic or therapeutic effect. To remove harmful substances from the body, massage of the reflex zones of the foot is an indispensable tool. The power of Pisces days supports the positive effects of this form of massage. But you need to massage especially carefully at this time, as the sensitivity increases.

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