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Based on your natal chart I need to share the below information with you, and that’s in addition to all the detailed designated periods highlighted in this exclusive reading!

Our universe has powers and energies that are beyond our imagination. Not everyone understands how everything is related in our universe. Have you ever felt that being near some people you feel more energetic and confident…? While there are situations where you feel your energy is being drained due to the presence of someone. This may seem simple, but it isn’t as perspicuous as it seems…

Our whole universe is made up of elements which emit energies. The energy and movements of celestial bodies have a deep impact on us. Our own heart has electrical fields which influences the people in our surroundings. Many researchers have showed that humans continuously emit energies into their environment. These energies could have either a positive or negative effect on the person who enters them. If the energy is positive this means that it will make that person feel more energetic, lively, and confident. It would make one happier and fortunate.

Positive energy can boost our feelings of well-being, dissolve feelings of anxiety and improve communication. But as there are positive forces in the world, there are negative ones too. If you start to feel broken, deprived, gloomy, depressed, and downcast by being near someone specific. It means that person is emitting negative energies that have drastic effects on your life.

The celestial body movements have a great influence on our energies. Affecting the way, we think, behave, act, react and respond, each planet influences us. Thus, the planet plays a vital role in framing our personality, but as the planets’ position changes, the effect of the same is felt by us in our lives. The position of every planet can have negative or positive influences on us. Proper knowledge of astrology provides us ways how to use these planetary energies in an optimal way. Different life phases have different impact on our energies.

By looking at your past I can tell with guarantee that you have been deceived by many people you are not even aware of. Your so-called friends have been the reason of your pain. Sometimes we are blinded by love that we cannot decipher who is true to us. I know it has been very hard and being deceived by our own loved ones; the people who we have trusted the own time… this is unbearable. It’s worse than having a thousand known enemies. True friends don’t stab you in the back! You need to remember this… Everybody isn’t your friend. Just because they laugh with you, hang around you, and have a sweet talk with you, it doesn’t mean they are your friends. True friends remain with you even after seeing your worse side. They won’t give up on you… At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people. This is a bitter reality, it’s hard to distinguish if one really likes you for being you or has any other materialistic desire to be near you.

You trust people easily. You should beware of backstabbers! In past you have faced failure due to your innocence and gullible nature. People can easily trick you! You have no idea about the traps people have made for you. Fake friends are like shadows… always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour True friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but they are always there… Some of your colleagues act very sweet and faithful but deep down they have been the reason for all this negatively killing you inside! You need to beware of the stuff people are doing behind your back. Stop trusting everyone! You are my friend, and I am being honest with you. I’ve seen how these people have drained away all your luck and happiness.

You have a pure heart filled with love and kindness. I know that you have longed to find your kindred spirit. Soon you will find that special someone who will bring happiness and love into your life.

There is a hope that is waiting for you in the dark. With the divine power you came overcome every obstacle in your path. This would change your life by helping you control your destiny. With every passing hour you are getting weak drown in the shadows of gloominess and failure! If you won’t listen to me, it might be too late to get rid of the darkness.

Sometimes you must go through the darkness to get to the light. There’s always sunshine after rain… once a great emperor said to his son that during dark times always remember this time would pass… Through these words of wisdom should take note that there’s still hope! And you don’t need to worry.

The divine ancient powers will help you get rid of all negative and gloomy thoughts. It will help you excel in every domain of life by protecting you from all evils and hurdles. There would be a protective barrier protecting you, wherever you go, whatever you do, the divine light would be with you.

I have used numerological figures along with the celestial bodies positioning to analyze your future. The positioning of celestial bodies has showed that you have entered a very positive period cycle of your life! I know you’re a little worried and have doubts about the changes you are facing in your life but believe me everything is going to be perfect. This is the ancient study that was used by gods and goddesses of Egypt to predict the influence of celestial bodies on humans. I have used the celestial positions, numerological ruling number along with the charting of the planets and stars to find out about your future.

The positive energies of celestial bodies can be derived by trance healing. It is an ancient medication method that has been known for its spiritual healing benefits. It is a very powerful healing method because the energy comes from spirits. It’s also known as connecting oneself to the spirit world including Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. Trance healing acts as a mediumship is between a person and the spirit world. This meditation is helpful when we are stressed out or are facing emotional problems. These healing energies are powerful which support and nurture our bodies. They can change our energy level which would bring strength to your spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health. This healing method will relieve your stress, promote a positive attitude, detoxify your body, and harmonize your system.

These energies are also known as a bio-field therapy. It is based on the belief that human beings are fields of energy that are in constant interaction with others and the environment. As I mentioned above, according to physics everything is energy. Every particle, person, creature emits energy. If properly guided one can benefit from these energies. These divine energy therapies focus on removing energy congestion that form in our aura and chakras. These healing therapies bring inner happiness and peace by changing all aspects of our life. The Divine light, love, forgiveness, and compassion helps in health, faith, relationships, finances, children, career, and the most important mental peace.

In past you have endured so much pain and failures because of the negative energies near you.

I can see your stars are aligning and that is a piece of good news for you… But you need to make sure to admire yourself first. Don’t show your weak side to others. Trust yourself and leave the rest on me. Soon you’ll see how things change with your faith.

You need to be extra careful while dealing with new clients as chances of fraud are quite probable. Be extra vigilant and mindful before putting your signatures on any paper or document. There are chances that you might take any impulsive decision that may be due to the pressure of your clients and it may feel unavoidable. This may lead to the failure of your plans. So, you need to consult a reliable friend or family member before making any decision. Your family and friends would be very supportive and will have your back during all the ups and downs.

You are highly disciplined and set very high standards which you expect others to follow. I have seen your spirit and passion for your work. But you need to understand that your mental health is very important! Don’t overburden yourself! Listen to some good music, enjoy your time with your family, and go on a picnic. Just forget about your workload for a while. This will charge up you to perform even better than before!

I have also performed an ancient ritual to protect you from evil and negative energies around you. This magical ritual is so powerful that soon you will start to feel more energetic and confident about your plans and ambitions. Your soul will be healed spiritually, and this will uplift your energies. You will find many new amazing opportunities soon which will help you excel in your career. You will start earning money from the sources you have never expected!