July 2021 New & Full Moons: New Moon in Cancer & Full Moon in Aquarius

With July comes a new moon in Cancer and a full moon in Aquarius! Let’s explore what these have in store for us..

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What is a New Moon?

A new moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are in the exact same position in the Zodiac (called a conjunction). New moons are related to beginnings, have high energy, and are enthusiastic. 

What is a Full Moon?

A full moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon are in the exact opposite positions in the Zodiac (called an opposition). Full moons are related to endings, culminations, and are emotional energy.

New Moon in Cancer: July 9th 2021 (9:17PM ET/6:17PM PT)

With a new moon in Cancer, we can focus on strengthening ourselves internally, as well as the foundations of our lives and projects. We can get started with something from the ground up that can grow over the next 6-12 months.

Our emotions can serve as motivation to take action, and we can use what we feel positively and productively. We can be more positive in general, and don’t want to get too stuck in anything too serious.

Cancer rules the home and family, so we may spend more time at home, make time for family, plan a move, or make improvements to our home or living situation.

Mercury moves into Cancer on July 11th, 2 days after the new moon, and has been in Gemini since May 3rd (Mercury retrograded entirely in Gemini). Mercury doesn’t like being in one sign for a long time (even one it rules like Gemini), so this can be a big relief. Coming with the new moon in Cancer, we can be super focused on the good, and feel so much better emotionally. We can move away from any upheaval from the last 2 months and finally feel like we can go forward again, and can take advantage of opportunities to do just that.

The new moon occurs at 18 degrees 2 minutes Cancer. The aspects to this new moon are:
Conjunction: 16 degrees 2 minutes – 20 degrees 2 minutes Cancer
Sextile: 16 degrees 2 minutes – 20 degrees 2 minutes Taurus or Virgo
Square: 16 degrees 2 minutes – 20 degrees 2 minutes Aries or Libra
Trine: 16 degrees 2 minutes – 20 degrees 2 minutes Scorpio or Pisces
Opposition: 16 degrees 2 minutes – 20 degrees 2 minutes Capricorn

​Full Moon in Aquarius: July 23rd 2021 (10:37PM ET/7:37PM PT)

​Aquarius full moons tend to be less emotional than normal full moons because Aquarius is a more distant sign. This is mostly outwardly though (Aquarius can be surprisingly emotional way down deep under the surface). So we may seem to be less externally emotional.

Aquarius rules change, so we may finalize changes we’ve been working on, and make changes that allow us to be true to ourselves and have more independence and freedom. If we feel that anyone is trying to box us in, we can push against them in a big way.

This is the first full moon in Aquarius of 2 consecutive full moons, so the next on August 22nd will be at 29 degrees Aquarius. What comes to pass with this full moon likely ties into the next one, and we may see something start with this full moon that comes to an end or reaches a result with the next full moon. The next full moon is at the sensitive anaretic degree (29 degrees of any sign), and the results, endings, culminations may be strong or emotional, so we need to be prepared for that.

The full moon comes 5 days before Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius, and this can increase the energy. We may feel a little chaotic, but with Aquarius, have a hard time actually showing that emotionally. We can use logic and reason, and this can keep us from lashing out, but may also make it harder for us to feel understood. Watch for high energy for rebellion.

This seems like very good energy for getting unstuck, but we have to be careful about how we do that. Impulsive energy can be high, and we need to make sure we’re being smart and not rushing into anything.

The full moon occurs at 1 degrees 26 minutes Aquarius. The aspects to this full moon are:
Conjunction: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 26 minutes Aquarius
Sextile: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 26 minutes Aries or Sagittarius
Square: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 26 minutes Taurus or Scorpio
Trine: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 26 minutes Gemini or Libra
Opposition: 0 degrees 0 minutes – 3 degrees 26 minutes Leo

Since this full moon is early in sign, there may also be out-of-sign aspects if you have planets at 29 degrees Capricorn (conjunction), Cancer (opposition), Taurus or Virgo (trine), Scorpio or Pisces (sextile), or Aries or Libra (square). These may be faint, however with Jupiter going back to Aquarius and anaretic for a period, and the next full moon anaretic, this may set it off more. In that case, any plant at 29 degrees regardless of the sign may be elevated for you.

Suggested Reading: The New & Full Moons page for general interpretations

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