From time immemorial, people make a wish for shooting stars. Every year from July 12 to August 23, you can watch a starfall called Delta Aquarids. From 28 to 30 July, the meteor shower will be at its maximum.

At this time, glowing fireballs are visible even to the naked eye. This is exactly the moment when it is worth asking the Universe for whatever you want.

Starfall was named after the constellation Aquarius, which contains its radiant. When people look at the sky, it seems to them that it is from this place that “stars” are falling.

Despite the fact that starfall is perceived by many as a bright and beautiful sight, it has a strong impact on those who watch it.


The epicenter of starfall falls on Saturn and Jupiter, which are in Aquarius.

Capricorns, it is Saturn who rules your Sign, so all your endeavors will be successful in the near future. Feel free to make a wish, it will definitely come true. Especially when it comes to financial matters.

Despite the fact that it is with them that I can now have problems, because the Sun and Saturn are in opposition.

Be decisive, look for new ways to earn money, and you will be satisfied with the result. You can wish yourself new earrings or a ring as a gift. At this time, visualize a showcase of a jewelry store.

You can make a wish to go to college or sign up for refresher courses. You can also ask the Universe for harmonious relationships with friends or close relatives. Are you waiting for some important news? Guess! You can safely dream of buying a car or a new computer. You may also want to write or publish a novel. You can also ask for stationery, books, a beautiful pen as a gift. If you often quarrel with your neighbors, ask them to leave you alone. After all, you have too many important intellectual matters to waste your energy on squabbers.

The ruler of your Sign is also in Aquarius, therefore it is directly related to the starfall. This is a particularly good time for you to make a wish. Whatever you ask will come true. But for you it is better that the desire concerns music, poetry, photography, or other fine arts. The main thing is to understand your dreams and goals in order to get what you want faster. You can ask the Universe for spiritual love, this desire will certainly come true for you! It is you who are capable of high feelings that are unknown to other people. You are kind-hearted and sacrificial. The stars will definitely meet you.

You are lucky! Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is in your Zodiac Sign. The stars will be especially supportive to you today. Close your eyes and make a wish about a job, career advancement, or business. However, the stars will allow you to achieve any goals. You may even dream of a Nobel Prize! If you want to get a position in government agencies, feel free to make a wish.

You are the main characters today, so you can dream about anything. Although it is preferable that the wishes relate to your image, appearance or self-expression. You know how to approach and implement your plans. And sometimes you even know what will happen in the future. Thinking and embodying what you want is one of your favorite pastimes.

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