July: Fireworks and Passion

Taye Diggs (Capricorn) and Angela Bassett (Leo) in How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

It’s a hot season — even if it’s winter where you are. Fires are burning in Taurus, Aries and Leo. Fiery words, fiery deeds, fiery anger and fiery desire — and just fire.

Americans are experiencing a major astrological transit as their country has its first Pluto Return ever — and it gets a harsh aspect from the red planet Mars in the first few days of the month. Things do not look likely to simmer down there. As I wrote on the blog, the Supreme Court sowed dragon’s teeth with that decision at the end of June.

Ukraine also looks likely to experience a fierce month, which may culminate in an overturning, or an upset.

In general, I’d be careful in the first two days of July. It’s fractious.

However, let us speak of other things: children, ice cream and the seaside; books, ribbons and boyfriends; secrets shared and love declared. Because joy too beats in the heart of this passionate month. And the final day of July could be one of the most joyful of the year.

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