This provision indicates the acquisition of a favorable experience in sports and military service. It is with representatives of these areas that it is necessary to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

The greatest success and a happy coincidence of circumstances is guaranteed with the energetic implementation of ventures in life, without looking back, without the desire to insure and protect yourself in case of failure. Conversely, when the pace slows down or, even worse, when you stop, the business you started will surely fail.

These individuals can become successful athletes and coaches, but only after they understand the rules according to which they get high places, that is, how to spend energy, how to prepare for competitions, etc.

Many people with Jupiter in the sign of Aries became excellent military leaders who had a good knowledge of the art of warfare, military tactics and methods of warfare, and who knew how to use the terrain correctly. Provided, of course, that they spent a lot of time studying battles in the past and read books about military science.


Taurus is a sign of fertility and prosperity. This position of Jupiter means that a person has the ability to study issues related to agriculture and monetary investments. Success in these areas will largely depend on the knowledge acquired.

The situation is similar in the world of finance. Having a start-up capital, a person needs to invest it so that it brings the maximum income and at the same time the risk of losses is minimized.

The easiest way out for people whose Jupiter is in the sign of Taurus is to keep the accumulated funds in banks. Fine arts and music is another area of ​​human activity in which fame and honor await those who have Jupiter in the sign of Taurus.

The brighter the acquired skills, the better you can be realized in life. Some will become artists working for some firm or publishing house, others will prefer the role of a free artist and gain public recognition.

Special attention should be paid to the art of creating comfort. The production and sale of furniture is quite a profitable business, there is a lot to turn around here. People who have Jupiter in the sign of Taurus will surely find an unoccupied niche from which to start and expand their business.


This position is conducive to activities in the areas of trade and information exchange. In particular, a person whose Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini is well realized in typography. He can become an author himself, having composed a novel or a volume of poetry, or he can get a job as an editor, proofreader, etc.

But the greatest effect is achievable only in work related to informing readers, i.e. in the professions of a journalist or writer covering popular science topics.

The Internet has become widespread in the field of information exchange. Therefore, people with Jupiter in the sign of Gemini have every chance to create a popular website. There are all the prerequisites for this.

To ensure success, you need to research the full range of online information to find a relevant but incomplete topic.

In addition to the above, a person born at the time of the passage of Jupiter in the sign of Gemini can find his luck in organizations that provide an opportunity for communication between people remote from each other.

That is, for example, in the city telephone network, mobile operators, etc. The world of trade is extremely large and in it the representative of this position feels very at ease.

Having become a seller, he will study with the greatest zeal the methods of correct arrangement of goods, master the basic selection criteria and will certainly try to apply the technique of communication with various categories of buyers.


The position of Jupiter in Cancer tells a person to pay close attention to education in food and cooking, construction and real estate. The experience and knowledge gained in the areas described will bring good luck and prosperity.

The action of the planet Jupiter is expansion, i.e. starting from small things, there is further expansion until the awareness in the chosen area can develop and deepen.

People with Jupiter in the sign of Cancer are encouraged to take positions in food production – from a sausage shop worker to an enterprise director.

Construction and real estate operations are most suitable for people born at the time of the passage of Jupiter along the sign of Cancer.

Some of them become good architects and interior designers, others choose working specialties – painter, plasterer, etc. The hospitality of the Cancer sign is perfectly manifested in the ability to receive and serve visitors as best as possible.

This position in the horoscope favors employment in the hotel business – from the receptionist to the owner. For success here, it will be necessary to create a home environment around foreign or foreign guests, which should be felt both in the service and in the interior.


The sign of Leo gives Jupiter more weight and significance, so people who have this position in their horoscope have quite a lot of potential for education and study. They like to flaunt their knowledge, thereby demonstrating their own erudition.

At the same time, this trait does not allow them to relax and start their studies, gives them an interest in the development of intelligence. One of the most important areas of comprehension of the surrounding world is education in the field of subordinate management and development planning.

People who have Jupiter in the sign of Leo are written to open their own business. Whether it happens or not depends on them. In any case, in entrepreneurial activity they will be accompanied by good luck, large or small, depending on the depth of knowledge in the chosen field.

Another important area of ​​activity is the sphere of entertainment, where a fertile ground for study becomes the study of a person’s weaknesses, or rather his desires and needs for pleasure and active rest.

To be successful in the field of entertainment, you need to understand all the rules and laws by which it operates: where to open, how to advertise, how to attract, etc.

The world of cinema, television and show business should also be noted. This is where you can turn around for a person who has Jupiter in the sign of Leo. Good learners in theatrical art and successfully developing the ability to get used to the role create all the conditions for growth in the profession of an actor.


A person in whose horoscope Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo is endowed with the ability to study objects to the smallest detail. The most interesting areas of research are engineering, the world of medicine, and those professions where a high level of excellence is attainable.

There is room for the acquisition of knowledge, which will be useful later for successful integration into the surrounding world. Representatives of this horoscope position are well trained in disciplines related to chemistry, biology and medicine.

The tendency to disassemble each tormented question on the shelves, not calming down until a clear and clear answer is received for each point, allows you to thoroughly study these subjects.

They can be successfully implemented in any industry related to the chemical industry. In factories for the production of medicines, cosmetics and perfumery, cleaning products, chemical fibers, oil refineries, there are many positions for specialists with a good knowledge of chemistry.

People with Jupiter in the sign of Virgo are well-trained in practical skills. It is not difficult for them to be able to master woodcutting, embroidery, working on a lathe, etc. in a short time.

When they set themselves the task of acquiring abilities in any craft, they tend to notice the basic principles of the work performed and form rules from them that facilitate the improvement of skills.


The position of Jupiter in the second sign of the element of Air gives a predisposition to study the nature of partnerships. The interaction of two people in business, love and other spheres is viewed from all sides. A person with such a position in the horoscope is interested in the reasons for establishing alliances, the conditions for their strengthening and the meaning of existence.

Another important area of ​​study for people with Jupiter in Libra is the study of methods for achieving balance. Throughout their lives, they learn to fairly assess the current situation, moving away from subjective assessment and trying to justify everything as objectively as possible.

The ability to find the most correct solution to a problem is beneficial in a career as a lawyer. And in ordinary life, the ability to balance and harmonize the situation, thanks to an objective and impartial assessment of the positions of the opposing sides, deserves every encouragement.

They are able to resolve all social, business and family issues in a peaceful way, sensing in advance an increase in tension and the approach of critical situations. They are interested in the world of art, which seems attractive for its harmony and sense of beauty.

They are good at learning the principles of creating works of art in music or sculpture. Education at an art school or conservatory will significantly increase their chances of successfully fulfilling themselves in life.


This position of Jupiter focuses on gaining knowledge about the unknown, be it a psychological portrait of a person, his secret desires and thoughts, hidden motives of behavior. Unrecognized areas attract attention and involve people with such a position in the horoscope to search and explore in them.

One of the areas not sufficiently studied is psychology, in which people who have Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio can successfully realize themselves. They easily learn the basic principles of penetrating into the subconscious of another person, quickly master the art of hypnosis.

Another area of ​​research is uncovering secrets. Here you can realize yourself as you like – be a spy or a scout, become a hacker or hold a position in which you will need to know in advance about the actions of competitors and get ahead of them.

The research and development of weapons is also suitable for people whose Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio. However, that which serves destruction, they can try to implement in everyday life. For example, a nuclear reaction used to generate energy, lasers used in medicine, etc.


A person who has Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius can be called lucky, since life has given the opportunity to develop in oneself the ability to see the causes of events, understand the reasons for the existence of a particular object, etc.

From the very birth he was interested in rather complex philosophical questions that would never have occurred to other people.

By teaching and spending free time improving your transfer skills (by reading literature on the right approach to students), you can quickly achieve fame and honor.

In addition, people with a similar influence in the horoscope and later themselves develop their own teaching methods.

Visiting foreign countries and taking out a favorable experience, certain observations from their travels, it will not be difficult later to write a book or create a program that tells about certain unknown features of the culture of different peoples, etc.

In general, having Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius in your horoscope, you need to pay great attention to the study of foreign languages ​​in your own education, since in the future their knowledge will definitely come in handy.

The simplest example is the fact that many people with the same position found their happiness while already living abroad or starting cooperation with foreign companies.


This position of Jupiter denotes success and good luck in respectable and large companies. The Capricorn sign represents strictly organized businesses with a tough, time-tested structure. This is where the most profitable activity lies.

Work even as an ordinary contractor (turner, foundry, etc.) will give a good income, but maximum success is possible in design and management positions.

Having earned a certain status in the enterprise, representatives of this position can apply to politics. Being prominent figures in their place of work, they are able to occupy a prominent position in the party.

Thanks to their ability to use connections with high-ranking officials and the ability to create a good impression with voters, it is not difficult for them to break into a regional duma or city council.

People born at the time of the passage of Jupiter along the sign of Capricorn can find their vocation in the fundamental sciences, developing new theories in physics or mathematics. They are the ones who deserve a doctorate or a professorship at a young age.

A person whose Jupiter is in the sign of Capricorn is a good architect of industrial premises and a designer of large and complex objects.

His education helps him to design a building in terms of minimal personnel movements between departments, to take into account all kinds of adverse influences: fire hazard, earthquakes, etc.


This position of Jupiter means that a person has a tendency to self-education. The individualism and freedom of action inherent in the sign of Aquarius requires a lack of coercion and control in learning. Such people form their knowledge on their own and do not tolerate interference from outside.

Lessons and other homework are too tedious for them. Knowledge is best acquired in a friendly environment where the teacher acts as a friend sharing his experience and knowledge.

The field of education is the study of various know-how and inventions. He can apply them in the field of computer technology, astrology, astronomy and in other activities associated with discoveries and inventions.

People with Jupiter in the sign Aquarius act according to the principle “new is well forgotten old”. Combining already existing ideas and modern trends of the scientific and technological revolution, they synthesize something that has no analogues in the world.

The development of theories related to modern branches of technology is easier for them than for representatives of other signs. Collective events are another area of ​​application of knowledge.

Understanding perfectly well why people need to gather in a circle of friends, it is not difficult to organize a club of like-minded people (a computer club) or gather people with similar interests around you. Income is made up both from the payment of membership fees and from the general activities of the club as a whole.


The position of Jupiter in the sign of Pisces endows a person with the desire to explore the world of the supernatural and unusual. He is interested in everything that does not fit into the laws of the surrounding world and is incomprehensible to most people.

Magic, clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, belief in God are just a small illustration of some incomprehensible and mysterious phenomena. In particular, people with Jupiter in Pisces can become good magicians and illusionists.

They are well trained in the art of deceiving people. Some of them will use their abilities to the detriment of other people, i.e. become scammers. Others, on the contrary, will try to be useful – to entertain, to amuse those who come to their performances.

Many representatives of this position have managed to master the ability to anticipate the future and feel the changes that must occur. Each of them did it in his own way – someone was reading the cards, someone was allowed to concentrate and see the upcoming events with a crystal ball.

The rest used what was at hand – coffee grounds, coins, cubes, etc. Most of the world’s population believes in God.

Everyone needs faith for various reasons: to clear their conscience, get additional support from above and become more confident, etc. And only a person who has Jupiter in the sign of Pisces is able to learn true faith. He can discover God in his soul and even communicate with him.

Written by Sebastian

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