Laziest zodiac signs

A Taurus is not made for the monotonous, day-to-day office work. They are like spoiled boys who want to live in luxury but do nothing.

Leos are talented, active, charming, but at the same time lazy people. They enjoy being in the spotlight and receiving recognition. However, they do not want to work a lot or go beyond their capabilities. Laziness overshadows all the positive qualities of Leo.

Sagittarians value freedom and love travel. For this they are working to have money for travel around the world. However, then they do not make additional efforts to outshine their colleagues or become the employee of the year. Sagittarius are not eager to work. They do it because they have to.
Aquarians have dreams and ambitions, but they usually don’t come true. The representatives of this sign have a plan of action, but they do not want to follow it. Aquarians are quick-witted and intelligent people, but they are not at all purposeful.

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