Leo Season: The Astrological Spiritual New Year

​Today’s article comes from guest, Tirra-Omilade Hargrow! She’s a spiritual guide, life coach, certified hypnotherapist, and twice initiated as a priestess into African and goddess spiritual traditions. Get started with the spiritual new year this Leo Season with this article, and then go grab her Leo Season class!

One thing is for sure: 2020 and 2021 have been tough years for many people. Our lives were upended and transformed in ways that we never imagined, allowing us to release aspects and scenarios that were limiting us. On the flip side, we all are moving in new directions seeking more balance, harmony, peace, and joy.

Astrology provides a solution to help us find our confidence, creativity, and inspiration in this new world. An excellent way to reset your energy and recommit to your goals and intentions is by celebrating Leo season, which is the astrological, spiritual new year.

​What does that mean?

How Leo Season is the Spiritual New Year

According to ancient astrology, Leo season is when the spirits who lead and guide the world, I call them the Ancestors of the World, meet to set the agenda for the next year.

As a result, Leo season is highly spiritual, inspirational, and power-packed. All humans can access this energy and use it for their own lives.

Leo energy is known for what makes you unique, creativity, being center stage, and joy. It can indicate what you pride yourself on, how you are a pillar, and where your source of courage comes from.

All of these qualities and characteristics are important to tap into regularly. However, it is vital to harness Leo’s energy at this pivotal juncture in history to maximize positive results and stay on course for having a successful year.

How to succeed with your dreams during Leo Season:

Many people have dreams and goals but don’t make an effort to manifest them because they are afraid to shine and stand out. They know they have unique gifts and talents, but maybe they have been discouraged from using them or are scared to do so.

If you are one of these people, it is essential to understand that success will come as a result of you doing the following: ​

Consciously accessing your inner wellspring of confidence: Know that confidence is a state that you can conjure at any moment. Remember that it isn’t about increasing your confidence but tapping into the energy of and embodying it, just like Leo.Unapologetically expressing your talents, gifts, and unique qualities: Gifts and talents are so important that an entire astrological house and planet are devoted to them. Look at your 5th house and the house and sign of your Sun to get more clarity on your gifts and talents. You may already know your gifts and can find more happiness and joy in the world by using them. Also, you may be able to monetize your talent to make money doing what you love.When it comes to being unique, it is essential to be comfortable with what makes you unique and stand out. Use Leo season to shine, as this is part of what will lead you to more success. Using creativity to manifest your desires: Though the rational mind has its place, creativity is how we bring our desires into reality. First off, engaging in creative activity opens your natural creative juices, which helps you to see opportunities and possibilities. Additionally, through accessing our creative mind, we send a message to the Universe of what we want it to make manifest in our lives. Because Leo is one of the most creative signs, use this season to visualize and align with your goals and intentions.

How to Infuse Your Life With Leo Energy for Leo Season:

Infusing your life with powerful energy during Leo season will help you stay open to the inner leader and source of inspiration within you.

Additionally, because Leo is a fixed sign, when you consciously work with this energy, you will find you are committed, loyal and immovable when it comes to manifesting your dreams and goals.

What are ways to do this? First, tap into what we know about Leo, such as wearing the colors of Leo and working with Leo’s number, which is 1.

​Second, create rituals that open your inner confidence, make you comfortable with being center-stage, and honor what makes you special and unique.

Ways to anchor your inner lioness or lion are by wearing the color gold, golden jewelry, or anything that has the Sun on it since the Sun rules Leo. Another way to open up Leo’s energy is by eating golden-colored foods and doing something creative such as dancing or painting.

As a goddess-centered lifestyle devotee, I love rituals. You can use small practices throughout Leo season to increase your confidence, inspiration, and motivation and celebrate and commit to using your gifts and talents.

Suggested rituals include:

Light a gold candle and commit to your New Moon Intentions and plans for igniting your inner Leo.Do the Sun Salutation at least three times upon awakening.Play drums or listen to drumming.Say and embody the following affirmations:I am confident and strong.I choose to connect with the life force within me.I am a competent and capable person.It’s safe to be uniquely who I am and unapologetically use my gifts and talents.Use this mindfulness practice to access your inner strength and confidence:  Mindfulness Practice with Tirra: Feeling Strong and Confident.  Journal about the following questions:Where do you need to be immovable, committed, and consistent? How can you be immovable, committed, and consistent in being true to yourself and utilizing your gifts and talents?How can you celebrate yourself as unique and special? As the Number 1? Where do you need to strive for excellence? Where do you already pride yourself on being excellent?
Celebrating Leo as the Astrological Spiritual New Year is a great way to bring inspiration and motivation as we move into the later part of the year. Mindfully working with this energy will help you powerfully infuse your spirit to increase your likelihood of success in your yearly goals and intentions.

At the least, have fun, be creative and make a list of how you are proud of yourself thus far this year.

Enjoy Leo Season!

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About the Guest Author:

Tirra-Omilade Hargrow is a spiritual guide, life coach, and founder of the Goddess Inner Circle Membership and Community.  She loves helping women align with their life purpose using ancient wisdom.

She is twice initiated as a priestess into African and goddess spiritual traditions, a certified hypnotherapist, and an avid student of astrology.

She has spent the last 20 years reading for and mentoring women in their spirituality. Tirra realizes that when women are supported with wisdom, have a community, and connect to their feminine power, they take aligned action leading to a balanced, happy, and successful life.

When Tirra is not sharing wisdom, she is laughing or walking with family and friends, dancing to the latest Afrobeats and belly dance jams, or volunteering in voter’s rights activism.

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