Money Energy

Learn 5 non-obvious steps to income growth and learn how to create money easily, without working 24/7 and racing for successful success

What You Will Receive

Get rid of eternal fatigue and work 24/7

Stop saving on yourself and be content with what you have

Understand how "men's" money differs from "women's"

Understand what unconscious blocks and attitudes are preventing you from growing in income

Break through your financial ceiling and reach a new level of income

Learn to earn money from a state of ease and pleasure

About Cassandra

Whenever you feel the need for spiritual awakening with the intervention of the celestial presence, whenever you need swift and immediate help, then you have come to the right place, at the right time. Use the knowledge of the ancients, and don’t miss out on this opportunity to find happiness in your life: Ask me anytime to consult your guardian angel on your behalf.


God blessed us with angels so they could inspire and help us. They guard and protect us, communicate God’s message to us, watch over us, and are involved in our lives in so many other ways.


I’ve been a psychic for more than 20 years, and I am gifted with particularly accurate medium abilities. However, I was not born with them. This is an ancient art that took years to fine-tune. My wonderful powers appeared after I met a “celestial creature of light” when I was 10.

Course programm

7 steps to take you to the next financial level
1 step = 1 lesson in audio format + assignments and practice.


1 step. Prepare for deep work

Result: tune in to powerful transformations and be able to get the most out of the course

2 step. Overcome psychological immaturity

Result: understand how to take an adult position in life and take responsibility for your success


3 step. Work through unconscious fears and shadows

Result: get rid of what controls your life and prevents you from achieving success and fulfillment


4 step. Connect with dad

Result: let go of resentment (conscious and unconscious) and restore good relations, even if dad is no longer around


5 step. Learn to earn like a woman


Result: you will start attracting money into your life from a state of ease, without skewing into achievement

Join the intensive to enter the top 10% of people who know how to manage the energy of money



I wasn’t born with an innate abundance mindset and gold bars in my cradle. But I have always strived to learn the secret of financial freedom and implement it in my life.At the age of 19, I decided that I wanted to change my life and left to conquer Moscow.

At that time, I had nothing. So much so that I used the pass of my grandmother, from whom I rented a room.

This experience allowed me to become who I am today.Have what I have.Realize your destiny and help others come to their financial freedom.

This experience allowed me to become who I am today.Have what I have.Realize your destiny and help others come to their financial freedom.

Course programm

5 days

Homework for each lesson

Video lessons

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