Moon phase (lunar phase) 16 august 2021

Moon characteristics August 16, 2021
08/16/2021 at 12:00 The moon is in the “Waxing Moon” phase. This is the 8th lunar day according to the lunar calendar. Moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius ♐. The percentage of illumination of the moon is 59%. Moonrise at 15:21 and sunset at 22:54.

Chronology of lunar days
8 lunar day from 13:49 08/15/2021 to 15:21 08/16/2021
9 lunar day from 15:21 08/16/2021 until the next day
Moon influence on August 16, 2021
Moon in the zodiac sign Sagittarius (+)
Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. Lunar Sagittarius somewhat leads our thought processes away from earthly logic and concreteness into the field of abstract thinking.

However, despite this, the period is ideal for resolving issues related to jurisprudence and any legal issues. You can safely apply to the registration authorities for the creation of legal entities, public organizations or subsidiaries.

Any bureaucratic issues at this time are solved surprisingly easily, almost by themselves. All types of travel and business trips will also be successful and will pass without any negative adventures. However, one should beware of operations involving land or construction.

8 lunar day (±)
August 16, 2021 at 12:00 – 8 lunar day. Quite a difficult day for communicating with coworkers or partners. Old unfinished business tends to emerge on this very day and take more time and energy than ever before.

The day is good for travel, trips, moving to a new place. New cases scheduled for this time require more thorough study and serious preparation.

Waxing Moon (±)
The moon is in the waxing moon phase. The second lunar phase is the interval between the first lunar quarter and the full moon. During this period, the active growth of the moon continues. The second phase is characterized by an even more significant rise in energy and internal forces, a strongly pronounced activity.

In the business sphere, a favorable time begins for the implementation of planned affairs, the solution of difficult issues and problems. Cases requiring a lot of activity will be given easily.

In the second lunar phase, physical activity can be useful, it is during this period that it is good to start new training. Changes in absolutely all areas of activity are favorable, both in relationships on a personal plane and in business.

This is a good time to move, travel, change the type of activity. Life energy gathers more and more and closer to the full moon its peak is noted. This period is distinguished by emotional outbursts, increasingly frequent conflicts, and the occurrence of traumatic situations.

Day of the week influence (±)
The day of the week is Monday. This day is ruled by the “night sun” – the moon. It’s not called a hard day because it immediately follows a free weekend. On this day, we are overwhelmed with emotions. Therefore, success alternates with failure, success with failure. Everything becomes unreliable, relative. Up to the point that loyal friends can let you down, and enemies … help.

On Monday, astrologers advise relying only on your intuition in everything, since the arguments of reason do not work on this day. Business agreements concluded on this day, as well as heart-to-heart victories, may turn into shaky uncertainty tomorrow.

However, all the pitfalls and obstacles of Monday can be bypassed by those who “feel” in their hearts what needs to be done. Those who trust their intuition, as a rule, succeed on this day.

And those who postponed some important things to Monday are forced to redo everything later, since the mind has no power over Monday.

Remember that the zodiac sign is most important in determining the influence of the moon, then the lunar day, and only then the phase of the moon and the day of the week. Do not forget that the lunar calendar is advisory in nature. When making important decisions, rely more on specialists and on yourself. If you think that our lunar calendar is doing the wrong calculations, read the questions and answers.

Moon phase and lunar day for today
The phase of the moon, sunrise, sunset and illumination for today, August 16, 2021 you can see on the Moon phase page on 08/16/2021, to calculate the moon phase for the current time, use the Moon phase today page. And also, to find out what lunar day is today, see the page lunar day today.

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Written by Claudia

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