New Moon in Leo August 2021

Excerpt from Patreon astro-tarot reading transcript – The sign Leo is associated with actors and the entertainment industry. It’s about getting up there and showing what you can do. It’s also about natural talent, because it connects us to our inner light. We are all star stuff. We connect with our inner star, the divine spark within, to create. We are being asked at this lunation ‘what do you want to create?’. This is the time to set the seed.

The New Moon is connected to Mercury, planet of mind and communication so we want to communicate who we are. What is the script that you are writing? What is the script that you are reading from? Is it your script? Did you write this script? Or was it written by someone else? Are you feeling like you’re living a life that is not quite your own? Maybe around this time we need to take a moment to consider where am I trying to be something or someone that I’m not? Am I playing a part? What part do I play?

*****************************************************************I recorded a 38mins astro-tarot reading for my patrons on the $1 tier and up where I discussed the aspects in the lunation chart in depth along with the Sabian symbol and the role of asteroid Paradise. Click here to join my Patreon and listen. There is also a transcript for those who prefer to read.

Painting – Roaring lion’s head by Eugene Delacroix

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