by Sebastian


Personal for Friend

Clear skies ahead Friend:

Starting November 3, Mercury stations direct in Libra, after retrograde since October 13. It’ll become easier to communicate — but You’re not out of the woods just yet. The messenger planet will remain in his shadow period for two weeks, until November 19. During this period, also known as Mercury retroshade, you may feel as though you’re still stuck in the mud and confusion of Mercury retrograde. Your best bet is to take it slow. Luckily, starting November 10, the messenger planet re-enters Scorpio for the second time, helping us think more critically. You can use this transit to pull yourself back together.

On November 13, action planet Mars stations direct in Aries. Its retrograde looks to be a chaotic mess, and you still may find it tricky to find your footing throughout Mars’ shadow period, which persists until January 2. But starting mid-month, you will be able to use this transit to reignite your passions and reconnect with your intuition.

The Moon begins a new cycle in strategic Scorpio just past midnight on November 15, helping you pivot your thinking outward. As the Moon creates a sextile with warm hearted Jupiter and a sextile with transformative Pluto, you will be inspired to put away your selfish desires and focus on caring for your community.

Passions will run high starting November 21 (mark this date), as romantic Venus makes her way into sensual Scorpio. This powerful energy inspires us to seek deeper meaning in your relationships, as you increasingly find superficial interactions less satisfying. It’s essential for you to embrace vulnerability, whether you’re building a relationship with someone new or strengthening a long-term bond. The Sun also enters knowledge-hungry Sagittarius on November 21. This is another outward-focused transit, a time when you may find yourself rethinking your place in the universe.

On November 28, dreamy Neptune stations direct in sensitive Pisces, offering us a respite from the abrasive reality of the year. You will feel encouraged to submerge into the escape of a fantasy life. But Neptune’s shadow period lasts until March 19; you will need to stay alert and aware until then.

Like all full moons, this is the ideal time to reflect on your lives, your goals, and your habits. What’s no longer working for you? What can you shift? If you use this time wisely, you will be able to walk into December stronger than ever.

Yours Sincerely,