Our mental formation is precisely correlated with the date, time and place of our birth – from the moment when we take the first breath of the world around us. It is sad that this moment is accompanied by crying instead of laughter. The astrologer will give an accurate description of this moment and draw up a birth chart, but it is quite enough for a numerologist to have an exact date of birth. The soul number is obtained by simply reducing to one digit of the date of birth.

Each person is influenced by three numbers:
and fate.
The influence of these numbers is different from the influence of the nine planets in astrological houses. The influence of the Sun in the astrology of numbers in itself, for example, varies depending on the house and the zodiacal sign in which it is located in the natal birth chart. With a change in the sign of the Sun, human behavior also changes.

An example of calculating the number of a soul For example, someone was born on June 29, so 2 + 9 = 11 = 2, his soul number is 2. There is a basic problem in determining the number of a soul. In accordance with the ancient Indian (Hindu) system, the day of the month changes by one hour before sunset – from I + 1/2 to 2 hours before the actual sunrise. However, in the modern world, all countries have come to an agreement to check with Greenwich Standard Time and move to a new date at 24 hours (midnight). Therefore, when determining the date of birth, you must also pay attention to what time of day or night a person was born. For example, in the accepted system, a person born at two in the morning on the twelfth of the month is considered to be born on the thirteenth and the number four is attributed to him. According to the Hindu system, due to the fact that the birth took place a few hours before sunrise, it is believed that this person was born on the night of the twelfth and, accordingly, the number three is attributed to him.

The personal number of the soul reveals the path that a person chooses for himself. The number of the soul plays an important role in the choice of food, lover, for friendship, marriage, in determining individual needs, ambitions and desires. In Hindu astrology, the sign of the moon is the sign of the soul. In the Western tradition, people try to understand the soul through the sign of the Sun. Numerology does not concern the signs of the Sun, Moon or planets, but works directly with the person’s personality, using only numbers. As we can see, the numbers themselves are associated with the influence of the planets on human behavior, his desires, needs and ambitions.

The planetary influence on the human soul can be easily understood if one knows the number of the soul. This number remains in effect throughout a person’s life and especially manifests its power between the ages of 35 and 40. After 35 years, another number comes into play, which is called the number of destiny. A person begins to feel certain changes in his destiny. The number of the soul, however, does not lose its importance. This number can be influenced by changing the name. It can also be influenced through education, initiation into spiritual practices, marriage (especially if combined with marriage with someone whose influence changes the mental attitude). 33 A numerologist should know that every person has two images: your own case should carefully look whether the personality traits of this person correspond to the number 3 or, rather, are related to the number 4. You can also add that in the summer the sun rises in the northwestern hemisphere much earlier than in winter. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify whether the birth occurred in the late hour of a summer or winter night. If it happened earlier than two hours before sunrise, you should discard the date, which is traditionally associated with the next calendar day. For example, for a person who was born at 3:30 a.m. on June 3rd (summer), the date that changed after 12:00 a.m. would be more correct, while for a person born at 3:30 a.m. on December 3rd, the more correct date would be December 2nd. … This is due to the fact that in December at 3:30 in the morning there is still approximately four hours before sunrise. Birthday and date of birth must change at the same time. Therefore, many people who claim to be born on the same day were not actually born on that day, and belong, accordingly, to a different numerological group of numbers.

Written by Sebastian

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