October 2023 Astrology Forecast | YouTube

We have a packed month ahead as Mars, the Sun and Mercury will all trip over the South Node and activate Pluto’s ongoing square to the Nodes. The Lord of the Underworld himself will then station direct, just as Saturn returns to 0 degree of Pisces. Meanwhile, both Venus and Mercury will finally change signs after hanging out for what seems like ever in Leo (Venus) and Virgo (Mercury). Now Mercury will skip into Libra and Venus into Virgo, signalling a change in the cosmic atmosphere. By the end of the month, we’ll have Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Ceres all swimming through the deep waters of Scorpio giving us pause for thought and intense reflection. And if THAT wasn’t enough to keep you occupied, it’s eclipse season, with the first of the solar eclipses in Libra and the last of the lunar eclipses in Taurus. Pumpkins at the ready…

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