Overturning Roe, Sowing Dragon’s Teeth

Cadmus Sowing the Dragon’s Teeth by Mayfield Parrish

As soon as Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, the overturning of the federal law protecting a woman’s right to abortion in the United States was inevitable. It was a matter of when, not if.

Knowing a bad thing is going to happen does not make it less bad.

The astrology is pure. As you probably know, this is the year of the USA’s Pluto Return at 27° Capricorn. And it has become clear that the structures of government (Capricorn things) are being destroyed from the inside out. The poison was injected by Trump as Pluto opposed the US Sun and now it’s coming out. The timing, at the second of exact hits, suggests that this legal decision is pivotal.

Five “Justices” — Justice Alito, Justice Coney Barrett, Justice Kavanaugh, Justice Gorsuch, Justice Thomas — are pursuing a radical agenda within the Supreme Court itself. And maybe outside it too: Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Ginny Thomas was involved in the 6 January insurrection.

Just last week, they overturned a New York law that bans carrying a concealed weapon. You have to ask yourself what the thinking is behind banning a life-saving medical procedure and at the same time making it easier to carry a gun. These are smart people… why are they doing harm?

It’s a revolution that’s been in the making since Thomas, the first of this group, was elected to the Court on 12 March 1990. He is a revolutionary at heart with a Sun-Uranus conjunction across the end of Gemini and beginning of Cancer. Ironically, his Sun is directly on the US Venus-Jupiter. The country has lifted him up high, for sure.

He has 25° Capricorn Rising, so Pluto by transit has revealed himself, taken off his helmet of invisibility and is wielding the power that he has kept behind the scenes for decades.

Also this week (night of 28/29 June), we have a really notable New Moon in Cancer (the sign of parenting) on that US Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Venus also represents the women of a country in this chart. I have been watching the approach of this lunation with interest for some time, because it makes an exact conjunction to Lilith — a point I associate with abortion (and childbirth). I suggested to readers of the horoscopes that it was a really powerful New Moon for burying something.

Well, the Court has buried Roe. However, they have also planted dragon’s teeth. From this burial, resistance will spring up stronger I expect. In the Greek tales, there is another important message though. The warriors that spring up from the teeth turn on each other when a gem is thrown among them. They are much diminished by this. In short, resisters need to unite, not bicker amongst themselves.

Justice Alito, who wrote the opinion and is apparently the intellectual driver here, has revolutionary Uranus exactly on his Cancer Descendant — yes it makes a conjunction to the US Venus-Jupiter. He’s also a Capricorn Rising flexing his Plutonic powers. Transiting Jupiter is conjoining his Aries NN — this is a career high for him.

With all that energy now in Aries, it’s not surprising to read that the Court plans to roll back all kinds of freedoms and rights that Americans have taken for granted.  For these rogue justices, this is just the beginning. They have their sledgehammers poised.

The US Pluto Return ends next year, but this is an incredibly inflammatory gesture right now. The times are dangerous, what with Mars, Chiron and Jupiter in fiery Aries, a sign which is surely about the individual.

After this decision, just 25% of Americans still trust the Supreme Court. 61% believe abortion should be legal.

The best that may come out of this in the long run is a restructuring of institutions — this is what Pluto in Capricorn demands — and a sharper focus on what needs to be reformed. Pluto offers opportunities for excision of a cancerous growth — and then regenenaration.  The worst? Well, I leave that to your imagination…


Pluto also offers truth and clarity. What American people are up against is not a passing fancy by some bleached TVtastic cut-out, but an organised, radical revolution. Seeing your enemy clearly focuses the mind, another gift of Pluto.

Note that Saturn, common-sense but also the ruling planet of at least two of those judges, is approaching the US Moon at 27° Aquarius. This is a moment for the people (the Moon) to grow up, but also a moment when they are restrained and restricted. It’s a reality check. The consequences of this decision will have a direct effect on people immediately.

It’s no accident that Pallas, the North Node and Uranus are gathered together at the top of the Overturning chart. That’s judges (Pallas), direction (NN) and revolution or literally overturning (Uranus). The axis of Taurus and Scorpio is one of sex and ownership. During the summer, the Nodes will make a hard aspect to that Saturn, and conjoin Uranus. This is tension between freedom (Uranus) and rules (Saturn), but also between (revolution) and maintaining the status quo (Saturn), the latter has come up repeatedly in commentary. See how it cuts both ways.

Let’s hope those dragon’s teeth grow into strong, organised advocates. Pluto will soon be moving out of Capricorn and into the sign of the people, Aquarius.

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