Physiognomy. The meaning of moles on the face.

Permanent (permanent, unchanging) prints include moles and birthmarks. These are karmic prints. Their presence indicates that a person will surely face some specific problems. What is the meaning of moles on the face? I’ll tell you in this article.

Types of moles on the face

Moles are of three types:

  • The first type – dark moles – are considered to be associated with Saturn, which governs everything stable, self-contained. Therefore, dark moles indicate inevitable events, about severe restrictions in the life of their owner. The more convex they are, the stronger the indication of their karmic origin, the more severe the expected events will be.
  • The second type is red moles (there are also light ones), they are associated with Jupiter. Everything related to law, power, authority, religion, beliefs, worldview is connected with Jupiter. Such moles are given the most attention, since they indicate events that make a person change ideologically, revising his worldview. They are also harbingers of unshakable events associated with other people, and at the same time serve as signs that a person will be helped by other people if you turn to them.
  • Anything that promotes spiritual growth or slows it down belongs to light moles. It all depends on which half of the body these moles are on.

Value of a mole on the head

Moles on the head can only be seen by shaving off the hair. Many people do not even suspect what secrets their skull holds. Especially if it is a flat and small mole on the head. Larger raised moles are usually easily felt with the fingers. So, a mole at the very crown of the head usually indicates a high level of thinking. And a mole on the back of the head is about secrecy, often also about some dark secrets in the past that a person tries to hide from others.

Meaning moles around the eyes

  • A mole in the outer corner of the eye is a sign of a sincere, direct character, independent, yet having a need for affection and respect in order to support a sometimes waning ego.
  • A mole above the right eyebrow indicates a commitment to a business, successful life; above the left eyebrow – a tendency towards laziness and selfishness.
  • A mole located on the very eyebrow, right or left, indicates exceptional diplomatic skill.
  • In men, a mole under the eye speaks of femininity. But either this is a subtle organization of the soul, inherent in poets, or non-traditional sexual orientation. In any case, such a man is endowed with a weak will, fearful, careful and often shy.

What does a mole on my forehead mean?

Moles are not the most common, but at the same time almost unmistakable sign that helps determine the fate of a person. A mole on the face may be on the forehead. Usually, such a sign predicts a successful career or other achievements in the business area.

  • Mole on the forehead on the right side, almost near the hair, on top, portends a successful fruitful scientific life, significant achievements in this area. But this comes true in the event that a person who has such a mole exerts enough strength and shows perseverance.
  • The mole on the forehead on the right side closer to the middle of the forehead is a symbol that the future of this person will be devoted to achieving the desired goal – material well-being. In the future, the person will achieve what he wants, since fate is favorable to him.
  • Mole on the forehead on the right side, closer to the eyebrows – the desire for leadership inherent in such a person initially will help him make a career. But you need to work hard – the fate of such a person is not the easiest, and on the way to success, many troubles and complications can await, which, however, will be successfully overcome.
  • Mole located in the center of the forehead – determination will help to achieve a lot in the professional field. In addition, high spirituality and morality will have an impact on communication with others. A person is provided with universal respect and understanding. That is why career growth will take place without any difficulty.
  • Mole on the forehead on the left side, located high, closer to the hairline, portends some setbacks and disappointments in personal life. First of all, this can happen due to excessive enthusiasm for work. Failures in personal life, loneliness.
  • Mole on the forehead on the left side closer to the middle of the forehead (as if between the eyebrows and the hairline) – if this person chooses a job, a matter to his liking, then in the future he will be able to achieve a lot. But at the same time, if this activity disappoints him after a while, the life of this person will not be easy – a lot of troubles and disappointments will fall to his lot.
  • Mole on the face on the left side of the forehead, closer to the eyebrows – on the way to career growth and material well-being, there will be certain difficulties, obstacles that you are able (albeit with some effort) to overcome. The life of such a person will end unexpectedly, although not necessarily too early.
  • Symmetrically located two or four moles on the forehead on the right and on the left foreshadow a joyful, pleasant life in the future. Fate is favorable to such a person, most likely, everything will work out for him, and those around him, especially close people and colleagues, bosses, will treat him with respect, trust and love.
    9.What do moles on the face of women and men mean? If there is an odd number of moles on the forehead, located asymmetrically, then this portends disappointment in what has been achieved. Deceived hopes are associated primarily with work, career, business. But in general, the fate of such a person will be successful, especially personal (family) life.

Value of a mole above the eyebrows

1.Mole on the eyebrows or just above the eyebrows. On the right eyebrow – a person is expected to have a happy marriage, a successful family life. People will be drawn to him, especially representatives of the opposite sex. Not only a successful marriage, but also good children.

  • Mole under the right eyebrow – a symbol of complications and problems associated with imprudence, irascibility or carelessness in relation to loved ones. To achieve the intended goals, a person needs to make a lot of effort and patience.
  • Mole on the left eyebrow (or right above the left eyebrow) – marriage, family life will be successful, happy, but this applies only to the first marriage. If a person remarries, disappointment and bitter regrets await him.
  • The meaning of moles on the face under the left eyebrow is associated with the ability to find a common language with people and hard work will help to achieve a lot in the future. A person with this trait has the opportunity to make an amazing career.
  • The mole between the eyebrows symbolizes that a person is able, if desired, to achieve significant success in his chosen area of ​​life. He will be lucky. But in relations with people around this person, this person can fail due to his own indiscretion.
  • Mole under the right eye portends happiness in personal life or constant love experiences, excitement, jealousy. This sign also symbolizes good health and endurance.
  • Mole under the left eye foreshadows possible problems and troubles associated primarily with work and business. It is highly likely that some personality traits or unfortunate coincidence of circumstances will prevent you from achieving what you want.

The meaning of moles on the temple

This is a mole on the hairless part of the head, but usually intuitively people hide it under the hair. She talks about an unstable temperament, a tendency to sentimental expression of feelings, women with such a mole react to the slightest offense with tears, and men tend to overestimate the subject of their hobby and mold an ideal out of it (which they then painfully regret). People with such moles on their heads are not all right with cerebral circulation, they are prone to early sclerosis and mental disorders. In addition, they often see “prophetic dreams,” which are very vivid, voluminous, and memorable. Often such a mole is present in people who have the gift of foresight and are endowed with discernment.

  • The mole on the right temple always symbolizes a stormy personal life, attention of the opposite sex, success in love. The life of such people is full of various events and troubles, although not necessarily only pleasant, joyful ones.
  • A mole on the left temple foreshadows an early marriage and a troublesome life. Most often, this sign symbolizes rash actions and decisions. All this can lead in the future to serious troubles and troubles, if a person does not try to show prudence.

The meaning of moles on the nose

According to European physiognomy, moles on the nose indicate an open and sociable character. These are easy people. It is pleasant to talk to them, they can joke on time, it is easy to dispel a bad mood. Especially if such a mole is located at the very tip of the nose. Such people are very restless, changeable, fickle, frivolous, but they have such a “golden” character that others are rarely angry for their constant mistakes. They tend not to do one thing for a long time, so they often change their place of work, in the same way they are easy-going and often move from place to place. But according to Eastern physiognomy, a mole at the end of the nose is an unfavorable sign. It is believed that a person with such a mole is a major loser.

  • Mole on the bridge of the nose – unexpected blows of fate are possible, tragic events, the unwitting culprit of which will be the person himself. First of all, misfortunes can happen to loved ones. Such a person will have an unusual, interesting life.
  • Mole on the nose on the right side portends the good health of its owner, the ability to endure significant experiences in the future. This mole also suggests that a person himself will achieve everything he dreams of, will achieve all his goals, although this may not happen as easily as he hopes.
  • Mole on the nose on the left side portends problems and complications associated with the personal life of its owner. First of all, this will happen due to the fact that such a person has a too complex nature, which not everyone is able to understand.
  • Mole on the tip of the nose – a person with a similar sign in life will be supported by the love and respect of loved ones, family and friends. This will help him feel happy, regardless of any difficulties and problems at work.

What does a mole on the ear mean?

In a positive sense, moles on the ears give a person originality, make him different from those around him. In the negative, such people are prone to deception, boasting, idle talk and kleptomania. Although they often seem weak or unsure of their strengths, they are quite firmly committed to their goal, using, if not strength, then cunning.

  • A mole on or near the left ear promises a carefree, fun, successful life. Often such a sign also means that a person is in good health and will live for a very long time, if no accident occurs.
  • A mole on or near the right ear portends luck in love affairs and many interesting and unusual adventures. But the person is threatened with some kind of malaise.

The meaning of a mole on the chin

The chin is a symbol of will, so moles on the chin speak of a strong will and domination of a person. Sometimes it’s not even about lust for power, but a tendency to despotism. As a rule, such people have a cold logical mind and a completely one-sided perception of the world. Next, we will tell you what moles on the face of women and men mean.

  • If a man’s mole is located on the right, then he is also conservative and greedy, and on the left he is purposeful, assertive, decisive.
  • The meaning of moles on the face on the right on the chin – in women, it indicates a cheerful character, optimism, self-confidence, generosity and magnanimity. Due to her natural qualities, such a woman often becomes a favorite in society, and over the years, when she has experience, people come to her for advice.
  • Mole on the right side suggests otherwise. The woman is capricious, selfish, pessimistic, weak-willed and sexually promiscuous.
  • If a mole on the chin is exactly in the center of the chin, then this is a decisive and domineering nature, not interested in other people’s opinions, with the features of a dictator. In a family, a man or woman with such a mole will make life a total hell, and at work, a boss with a mole in the center of his chin will exploit his subordinates to the fullest and still remain dissatisfied.

The meaning of moles on the neck

Much can be said about the birthmarks on the neck. Although we usually do not include the neck in reading the character by the face, our gaze still stops at the sight of moles on the neck. We intuitively feel that this is a very important area.

  • Mole on the chin on the left – failures and problems that will occur on the path of life will not prevent such a person from finding his happiness (especially in the family). Therefore, in the end, a person with such a mole will be satisfied with their fate.
  • Mole on the chin on the right portends difficult life experiences or poor health, ailments. In addition, this birthmark determines the possibility of a given person to get rich or make a career. But he can only achieve success in struggle and with great self-sacrifice.
  • The mole, located in the center of the chin, portends a heavy life blow associated with the betrayal of a loved one, friend. The understanding will come too late.

We can immediately say that when choosing a life partner, the first thing to do is look at his neck. If moles are found there, then this is an indicator (even with all other positive forms of facial details) that a person is deprived of will, unbalanced and, most likely, he has bad habits. He may be a remarkably intelligent and subtle person, with remarkably intelligent and subtle thoughts and feelings, but his deeds will always be at odds with his words. He can promise heavenly booths, and in a year you will find yourself in a communal apartment with a broken phone. A woman with moles on her neck, despite her exaltation and variability (up to cheating on her husband), will still remain a direct and noble person, she will not hide her mistakes, and in general she expresses all her feelings in full: to love is to love, to hate – so hate. Fortunately, the manifestation of negative feelings rather than direct confrontation, and avoiding the situation (which often leads to betrayal).

The meaning of a mole on the cheek

Moles located on the cheeks indicate tenderness and gentleness of character. Moreover, in women, such a mole on the cheek (near the eye on the outside, on the cheek or at the temple) speaks of sexuality and the most fully expressed “feminine” character traits – obedience, cheerful disposition, thriftiness. A mole located near the ear on the left cheek (only for women!), Speaks of boundless self-sacrifice for the sake of a loved one.

  • Mole on the right cheek – most often, such an arrangement portends a happy love and a successful marriage. In addition, a person with a mole on his cheek has many adventures in life (most often associated with the opposite sex) and surprises. In men, he shows a cheerful disposition, lively character, originality.
  • The meaning of moles on the face on the left cheek – difficulties on the way to success that await a person can be eliminated if you are more attentive to the people around you and be patient. Such a person can achieve a lot in life.
  • Often talented people (musicians, artists, writers) have a mole on the left cheek. They are able to create great works thanks to their natural sense of beauty. And women with such moles are very popular with the opposite sex. They have a slightly unbalanced character, a tendency to decline in mood, even hysteria. They are also talented, but, as a rule, they rarely use their talent, more often they leave early.
  • If a mole on the cheek is located closer to the base of the nose (usually almost at the very wings), then this is an indicator of a person’s prudence and his sane mind. Such people perfectly see the way out of the most confusing and difficult situation, they rarely make mistakes in the assessments of other people. They are fair and straightforward, they know how to keep secrets (their own and those of others), they know how to beautifully and accurately express their thoughts, therefore they succeed in professions where you need to work for the public. If a man has such a mole on the left side, then it also gives insight, excellent intuition, and extrasensory abilities.

The meaning of a mole above the lip

What do moles on the face of women and men mean? It is believed that a mole above the lip indicates a person’s weak will. About his susceptibility to someone else’s influence. Such people prefer their problems to be solved by themselves or someone else will solve them for them. They are prone to various bad habits – drinking, smoking, drug addiction, etc. Large and noticeable moles on the lips are in people with mental or sexual deviations. Only here you need to take into account that the mole should be on the lips themselves, and not under or above the lips.

  • The mole above the upper lip on the left symbolizes success and luck, primarily associated with material well-being and career. People with such a mole will be able to solve various problems without much difficulty. In addition, many unexpected and unusual adventures and victories await them. If people with such a mole take care of their health, then they often live for a very long time.
  • The mole above the upper lip on the right portends a calm, measured life. Most likely, there will be no special problems in life. But a person with a similar location of a mole should not count on significant success with the opposite sex. If there is any attention on their part, then, most likely, not because of interest, but because of some other, carefully hidden considerations.
  • Mole on the face above the upper lip in the middle symbolizes success in life if its owner is patient and persistent enough. Most often, people with a similar sign are distinguished by enviable health and longevity, so they will have a long, happy life.
  • Mole under the lower lip on the left indicates that a person is able to succeed. In the future, his life depends primarily on his determination and perseverance. But luck will come only in the second half of such a person’s life.
  • The mole under the lower lip on the right portends a long, happy life. In addition, the fate of such a person will be very interesting if he chooses a profession related to travel. In this case, many exciting adventures await him.

Meaning of moles on the eyelid

It often happens that the eyelids are marked with moles on the face. This is not a very favorable sign, both in Eastern and European physiognomy. It is believed that a mole on the right eyelid takes away vitality from a person, makes him weak, vulnerable. He often experiences severe stress (and comes out badly), he is very cowardly by nature, he tries not to resist force and obeys the most ridiculous demand. And birthmarks on the left eyelid are typical for people who are too emotional and unable to control their feelings. Such people often live not by reality, but by dreams, and in dreams they are very fickle, they have, as the proverb says, “seven Fridays a week.” Often such moles on the face indicate the inconstancy of feelings. Women with similar marks have many partners and quickly part with everyone.

The meaning of a mole on the cheekbones

On the cheekbones, moles are found in people who are determined and strong. A mole on the right cheekbone speaks especially about outstanding organizational qualities and a heightened sense of justice. Often this is a well-visible, large mole, the only one on the face. Many defenders of the disadvantaged, revolutionaries, fighters for the people’s happiness had such moles. Almost always, these people know how to “light” the crowd. They are excellent speakers, capable of capturing the beauty of their ideas, the power of washing, the nobility of purpose.

Is there a mole on the tongue?

Sometimes moles are found not only on the lips, but also on the tongue. As a rule, people themselves do not even know about it. But this is reflected in the character. Such people are subject to frequent mood swings, it is difficult for them to build a coherent story about an event, they may have mental abnormalities, and due to the increased instability of the psyche and emotions, they are unrestrained, hysterical, loud. In addition, they are often and seriously ill.
Now you know what moles on the face of women and men mean.

Written by Sebastian

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