The planets are known to be the main object of any astrological study. Therefore, considering the map of the solar return, you need to pay special attention to them, because the planets are the only carriers of dense and subtle energy in our world. It is the planets in the Solyar houses that indicate where, in which specific area of ​​activity an individual can realize his energy potential.


It is appropriate to repeat the basic rule of the “work” of planets in solariums: the strongest effect of celestial bodies falls on the cusp of the house (10 degrees forward from it and 5 degrees backward, to the previous house), then the influence of the planet in the Solar House diminishes, reaching a minimum of 5 degrees until the next cusp. A planet located in any of the last five degrees of a house is considered to be related to the next house.


The sun as a source of vitality and creative aspirations of a person in solarium houses indicates that sphere of life in which the individual will be most bright, noticeable and original in the planned year.

The sun in the 1st house of Solar

A person is overcome by a strong desire for independence, an acute desire to find a worthy use for himself, to reveal himself brightly, fully, especially in the physical plane. In adolescence, this location of the luminary is an indication of the awakening of sexuality. If damaged by Mars or Uranus, recklessness, mistakes, acute conflicts threaten.

If Jupiter is in an unfavorable aspect with the Sun, then obstacles will be erected on the way to social elevation, it is difficult to acquire the desired status. With an unfavorable attitude of the Sun to Saturn, diseases are threatened, especially if the luminary in the radix is ​​located in the 6th or 12th house of Solar; if in the radix it is 7 or 8, then there is a threat of restriction of freedom.

Further the designation ” + “indicates that the considered planet of the solarium is mainly associated with favorable aspects

– trine, sextile, creative and semi-sextile, and, in addition, this planet is located positively in the zodiac system – its sign and degree. The designation “-” indicates the defeat of the solar planet by negative aspects, and they are considered to be opposition, quadrature, karmic aspects and half and one and a half quadrature. “Minus” also speaks of the bad standing of the planet in the sign and the degree of the ecliptic. All aspects in this case mean solar, that is, formed by the solar planets without any participation of radix elements.

The sun in the 2nd house of Solar

+ A person experiences close attention to material, financial problems. Perhaps some expansion of financial opportunities, small but numerous successes in business are expected. In general, however, the given position of the Sun is not very influential. If the luminary is located unfavorably to Jupiter, then this threatens with difficulties in fulfilling financial plans.

Wastefulness, unsuccessful investments are likely. If there are negative aspects to Saturn or Uranus, Pluto, then financial speculation undertaken by a person will not be successful.

The sun in the 3rd house of Solar

The smallest location of the Sun in the solar map.

+ Good conditions are created for mental work and training of the individual.

– There are conflicts in the family, especially with brothers / sisters. A person needs to learn and there is a desire, but there is not enough time, financial resources and abilities. Negative aspects in this case indicate that the person is not yet ripe for serious perception of information, is not able to seriously work on it.

The sun in the 4th house of Solar

+ Improving financial affairs and family relations; a person shows modesty, perseverance, a philosophical attitude.

– Family conflicts, forced isolation within the walls of the dwelling, it is uncomfortable at home, but circumstances force you to spend a lot of time there. In the case of negative aspects of such a Sun to the planets in the 8th house of the Solarium of the solarium, death in the family is possible.

The sun in the 5th house of Solarium

+ Very bright, influential position, because the Sun

– the significator of the 5th house. In any case, this standing indicates the individual’s propensity for play, sexual entertainment, risk; women have an interest in children, with an aspect to the moon, childbirth is possible. Spiritually developed individuals, with positive aspects to the Sun, have a lot of new original ideas, a creative take-off is possible.

– The negative aspects of the planets to the luminary in this case mean failures in gambling and a quick, fleeting rupture of sexual relations.

Sun in the 6th house of Solar

+ The position is not too influential; difficulties in realizing their own energy are threatened: it is sprayed into trifles, a health disorder is likely, chronic diseases will require the attention of the individual.

At best, a fairly modest success in the service.

The sun in the 7th house of Solar

+ Public popularity, significant and successful activity in society, in some cases – marriage.

– Numerous conflicts, disputes, quarrels, life crises, the person becomes insecure.

The sun in the 8th house of Solar

+ Receiving an inheritance, expensive gifts, successful financial transactions, the risk is justified. A valuable position for occultists, they open up opportunities for creative growth and knowledge of various innermost secrets.

– Death in the family, sudden troubles, extreme situations of a very different nature, in the worst case – with a lethal outcome.

The sun in the 9th house of Solar

+ Promises rapid spiritual development, intensification of educational and political activities, there are successful contacts abroad. A favorable outcome of disputes and litigations is likely.

The sun in the 10th house of Solyar

+ A very auspicious sign for the coming year. Probably career advancement, elevation in the chosen profession, honors, regalia, honoring.

– With unfavorable aspects to the luminary, all these benefits are still achieved, but with significant obstacles; success will be difficult.

Sun in the 11th house of Solar

+ Promises a lot of successful contacts and connections with people, the fulfillment of the desires of the individual, in the basics

about spiritual, intangible.

– There are many disappointments in people, especially in partners and friends.

The sun in the 12th house of Solyar

Bad position. It is difficult to be proactive at any level. A person feels constrained in his actions, alienated from society, he is threatened with loneliness.


In relation to the solar house in which the moon is located, it can mean:

1) Instability, instability of affairs at home in the planned year.

2) Small changes in the affairs of the house.

3) The main direction of a person’s emotional energy focuses on the affairs of the home.

The moon in a solarium can also indicate a number of other circumstances, which will be discussed below.

Moon in the 1st house of Solarium

+ In women, conception, pregnancy, childbirth are likely. In any case, an increase in sensuality, vulnerability, anxiety is expected for a variety of reasons. A person wants to change, but what exactly he himself does not know.

– In the case of a bad aspect, depression threatens Saturn, with Mars irritability, quarrelsomeness, with Mercury or Uranus – nervousness, suspiciousness.

Moon in the 2nd house of Solar

+ There are small positive changes in financial -economic activity.

 – Pointless waste and worry about them.

Moon in the 3rd house of Solarium

Low-power position. Promises worries about relatives, minor learning problems, a lot of useless, empty contacts with people.

Moon in the 4th house of Solarium

+ A person is seized by a passion for resettlement, he does not sit still, he wants changes in the interior.

– Depression is possible, in the worst case – death in the family.

Moon in the 5th house of Solarium

+ Increase in sexuality, friendliness, contact, desire to have fun, have fun. During this period, a person may develop a creative hobby.

– With negative aspects to Neptune or Pluto, there may be a craving for sexual perversion, ridiculous mistakes of behavior, extravagance, fatal love with severe emotional consequences.

Moon in the 6th house of Solarium

A person this year is overcome by a lot of small problems at work, he needs to spend time on formalities to the detriment of business, chronic fatigue accumulates. In the worst case, health problems are threatened.

Moon in the 7th house of Solarium

+ The individual develops a desire to find application for himself in society, a desire to gain popularity. If the Moon is in the 1st house of Solar Radix, then this year may be decisive in the life of an individual. A woman may have pregnancy and childbirth during this period.

– Loss of reputation, self-esteem crises, divorce, separation threatens.

Moon in the 8th house of Solar

There is a craving for financial speculation, imprudence of behavior. With bad aspects, troubles are likely, death in the family, among friends, as a result of which – depression, pessimism. The woman has the danger of a stillborn baby.

Moon in the 9th house of Solar

There is a desire to travel, contact with foreigners, as well as a craving for knowledge. This position is important only with a powerful aspect of the Moon.

Moon in the 10th house of Solar

+ There is a passion for changes in professional activity, a desire to dramatically improve their social status. In a female horoscope, such a standing of the moon often indicates a marriage. With a strong positive aspect, real career success is possible.

– With negative aspects to the Moon, a loss of reputation threatens, a person commits rash acts.

Moon in the 11th house of Solar

New friendships are formed, a person experiences a sense of joy in life, a romantic self-awareness and elevated views of the world appear.

Moon in the 12th house of Solar

This solar situation threatens with intrigues, including love affairs, health disorders, family conflicts, and the impossibility of defense against secret enemies. Often this position means parting with loved ones, loved ones and, as a result, loneliness.


The location of this planet in the solar revolution map is considered not very influential. It indicates in which sphere of the individual’s life activity his intellectual resources will be directed in the planned year. In any case, it is worth seriously considering the solar position of Mercury only when it is powerfully aspected by other planets; he himself is not able to create the event field of the planned year.

Mercury in the 1st house of Solar

Probably an increase in sociability, business, commercial qualities of the individual, social activity in general.

Mercury in the 2nd House of Solar

The intellectual forces of a person will be aimed at solving problems in financial -economic activity.

Mercury in the 3rd house of Solar

A person, apparently, expects a significant number of contacts with relatives, they receive a lot of information, mostly completely useless. A lot of time is spent on study, but its constructive version is not at all guaranteed.

Mercury in the 4th house of Solar

This provision is realized through non-constructive communication with parents and ancestors: squabbles, quarrels, division of property. At best, intellectual work on understanding ancient traditions is likely, however, this is the lot of people with a high level of spiritual development.

Mercury in the 5th House of Solar

All thoughts of the individual this year will be aimed at finding a partner for friendship and sex, or at raising children, more precisely, verbal support. In spiritually developed individuals, an increase in creative activity is likely, especially in the field of literature.

Mercury in the 6th house of Solar

The person will reflect on how to get rid of the chronic ailments that overwhelm her. For people of “high flight” a period of intense intellectual work is coming.

Mercury in the 7th House of Solar

Good position for starting community activities, giving public speeches, advertising campaigns, etc.

Mercury in the 8th house of Solar

A person is expected to act in risky financial fraud, in which he will act as an intermediary. In general, this provision enhances the role of extreme situations in the life of an individual, at least at the mental level. Potential damage from gossip and rumors.

Mercury in the 9th house of Solar

The least influential of all the solar positions of Mercury. Here he is very weak. All human thoughts revolve around long-distance travel, contacts with foreigners and the possibilities of increasing one’s prestige, however, the implementation of events of this kind is unlikely: this requires significant energy investments. Attempts to learn a foreign language are likely.

Mercury in the 10th House of Solar

A very positive position for writing scientific papers and discussing them in a circle of equally professional colleagues. The cunning and resourcefulness of promotion this year.

Mercury in the 11th house of Solar

An excellent position to start developing adventurous projects with friends and like-minded people. This is the period when new original ideas can be born, the likelihood of implementation of which will depend on many factors.

Mercury in the 12th house of Solar

Here Mercury indicates the closure of the individual’s thought process on his own, most often contrived, problems. These can be speculations about the imminent end of the world, about their own insignificance, about loneliness and the inability to find a kindred spirit. For spiritually developed people, this standing can mean focused work on the intellectual aspects of religious and occult problems.


It indicates the harmonization of the affairs of the house in which it is located. Venus brings calmness and positive expectations to a person with regard to the problems of the solarium she occupies at home.

Venus in the 1st house of Solarium

Indicates an increase in sensuality, an increase in human needs for aesthetics, harmonization of oneself and one’s environment.

Venus in the 2nd house of Solar

Cash flow expected (albeit modest); accumulations appear that can be constructively used in a targeted way. With such a standing of Venus in a solarium, a person will definitely not be begging.

Venus in the 3rd house of Solar.

This year can be a period of systematic learning what – or, without bright ups, but also without failures. This situation is especially favorable for schoolchildren: learning will not seem as boring and stressful to them as in other years.

Venus in the 4th house of Solar

Harmonization of relations with parents and ancestors, as well as a gradual improvement in the material situation in the dwelling, is relevant. The individual makes purchases that change the home for the better. Note that these acquisitions will not bring big changes, it will just become more comfortable at home.

Venus in the 5th house of Solar

The best position of Venus in a solarium. It promises vivid memorable sexual relationships, excellent relationships with children, stability and harmony of the individual’s creative manifestations. For players, this is a year of luck.

Venus in the 6th house of Solar

Harmonization of a person’s relations with colleagues and superiors is likely, but this is perceived only as a reduction in harm from them. It is possible to alleviate the course of chronic ailments, they will bother a person less.

Venus in the 7th house of Solar

Good position. Probably a marriage or long-term partnership this year. There may be small but pleasant successes in the beginning of social activities, the first victories over competitors, rivals, etc.

Venus in the 8th house of Solar

The situation is weak, since Venus in the 8th house of Solar is in exile. Fatal love with unpredictable consequences is possible. A person’s desires can lead him far into the web of vice. Sexually transmitted diseases are likely in case of promiscuous sexual activity.

Venus in the 9th house of Solar

A successful trip abroad is possible, not too far and for a long time. Successful contracts with foreigners can take place, business with them is going uphill.

Venus in the 10th house of Solar

Very good position. Promises smooth progress up the career ladder, successes (rather small) in achieving goals in life, a tangible increase in professionalism, recognition, fame, etc.

Venus in the 11th house of Solar

Calm, equal relationships with friends, like-minded people, a lot of positive communication, it seems to a person that there are friends, mutual understanding and support.

Venus in the 12th house of Solar

He promises secret sexual relations, attempts to secretly solve his financial problems, minor difficulties in social adaptation, at best, serious illnesses can retreat for a short time and the person is, say, discharged from the hospital for a couple of months.


Shows in which sphere of life a person realizes his energy resources, where will be the maximum point of application of his forces.

Mars in the 1st house of Solar

+ Influential position. It promises an increase in the energy and activity of the individual, and the need for sexual contacts also increases. If such Mars combines with the radix Venus, then the person is overwhelmed by passionate desires, he becomes uncontrollable.

– Intrapersonal crises, obstacles to self-manifestation, as well as recklessness and related misfortunes are threatening. If Mars in the radix is ​​associated with the Sixth or Eighth house, then diseases are threatened.

Mars in the 2nd house of Solar

In this year, a person tends to show his energy in the field of accumulating finances. As a rule, this situation indicates a propensity to wastefulness, property loss and loss.

Mars in the 3rd house of Solar

Basically, this standing indicates a large number of small and ill-considered actions, excessive activity in contacts with people, from which only harm occurs. At best, a person shows zeal in learning.

Mars in the 4th house of Solar

+ Active remodeling of the house, home, renovation of the environment, homework absorbs all strength.

– Unfavorable standing. Family feuds, loss of strength, serious damage to health threaten, death of whom is likely – either from the parents (in the worst case).

Mars in the 5th house of Solar

+ Good position. Women have a great opportunity to conceive and give birth. For all people, this is a bright and romantic period when there is an acute desire to love and be loved. This aspect is especially powerful in adolescence, then it means an intense search for a sexual partner. For a spiritually developed personality, this standing promises a powerful surge of creative strength; there is a great desire to create what something new, the process of creativity is easy and pleasant.

– In the worst case – excessive adherence to gambling and orgies; inadequacy of eccentric behavior.

Mars in the 6th house of Solar

Basically, it means health problems, it also indicates a lot of zeal in the work. In the worst case, quarrels with colleagues, conflicts with superiors, a person does not meet with respect from understanding.

Mars in the 7th house of Solar

Lawsuits, disputes, conflicts are threatening, all opponents of a person become more active, go on the offensive against him. The individual himself will be active in his social activities, but these efforts can only worsen his reputation. There is a high likelihood of a divorce from a spouse, at the same time a hasty marriage is also likely, especially in adolescence.

Mars in the 8th house of Solar

– In the worst case, injuries, poor health, and death in the family threaten.

+ In extreme conditions, a person acts calmly and decisively, solves many of his problems.

Mars in the 9th house of Solar

+ This year there is a desire to travel, to expand the horizons of your knowledge, you may also need to assert your views among a wide range of people. Whether these endeavors achieve results depends on other trends in the solar card.

– The activation of ideological opponents with power and influence in society is possible.

Mars in the 10th house of Solar

This position indicates an intense attempt by a person to move up the career ladder, to win the next step in the chosen hierarchy. During this period, a person may completely forget that he has other interests besides career interests, on which he is completely focused. The professionalism of a person in such a year will grow steadily, but for those around it this is unlikely to become noticeable.

Mars in the 11th house of Solar

Indicates an active search for friends, like-minded people, partners; quarrels and misunderstandings with them are possible. This is a year of adventures, bold decisions, although most often they turn out to be too fantastic and it is hardly possible to implement them.

Mars in the 12th house of Solar

Human activity is met with misunderstanding in society, and sometimes with outright hostility. The efforts made by the individual are ineffective, which causes him to experience fits of despair. If Mars is in an unfavorable aspect with Saturn, then problems, death of relatives are possible; unfavorably to Neptune or Pluto – activation of secret and very influential opponents of man.


Jupiter in the houses of the solar return chart indicates the zone of maximum favor for a person in the studied year. These are the things in which you can expect great luck, luck. If Mars indicates the efforts being made, then Jupiter gives a person the opportunity to enjoy the results of the previously invested energy. The more influential Jupiter is in the radix, the more powerful the beneficial effect of Jupiter is.

Jupiter in the 1st house of Solar

In any case, the situation is encouraging. It indicates that the owner of the solarium will become firmly confident in their capabilities, will be active in matters, especially social ones. This is one of the indicators of business success. Jupiter in the 1st house of Solarium also promises an attractive force for others, a rich creative activity and various happy turns of fate. In the case of negative aspects to Jupiter or its inferiority in the Zodiac, the probability of the above advantages decreases, most often insignificantly.

Jupiter in the 2nd house of Solar

+ There is an opportunity to get rich as a result of a successful financial -economic activity. This year promises a solution to many material problems.

Jupiter in the 3rd house of Solar

The least influential of the solar positions on this planet.

+ Success in learning, it goes easily and naturally, albeit somewhat erratically. The rise of the literary activity of the individual, the expansion of his contacts with other people is also possible. During this period, many acquaintances and friends usually appear, with whom it is fun and interesting.

– A person is given many opportunities to undergo training in what – or, however, he is not inclined to take advantage of these opportunities. The individual cannot or does not want to use numerous contacts in society in his own interests

Jupiter in the 4th house of Solar

+ Promises to improve relations in the family, with parents, ancestors, possibly expanding the home, there is a lot of activity to improve their home.

– There is a fixation of the personality on domestic problems and communication with relatives. It seems to a person that everything around him is harmonious, beautiful, but at the same time, such a calm home world outlook does not in the least contribute to progress towards the goals set. Thus, the year can be completely missed in terms of social achievement.

Jupiter in the 5th house of Solar

+ Huge creativity (at a lower level – entertainment, raising children), bringing the individual a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Sudden successes, gains, and rapid love stories are possible. The birth of a long-awaited child is also possible.

– There are likely to be big losses from unbridled entertainment, communication with children and creativity does not give any pleasure and even becomes a burden. Around the individual there are many brilliant opportunities and chances to rise, but he does not notice them or is busy with smaller problems, which does not give him the opportunity to realize his potential.

Jupiter in the 6th house of Solar

+ Significant success in daily work; a person begins to appreciate the authorities, colleagues respect and ingratiate themselves, he feels his importance at work. This makes it psychologically easier to work. It is also likely that some chronic chronic diseases have been cured, or at least have made serious progress in getting rid of them.

– A person has an exaggerated opinion about his service achievements. He behaves pompously and arrogantly at work, although there is no ground for this at all. In the worst case, chronic diseases can even progress against the background of a decrease in attention to them on the part of the individual.

Jupiter in the 7th house of Solar

+ Conclusion of marriage, success in social activities, coupled with a good reputation, the emergence of supporters, followers. A judicial victory or an effective struggle against open opponents is possible.

– A marriage is concluded, but it does not bring joy and satisfaction, often this position of Jupiter is an indicator of a marriage of convenience. A person enters into social activities, but it has only a marginal success, and the general public did not appreciate the appearance on the horizon of this person. If an individual participates in litigation, then even with a favorable decision for him, the effect, especially the material one, is most likely doubtful.

Jupiter in the 8th house of Solar

+ The success of large financial transactions is likely. This situation is very favorable for the tycoons of the shadow economy or oligarchs. An easy and successful way out of difficult extreme situations is possible, especially of a social or financial nature.

– The success of the financial transactions carried out is doubtful, the effect of them is small. Extreme situations can end for a person with minor losses or injuries; it will not be possible to get out of them without problems.

 Jupiter in the 9th house of Solar

+ The situation is favorable for the successful completion of scientific research, publishing books, visiting foreign countries. This standing promises a person recognition in society, strengthening of authority, satisfaction of ambitious ambitions, benevolent attention of others, glory, fame.

– It is not possible to complete previously begun scientific works or books, there are problems with their publication, most often of a technical or financial nature. Society perceives a person as a whole favorably, but with some skepticism, with nagging at the minor flaws of his work. Trips abroad are likely to take place during this period, but are unlikely to be 100 percent successful.

Jupiter in the 10th house of Solar

A very significant standing of Jupiter in the solarium.

+ Obtaining a new position, conferring a new title, recognition of the professional merits of an individual, including successful defense of a thesis. This is a year of career advancement and reaping the fruits of professional growth.

– All specified in paragraph ” + “Things are going slowly, with a creak, with numerous obstacles, with a great loss of energy and with time puffs. The damage to the individual’s professional reputation is possible.

Jupiter in the 11th house of Solar

+ The success of previously developed promising projects and plans, even the most adventurous, is highly possible. Perhaps there will be an expansion of the circle of friends and like-minded people, a warming of relations with them, the success of various social initiatives, especially radically -anarchic.

– There are more friends, but they can hardly help in the implementation of distant projects and long-term plans. Most often, in this situation, a person’s activity is diffused into many seemingly important matters that never achieve their result.

Jupiter in the 12th house of Solar

+ If a person is in forced isolation or exile, then this year he has every chance of returning. Success in the treatment of serious diseases is possible, most often only temporary. This solarium is distinguished by the maximum chances of getting rid of harmful bad habits. Success in occult studies is likely.

– The individual has the illusion that a serious illness has been cured, but in fact it is only progressing. It is possible that the conditions of detention for those in isolation will be relaxed, but one cannot count on release.


Saturn, as you know, compresses, limits, and at best gives the house where it is, strengthening energy: a person will work in depth on the affairs of the house where Saturn is in the solarium (if he is, of course, a spiritually developed person).

Saturn in the 1st house of Solar

+ The personality becomes much more serious, responsible, collected, disciplined. About a person during this period, those around him say: “took up his mind.” There may be a desire to work on a permanent basis, to have a stable household situation. A person turns out to be able to objectively and critically realize his capabilities and their boundaries.

– Manifestations of isolation, alienation from people, lifelessness, apathy. It seems to a person that his goals are hopelessly far from being fulfilled, but for whom – there is no way to count on support. The state of mind of an individual with such an arrangement of Saturn can be described as broken, close to despair. The individual’s perception of the world becomes pessimistic.

Saturn in the 2nd house of Solar

+ There is a deep painstaking work on earning and saving material resources, a person is ready to deny himself everything, just to save up for what – any projects or items that are important to him. In financial matters, there is extreme caution, a strict screening out of all non-constructive spending. What the individual earned this year will remain with him for a long time; this will subsequently be its material base.

– Despite hard work, earnings are still not enough to meet the needs of the individual, the financial situation is not improving. If you have your own business, then stagnation and decline reign in it. Possible loss of part of the property, its depreciation, becoming unusable.

Saturn in the 3rd house of Solar.

+ Hard but fruitful study; voluntary reduction of contact with people to the required minimum. People engaged in literary work are inclined to seriously improve their skills during this period, to write less in quantity, but much deeper.

– It is difficult to study this year, objective events oppose a person receiving information from the outside world; It is not easy for creative people to write, they may experience stagnation or temporary lack of demand, especially among journalists. There is less contact with people than the individual would like; and those that are all -so implemented, unproductive.

Saturn in the 4th house of Solar

+ Relationships with relatives are becoming clearer, more stable, predictable, but this does not at all mean the presence of mutual sympathy and love, painstaking work to strengthen your home is possible. Caring for sick parents or older relatives is also likely.

– There is a closure of a person within the walls of his home, alienation from society, tense, sometimes unbearable relations with relatives are noted. Death is likely.

Saturn in the 5th house of Solarium

+ In-depth creative work, a person devotes a lot of energy to raising children, he has a desire to be a faithful husband or lover, there is no need to “take sides.”

– Inhibition of natural healthy instincts occurs, there is a tendency to completely abandon personal life in favor of other spheres of life. Children may have problems with health, education, etc. If a person is engaged in gambling, then fortune is unlikely to smile at him this year.

Saturn in the 6th house of Solar

+ Selfless work at work, when a person devotes all his strength to his service. At the same time, he does not seem exhausted and exhausted, but on the contrary, he is full of determination and confidence in the success of his work. A major cure for a long-term chronic illness can occur, which ultimately proves to be successful.

– Serious illnesses are likely, especially if Saturn in the radix rules the 1st, 6th, 8th or 12th house. At work, an individual has many intractable problems, a lot of things to do, they take a lot of energy and do not bring visible results.

Saturn in the 7th house of Solar

+ The conclusion of a marriage or partnership union after a long period of hesitation and agreement. If an individual leads some – either social activity, then certainty, clarity, and clear direction appear in it.

– Probably irreparable destruction of marriage or long-term partnership, major failures in social activities; others demonstrate a fatal misunderstanding of the individual’s initiatives.

Saturn in the 8th house of Solar.

The situation is dangerous in any case.

+ After a long and prolonged illness, death finally comes as a deliverance from suffering. People who are seriously involved in the occult sciences are likely to have a long-awaited success, which is the result of many years of effort and self-sacrifice.

– There is a high probability of a fatal disaster or, even worse, leading to irreparable injury or disability. In such a year, a person will experience an oppressed state of mind, a feeling of the futility of his efforts and worthlessness of existence will appear. This can trigger suicide. Often in such a year, death occurs in the family or in the immediate environment.

Saturn in the 9th house of Solar

+ Serious, selfless work in the field of philosophy, pedagogy, preparation of works for publication is urgent. After a long period of non-recognition, a person nevertheless gains some authority, albeit not indisputable, but strong.

– There is an objective impossibility to publish books or scientific works, a person is prevented from speaking in public, his worldview is not perceived by others. The likelihood of overseas travel and, in general, long-distance travel is low and all circumstances will hinder them.

Saturn in 10th house of Solar

+ A person who is systematically moving up the career ladder is given a promotion, possibly even a significant one. In any case, this position of Saturn indicates a certain increase in professionalism in a long-chosen and practiced job. A person’s reputation becomes stable, durable and not -shakable, no denunciations, intrigues can shake her.

– A career rise is extremely unlikely, but a fall from the achieved hierarchical height becomes very relevant. They can be demoted or even fired from work, but these troubles are, in principle, quite predictable. A person’s reputation is under serious threat, often just from the point of view of his previous actions.

Saturn in the 11th house of Solar

A very auspicious position.

+ Fruitful work on projects aimed at the future, progressive initiatives for the benefit of society. Relations with friends and like-minded people this year will be strong and unshakable, mutual understanding reigns, the results of long-term joint activities with them may appear.

– Long-term plans and projects for buksu -yut, because they require significant additional efforts on the part of the individual and his followers. A person may have a feeling that there are few understanding and progressively thinking people around.

Saturn in the 12th house of Solar

+ The calmness that a person finds in solitude, which does not bother him at all. Temporary success in healing is possible.

– Systemic diseases progress more and more, leaving a person alone with his sorrowful thoughts. Loneliness, forced or voluntary, is extremely difficult to endure during this period. The appearance of various mental disorders is possible.


It brings variability, duality, paradox into the affairs of the house where it is located, and contributes to an increase in the intellectual activity of a person in the direction of solving the problems of this house. Chiron always raises the problem of choosing one of several equivalent alternatives. In the best case, this planet gives a speculative solution to the problems of concern to the individual, but this solution is of a momentary and deceptive nature and further events will most likely require its correction.

Chiron in the 1st house of Solar

+ (very rare). A person manifests a craving for science, philosophy and calm reflections.

– (very widespread). Personality in this year becomes changeable, ambivalent, indecisive, and only suffers from his increased cunning.

Chiron in the 2nd house of Solar

+ Financial instinct wakes up, numerous deals are made, important purchases are made, while the individual is inclined to look for where it is more profitable and cheaper.

– There is indecision and inadequacy in making financial decisions. Values ​​evaporate in an unknown direction. There are a lot of deceptions and scams near a person; he can be easily fooled.

Chiron in the 3rd house of Solar

Positive influences are highly atypical.

– Intractable problems, learning failures, ambivalent, difficult relationships with the immediate environment (brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends). This solar situation is especially difficult for schoolchildren, whose main activity can be extremely unconstructive.

Chiron in the 4th house of Solar

+ Various real estate transactions are taking place.

– Relationships with parents and ancestors become confused, mutual understanding with them is broken.

Chiron in the 5th house of Solar

+ This provision promises a person a large number of love contacts, and their prospects will be extremely vague. At best, it is also likely to find ways out of difficult situations in personal creativity or in raising children.

– Relationships with children or sexual partners become extremely confusing. If there is an active search for a new partner, then they can be unsuccessful or paradoxical, for example, a person is looking for something that, in principle, cannot be found in this segment of society.

Chiron in the 6th house of Solar

+ Difficult situations when performing official tasks and tangled relationships with colleagues can find their acute this year -smart decision. Doctors can offer the individual clever ways to cure chronic diseases.

– A person’s work becomes extremely difficult for him intellectually, he often makes ridiculous mistakes and cannot find a psychological approach to colleagues and bosses.

Chiron in the 7th house of Solar

+ Probably a marriage of convenience or an important business agreement, the prospects of which are not too certain.

– Relations with public institutions become incomprehensible, confusing, a person is inadequately perceived in society, as a result of which he loses respect and reputation.

Chiron in the 8th house of Solar

Extreme situations become protracted and confusing. Basically, troubles will be associated with the actions of open opponents or the exposure of past scams.

Chiron in the 9th house of Solar

+ Probably the solution by the individual of the complex financial, worldview, ideological problems facing him. The intellectual efforts of a person this year will be rewarded; he will be able to move towards achieving scientific credibility and recognition.

– Relations with foreigners are becoming extremely confusing, harm comes from them, the same can be said about being abroad.

Chiron in the 10th house of Solar

+ Growth of professionalism, especially if he is engaged in intellectual work. Career intrigues this year may well bring success to their initiator.

– Opponents of a person can hinder his career by spreading gossip, slander and non-constructive criticism.

Chiron in the 11th house of Solar

Most likely, there will be problematic relationships with friends and like-minded people. Prospects for the implementation of projects and plans are becoming more vague and unpredictable.

Chiron in the 12th house of Solar

Low-power position. It happens noticeably only with a strong negative aspect, then it means confusion of the situation with the treatment of a serious illness (different doctors make mutually contradictory diagnoses and prescribe non-constructive treatment). People in prison may have unjustified hopes for early release, amnesty, and easier conditions of detention.


Uranus, as you know, is the planet of surprises, sudden transformations, destruction of the foundations of life and intellectual enlightenment. Uranus does not contribute to the creation of anything new, it only prepares the ground, destroying everything old and obsolete, forcing people to change, thereby directing them into the future.

Uranus in the 1st house of Solar

Important and dramatic changes in life are very likely. The personality feels as if it was struck by lightning and looks at the world with a completely changed look, perceiving in a completely different way, including itself. If in the radix Uranus rules 6 -m, 8 -m or 12 house, then health problems and accidents threaten.

Uranus in the 2nd house of Solar

+ Sudden, quick financial success that is difficult to sustain.

– Threatening an unexpected loss of material wealth, bankruptcy, poverty.

Uranus in the 3rd house of Solar

+ A rather abrupt change in a person’s environment is possible. He changes acquaintances, trying to find depth in a relationship. Schoolchildren and students can change their educational institution, and even the direction of study can be changed. People in journalism and literature are likely to have outstanding insights and daring ideas.

A negative impact is extremely unlikely. As practice shows, in cases of negative standing of Uranus in the 3rd house of Solar, it does not work at all.

Uranus in the 4th house of Solar

Abrupt changes are possible in Solyar’s home and in the household. This year, the move or emigration of both the person himself and his loved ones is quite likely.

Uranus in the 5th house of Solar

+ Suddenly, a hobby, a serious hobby, or a creative inspiration may appear. This is a year of light and fleeting love affairs lasting one night.

– Women may have miscarriages.

Uranus in the 6th house of Solarium

+ Promotion, usually insignificant. A transition to another job is also likely, where a flexible schedule and free time will be provided.

– Sudden dismissal from work, a sharp disorder of health in accordance with the instructions of the Radix.

Uranus in the 7th house of Solar

+ Sudden marriage, the future of which looks completely uncertain and is not secured from a material point of view; this is most often an early marriage. At best, a sudden take-off in social activity is likely, but the fame gained is very difficult to maintain.

-. Loss of reputation in society as a result of a loud scandal, exposure. There is a high likelihood of divorce or breaking up of a partnership.

Uranus in the 8th house of Solar

+ The individual can find an original way out of a difficult situation and even experience a surge of genius in occult work.

– The year is clearly a crisis, difficult. You should constantly be on the alert, expecting dirty tricks and betrayals. At worst – plane crash, sudden ruin, instant death.

Uranus in the 9th house of Solar

+ A completely unexpected trip abroad, successful publication of works and the fame associated with them, great success in higher education, it is possible to accelerate its completion with outstanding results.

– There is a threat of expulsion from the university, most often due to chronic absenteeism or anarchic behavior. Betrayal by foreigners is also likely.

 Uranus in the 10th House of Solar

+ The emergence of new ideas and plans in matters of the profession, the sudden acquisition of a high position. Reform in professional affairs. In the best case scenario, artists suddenly have fame, honor, respect, and recognition of their merits.

– Overthrow from a high post, loss of professionalism, reputation destroyed.

Uranus in the 11th house of Solar

Increases (or suddenly manifests itself) a propensity for adventures, communication with dubious personalities. The individual has unexpectedly – new friends are about to appear, though not for long. In the best case, the success of ambitious plans and projects undertaken by a person is likely.

Uranus in the 12th house of Solar

+ It appears extremely rarely and means glimpses of clairvoyance, brilliant insights in the field of occultism and mysticism. The seriously ill can have a miraculous cure, and the prisoners – escape or early release.

– Threatening sudden illness (in accordance with the instructions of the radix) and placement in the hospital. This is especially the case with mental ailments. Voluntary withdrawal from the world or departure to an Indian ashram or a Tibetan monastery is also possible.


In accordance with its esoteric nature, Neptune blurs the events taking place, makes the situation around a person mystical. In the best case, Neptune can contribute to the appearance of an individual’s inspiration in the affairs of the corresponding home. With unfavorable aspects to this planet, deceptions, seductions, errors arise from an inadequate assessment of the situation.

Neptune in the 1st house of Solar

+ The personality is transformed, becoming more spiritually oriented, elevated. She refers to which -or teaching giving a general picture of the world. At best, it appears – the feeling of “one’s own way”, the individual’s belief in his destiny is formed. For creative people, this is a year of gaining inspiration, a surge of strength and the embodiment of original ideas.

– A person becomes even more confused in his views on life, becomes superstitious, suspicious, indecisive. In the worst case, there is a craving for alcohol and drugs; a person loses the ability to adequately assess himself.

Neptune in the 2nd house of Solar

+ A very subtle flair for profitable financial affairs and investments is manifested. Good esthetic taste may also show – a person will acquire items ideally suited to his home. The individual is likely to spend large financial resources on his spiritual needs. The latter can turn out to be completely ridiculous, for example, bequeathing or giving away all their fortune in favor of the poor or monks. A person loses common sense in financial matters and tends to overestimate their financial resources. He can spend all his money beautifully and with inspiration.

Neptune in the 3rd house of Solar

+ The individual is likely to show an inspired interest in learning. Writers may have ingenious ideas.

– Serious problems arise in learning, the latter becomes difficult, confusing, mysterious for a person, he loses the ability to understand the material presented. People in literary work are tempted to follow seemingly perfect, but in fact completely impossible ideas. Brothers, sisters and neighbors also bring a person only disappointments, empty hopes, deceptions and false promises.

Neptune in the 4th house of Solarium

 + At home, a person finds harmony, inspiration, tranquility, feels great in solitude, not needing anyone, parents and other ancestors cause only positive emotions in him.

– In his home, the individual experiences bouts of anxiety, periods of excruciating doubts. Relationships with family members lose common sense and are filled with a mystical fog. In Solyar’s house, ghosts may appear, shaped by the inflamed imagination of the individual.

Neptune in the 5th house of Solarium

+ Powerful creative comes inspiration. A clear understanding of creative tasks and intentions appears. A bright love is likely, which captures a person entirely. There is a feeling of good luck, happiness, harmony floating into the hands.

 – Unrequited love, “broken heart”, chaos in creativity and relationships with children.

Neptune in the 6th house of Solar

+ There is a surge of strength, ideas and emotions in the performance of official duties. The person feels that he is physically healthy, energetic; he is overwhelmed with a thirst for activity.

– Suspiciousness, obsessive feeling of imminent troubles, complex, inharmonious relationships with colleagues.

Neptune in the 7th house of Solar

+ B this year there is social work, contacts with people and business partners bring satisfaction, as they are harmonious and promising. Perhaps the conclusion of a marriage, the main of which will be a deep spiritual closeness between the spouses.

 – There is a threat of loss of reputation in society, deception by a spouse or business partner.

Neptune in the 8th house of Solar

+ A person finds the only correct way out of an extreme situation intuitively. There is no fear of disasters, the individual treats them calmly and humbly accepts all the blows of fate.

– Probably the formation of a mental illness, craving for alcohol and drugs, there is a danger of poisoning with gases or chemicals. Extreme situations can be caused by deception on the part of loved ones.

Neptune in the 9th house of Solar

+. There is clarity in ideological and philosophical issues, scientific inspiration comes, as a result of which success is possible in the field of publishing works and achieving authority.

– Probably ideological deceptions, seduction on the part of teachers or gurus, vague prospects for the publication of books or scientific works. Traveling abroad will only bring disappointment to the individual.

Neptune in the 10th house of Solar

+ Inspirational professional activity, a clear intuitive vision of career prospects, expansion of the individual’s fame, especially if it is a creative figure.

– Loss of professional reputation is threatened as a result of mistakes or misunderstandings. Her career is in chaos, her prospects are becoming extremely dim.

Neptune in the 11th House of Solar

+ A person is inspired when creating long-term plans; this year he will have a lot of interesting ideas, there will be many understanding people, like-minded people around.

– Relationships with friends become blurry, friends themselves are where – they disappear and “creep away”. The prospects for the implementation of projects and plans are becoming quite confusing.

Neptune in the 12th house of Solar

A purely occult position. It promotes the development of a prophetic gift, clairvoyance, intuitive disclosure of secrets.

– Self-deceptions, mental illness, in the worst case, insanity, hallucinations, a depressed state of mind are formed.


Pluto as the significator of the 8th house – the house of death – brings destruction or energy of transformation to the house where it is located in the solarium. In the worst case, his influence contributes to the collapse of the affairs of the respective home. With the most positive version of Pluto’s solar constellations, outdated trends in the development of the individual will be replaced by new ones. The affairs of the house are being transformed, the person feels a powerful surge of strength when solving the corresponding problems.

Pluto in the 1st house of Solar.

+ Probably a radical transformation of the personality, for the latter it is difficult, but necessary. A powerful energy surge is likely, an increase in the activity of the individual.

 – There is destruction, erasure of personality, getting into extreme situations. There may be harm to a person from damage or the evil eye. Society affects a person with its negative energy.

Pluto in the 2nd House of Solar

+ Opportunities for enrichment are expanding, an individual’s interest in money and business is increasing, the financial situation is improving, and the ways of earning are also changing. In the best case, it is possible for a person to start their own business.

 – The collapse of business activity, the sale of property for debts, as a result of this, poverty threatens.

 Pluto in the 3rd house of Solar

+ Many new acquaintances appear, the person’s environment is being transformed, there are many new people around the person carrying new ideas. The energy of the individual is accumulated this year in training.

– Destruction of the intellectual activity of the individual, the impossibility for objective reasons to continue learning.

Pluto in the 4th house of Solar

+ Serious changes at home, in the family, home renovation.

– Destruction of the place of residence, death in the family.

Pluto in the 5th house of Solar

Increasing the sexual potential of the individual, craving for an active and varied sexual life is topical. From – for this, marriage may suffer, since monogamy during this period seems unbearable to a person. Fatal love, wild passion is not excluded. Serious changes in the lives of children are likely. Best case scenario – a huge thirst for creativity, a surge of creative energy.

Pluto in the 6th house of Solarium

+ Progressive transformation of labor relations, change of management at work to a more constructive one, the atmosphere in the service becomes more tolerant.

– Threatening health deterioration, most often as a result of occupational diseases and occupational injuries, possibly dismissal.

Pluto in the 7th house of Solar

+ The social activity of an individual finds support in society, popularity appears. It is possible to receive a powerful energy boost from a spouse or business partner.

– Destruction of marriage and social relations. In the worst case, the death of the spouse is likely.

Pluto in the 8th house of Solar

+ Very rarely manifests itself in magicians and other non-standard personalities. They are likely to have powerful occult successes and unprecedented energy surges. Such people literally do miracles, they can even avoid extreme situations.

– One of the indications for the death of an individual, for a catastrophe. This is an extremely dangerous year that threatens a person with a massive tragedy. There is a possibility of becoming a victim of a malevolent influence or epidemic.

Pluto in the 9th house of Solar

There are significant changes in the ideological views of both the individual himself and around him. The doctrine preached by the holder of this position can acquire many adherents.

– Forced emigration; an individual fails to publish works or defend a dissertation. There may be difficulties with going abroad, and probably the destruction of ties with foreigners.

Pluto in the 10th house of Solar

+ Career takeoff, gaining power over a large number of people. An enormous responsibility for the fate of a large enterprise, city, or country can be placed on a person. – There is a threat of misunderstanding in society. A person can be overthrown from the career height he has achieved, deprived of the regalia he deserves.

Pluto in the 11th house of Solarium

+ A person becomes the leader of a wide social movement, gathers around him a large group of like-minded people. For a spiritually undeveloped personality, this position will not work.

– Friends and joint projects undertaken by them take a lot of energy from the individual, but all efforts in this area remain fruitless.

Pluto in the 12th house of Solar

+ In a spiritually and esoteric developed personality, very deep occult insights, prophecies, successful contacts with another world are possible.

– Severe problems, imprisonment or hospitalization, mental disorders, in the worst case – death.


Proserpine in the solar circulation chart is noticeable mainly if it is influential in the radix (is the ruler of 1 and 10 th house or dispositor of the Sun in Virgo) and only on the cusps of houses. In these cases, it can mean the following.

Proserpine in the 1st house of Solar

There is an objective need for personality transformation – outwardly imperceptible, but internally significant. If this transformation is not carried out, then serious illness, career failure, or some kind of – some other extreme situation.

Proserpine in the 2nd house of Solar

This year, an individual needs a clear, scrupulous analysis of his financial situation, a total inventory of the material environment.

Proserpine in the 3rd house of Solar

In the planned period, an exceptionally delicate work of a person with the word – oral and written – can and should take place. This provision is relevant only for spiritually and intellectually developed people.

Proserpine in the 4th house of Solar

Occultly – significant position. It may indicate intuitive work with ancient traditions. A person has the opportunity to restore it in its entirety by one small detail of the teaching. This situation is rarely realized.

Proserpine in the 5th house of Solar

An individual needs to look for new effective approaches to raising children and to personal creativity, if, of course, the latter is relevant to him.

Proserpine in the 6th house of Solar

This standing may indicate the need for serious treatment of various (more often chronic) ailments with new means of chemical origin.

Proserpine in the 7th house of Solar

It is necessary to concentrate on finely accurate selection of the means of conquering society. These means should be as secret as possible, veiled.

Proserpine in the 8th house of Solar

In the worst case, it indicates extreme situations, a way out of which can be found by intellectual labor with the exertion of all forces and the use of all abilities. There is a danger of severe frostbite and ineffective treatment. The danger of a railway accident is also relevant.

Proserpine in the 9th house of Solar

Low-impact standing. At its best, it can speak of careful work on major literary or scientific works. Consequently, this provision of Proserpine is relevant only for people engaged in relevant activities.

Proserpine in the 10th house of Solar

At best, career success is possible as a result of long and carefully thought out intellectual work. This situation is very favorable for engineers, officials and scientists.

Proserpine in the 11th house of Solar

Indicates the need in this year for the extremely careful development of all futuristic projects and plans (otherwise they will fail when they try to be implemented). They will have to be comprehensively substantiated, calculated quantitatively.

Proserpine in the 12th house of Solar

With poor aspect, it indicates serious, difficult-to-treat diseases and isolation due to them. For older people – the end of life or hopeless loneliness. This standing of Proserpina can be an element of the last solarium.


Visible and influential when she:

1. Located in the solar planet cluster.

2. Coincides with important planets or points of the radix.

3. Has exact aspects with the planets of the radix.

4. It is located in the same house of Solar of the horoscope as in the radix.

5. Is in a destructive or karmic degree.

In the absence of these constellations, one should not pay close attention to this karmic planet. In general, the Black Moon in a solarium means temptations and problems associated with them, arising abruptly and suddenly. The nature of its action, as it were, coincides with the simultaneous inclusion of Uranus and Pluto.


Has almost no power. She cannot harm a person, and she alone cannot provide positive moments. It is worth considering its standing when it coincides with a powerful cluster of planets as an indication of success and protection in the affairs of the corresponding house where they are located.


Much less influential than in transits and other forecasting methods. They here, unlike the radix, are not clear pointers to the karmic task of the year. It is advisable to determine the latter by the real transit of the Nodes through houses, planets and points of the horoscope; in a solarium, Lunar Nodes in combination with other planets may indicate an increase in the fatality of predicted events, especially negative ones.

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