Potential for Career Challenges in the Natal Chart

Some of us have no idea at all what to do for a career for a very long time, and some of us know but seem to encounter block after block, obstacle after obstacle that gets in the way. Or, you may get in your own way! So what are some positions in the natal chart that can indicate you’ll have challenges to work through before you can have the career you desire?

The Anaretic Degree

The anaretic degree is 29 degrees of any sign, and in the natal chart, shows an area of overemphasis or underemphasis (usually the latter). If you have your 2nd, 6th, or 10th house cusps or rulers at 29 degrees, or any planets in those houses at 29 degrees, or your natal Saturn or Ceres, this can show you’ve got some big issues to work through! 

I find they often start out as something external (some sort of trauma or experience) and turn internal (so you end up becoming self-destructive and get in your own way). 

The good thing with the anaretic degree is, once you work through whatever the problems associated with it are, it becomes a big asset and power boost for you, so you have the potential to be even more successful than most. It’s just working through those issues first that’s the tricky part!


A planet is intercepted in your natal chart when the sign the planet is located in doesn’t appear on any house cusp. This means the sign the planet is in is contained within the house that has the previous sign on the house cusp. 

Interceptions are just that, contained energy, and difficult to access on a conscious level. When you have interceptions, they manifest subconsciously, which feels totally out of your control for a while until you learn to harness that subconscious energy and work out subconscious blocks associated with it. 

There’s usually some stuff that’s been shoved away inside of you (contained), and interceptions can be associated with holding yourself back. If your 2nd, 6th, or 10th house rulers or your natal Saturn or Ceres are intercepted, this can have a direct impact on your professional life.

If you have interceptions in your 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses, this can be interesting because you likely put a ton of emphasis on your finances (2nd), work (6th), or career (10th) since this usually means the house is large, but it can come at the expense of whatever is intercepted in the house. This may result in being a bit ruthless, tragically ambitious, greedy, or simply having a lop-sided view of your life, lacking balance. Don’t ignore your interceptions!

One extra note: The Lunar Nodes

One last thing to touch on – your Lunar Nodes! The Lunar Nodes are the points in the Moon’s orbit where the Moon crosses the ecliptic, and are spiritual/karmic in nature. There’s a North Node (corresponding to your potential and purpose) and a South Node (corresponding to your baggage and past), and they exactly oppose one another. 

Because the Lunar Nodes are really important when it comes to your path in this life (what you should be releasing in the South Node and what you should be growing into with the North Node), they can have an impact on your career progress, even when they’re not located in the 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses or impacting the rulers. 

When your Lunar Nodes are anaretic or intercepted, this tends to be the most difficult, and you may be in the camp of having no earthly idea what you want to do or how to attain what you do want. The principle remains the same though – work on the blocks and subconscious issues, make sure you’re eliminating baggage and crutches (South Node) and getting more comfortable with your potential (North Node), and make sure you’re addressing any planets that are square your nodes (any planets three signs away are square your nodes and represent blocks to your path).

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