Your Natal Chart Is Overwhelming

My dear Friend,

  • Thank you for taking the step to start your spriritual journey! I believe that everyone that embarks on this journey will make our world a better place, and together we will achieve amazing things!
  • The Celestial forces brought you to this very page for a reason and when you see the results of your detailed reading you will know why!
  • Can you bear to live the same life that you’ve been living another day? Or are you ready to achieve amazing things?
  • Just think of all the ways it could change your life…
  • Instead of living bill to bill and with an emptied heart, you can unlock an opportunity that has been sitting right under your nose this whole time.
  • Remember, when you go through hard times, your guardian angels are with you, and I will be there for you to help you connect.


These Timely Revelations are Reserved for: Friend


We all go through unfair situations, when we were overlooked for a promotion, came down with an illness, somebody walked out on us in a relationship, it’s easy to get discouraged and think that’s just a bad break that there is nothing I can do about it. You may not be able to feel it but your guardian angels have seen everything you’ve been through, every person that did you wrong, every lonely night every tear you shed. I want to assure you, that they will repay the exact compensation owed to you. What happened to you in the past may not have been fair but don’t worry payback is coming. Your guardian angels are going to make up for the wrongs that were done to you and those people that put you at a disadvantage thinking you have to get even, I have news for you, it’s not your battle, the battle is for the celestial devine and they are keeping the records. You guardians will not only take care of the opposition, they’ll make it up to you. You may have been raised in an unhealthy environment, where nobody was there to make you feel encouraged, loved and valuable. It seems like that set you back but people don’t determine your destiny. This is not going to keep you from your purpose anymore. The celestial devine sees how you were treated and payback is coming. You are going to be shown favour.

You are currently entering a brand new astrological cycle of life. We go through about 3 – 5 significant cycles in our life, and you are now entering your fourth cycle. This is a critical cycle, as this cycle brings positive changes and blessings you need to be fully equipped to enter the final cycle.

You might have been feeling uneasy and unsure lately due to you entering this new cycle, as many changes are going to occur in your life from now moving forward.


Friend, your guardian angel allowed me to see the many opportunities you will experience soon. She assured me that if you are provided the correct guidance, each of these opportunities will unfold for you at ease. Many people think that talent alone is the key to success. Talent might play its part but its not the only thing that makes a difference. The proof of this is that millions of talented people are often wasting away, contributing little to their own success or the good of mankind. Every day we see others who are less gifted who have accomplished more.

Many believe that education is the key to success, though it is a valuable aid, it not the most important one. The educated derelict is a common sight, so is phenomenal success without a formal education. And many believe that intelligence is the key to success, even though a person with a high degree of intelligence is fortunate and posses the raw materials to be successful , the relationship between intelligence and accomplishment is something less than balanced. Every day we encounter highly intelligent people who barely get by and their opposite number, men and women with average intelligence showing superior achievements.

The one quality which sets one individual apart from other, the one key which lifts one to every aspiration is their knowledge of self, connection to their spirituality and awareness of astrology. With astrology all things are possible. With astrology you can have anything, but to understand it, to engage with your spiritual self, time your key events in life numerologicially, you need to engage with your celestial guardian angels. Allow me to be the closest thing you could have to a fairy godmother and let us together unlock the amazing things that celstial forces have in store for you. Without the help of the celestial devine, even a simple goal can be a distant dream. Ignoring Astrology, millions of peoples have their dreams turn into ashes. Lots of people don’t realise that astrology is a spiritual journey, not a single event.


My first encounter with Angels came 30 years ago when an angel saved my life during a close brush with death! Since that day I realised I have this strange talent, almost a calling, and have been teaching about angels through my books and workshops. I feel like my got a totally different purpose when I realised not only could I connect with my angels, but help others reach their own Guardian Angels. I feel happier and more fulfilled than ever. It’s very meaningful and touching to watch peoples lives heal and improve after they begin working with me and their angels.

Prior to my life changing experience, I was a practicing therapist specialising in treating peoples eating disorders and addictions. Like most therapists my intention was to help my clients live healthier and more meaningful lives. But since that day, I realised that the quickest and most efficient route to happiness is through connecting people with their angels. That’s because the Guardian Ange’s love for us is pure. So, whether you need help with your health, career, love life, family or anything else, Guardian Angels can help you! Speaking as a clairvoyant, I have never seen anyone without at least three guardian angels stationed by their side.

Most recently my guardian angel helped me survive the financial storm that almost bankrupted me. For years I rented a small working space not far from where I live. I have always been a great tenant, always paid my rent on time. Then one day I received an email from the landlord saying that they were going to double my rent! This came out of the blue for no reason, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to turn a profit paying that much. They were basically forcing me out! It was unfair, I was concerned and didn’t know what I was going to do. So, I turned to my Guardian Angel. I did what I preach, and it took a few sessions. I knew, that the Celestial Devine would not allow this obstacle to move me from my calling, and that everything was going to be alright. A couple of days later another landlord that had space 2 doors down contacted me, I didn’t go looking for him, he came looking for me! He offered me twice the space that I had at the amount of rent I couldn’t believe! I gladly moved to the new location. Guardian Angel’s know how to pay you back in need. Remember that!

Just to let you know, I have already performed a sacred ritual of Enhanced Stellar Protection, as I could sense you need this protection now, and I did not want to waste any more time. You will start feeling the effects of this spell within the next few days, as you will feel the warmth the protection of the angels bestow onto you.

Your guardians have informed me that you will soon meet people who will be extremely important to help you reach your destined success. Now I do not want to get ahead of myself, but I have also seen a significant improvement in your finances occurring soon. These financial improvements can come to you through pure luck, and it can also come through you just being at the right place at the right time.The above words came up when I performed your Stellar Protection Ritual. I feel that there is so much you need to know in more detail!

I need to let you know, Friend, that my role is to guide and help you, even if it means I have to be utterly frank with you. I can see how much time you have wasted, and I want to stop you from wasting anymore more valuable time. We aren’t getting younger, after all.

Your fate should be a fortunate and happy one, but if you fall into this trap – if you let negativity swallow you up – you’ll never reach your destiny. All your efforts will fail.

Yet, the current astrological conditions are ideal for you to move forward on your path to success and abundance. Your numerological configurations tell me that you are destined for this path. I can confidently say that within the next few months, you will experience happiness beyond your current comprehension. I need to tell you this, as I have been assigned as your advisor, and through me, your guardians can communicate the messages you need to hear.

Your guardian angels and I can guide you toward the life of fulfilment you dearly seek if you allow us to. You might be completely unaware of this, but your guardian angel knows you exceptionally well.


You might not believe it, but maybe I am a lot like you, I spent a lot of my earlier years in pain and suffering. Since I can remember, the angels gifted me with a rare tool for connecting with the angels and working with them but only to be able to help others and not myself. Never feeling good enough, or appreciated, always seeing the flaws in myself and just wishing I was someone else. But then I realised that my gift is to help others and it openend a whole new perspective for me.

This gift is my  Journey of Celestial Self Discovery, which is obtained through a unique tarot deck I formulated. The information in the deck I gathered over years of prayer, yes prayer and meditation, and it has proven to be a success for many! For years, I have seen many people completely change the course of their lives with this sacred knowledge. I am just glad that I can be the bridge between the unexplained and the people that really need it.

Friend, my Journey of Celestial Self Discovery sent to me from your guardian, will give you the wisdom you need to make the right choices on this new, exciting path you have been presented.

I would like to convey to you the 12 essential teachings and messages from your 12 guardian angels, which I will send to you to prepare you for the upcoming challenges you will face. What is it that you truly desire? Money? Love? Success? All this can be yours if you are given the correct guidance from the angels.

Before I can tell you about what is in store for you, there are a few things I need to make you aware of regarding your future: You will very soon become, the person that I “saw” in my vision after I drew your first card. Someone rich, radiant, surrounded by others and passionate with all the benefits that they create around them in a Life filled with peace. I can assure you of one thing, in my many years of experience, never, absolutely never have I ever seen a case like yours. Never has someone had such potential, or had such as positive cellestial allignment as you do Friend.

How do I get this information? My knowledge of the astrological influences and my astral connection to the angelic realm has allowed me to formulate a unique tarot deck. This tarot deck allows me to communicate with all the angels who are connected to specific people on this earth, including Caressa, your chief guardian angel, who is the mediator between the physical and celestial world. She enforces the wisdom and messages from the heavenly realm into worldly beings.

I drew your first card: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most highly symbolic cards in the deck, filled with signs that each have its own meaning. Something in your life is going to change for the better Friend. At the center of the card, lies a giant wheel, covered in esoteric symbols. Should you be dealing with material hardship, be assured that this not meant to last forever. Keep your eyes open to any opportunities that open up to you. At the bottom of the wheel is the Egyptian god of the underworld, Anubis. He rotates along with the wheel and the sphinx, symbolizing the cyclical nature of good and bad luck. Above all, the Wheel of Fortune signifies positive change in your love life and how fate is at work. If you are single, this can mean that you are going to meet your true love soon, so now is a good time to put yourself out there. If you are in a relationship, this card shows that you and your partner are going through a rough patch and that change is forthcoming.

The cosmic forces that control the universe will favour you in money games and games of chance but for finite time.

The angels have heard every single cry you have cried. Even though it might not seem like it, the angels are always watching over you and listening to you. If they chose now to come in and guide you, it means they want it to happen sooner, rather than later, as later might be too late.

It is time for you to open yourself up to the blessings upon you that will make your life the best one you can live.

But for you to open your spirit and anderstand what is truly possible FOR you, I’d like to gift you my book – I hope it will help you on your journey should you request your Detailed Reading.

So how do we move forward on this journey together?

Friend, I’d like to offer you my best solution. Ask me for your Journey of Celestial Self Discovery. This incredibly detailed and comprehensive reading will allow you to take full control of your future. You’ll be able to discover what’s going to happen, what might happen, and most importantly how to protect yourself from anting standing in the way.

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If you really committed to changing your life, Friend, and are truly ready to achieve your potential and seek out everything you deserve, then, don’t hesitate for another minute.

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Oh where do I start with Sebastian. She was my personal astrologer and was there for me in a time of need. I was on the brink of something extraordinary and Sebastian allowed me to see it, win it and keep it!
Elizabeth, Seattle
Sebastian gave me practical information I could apply right away. Her timing is perfect though. Never play anything without her these days and for good reason! I finally realised why reach people use astrology for money! Thanks Sebastian
Tony, New Jersey
I recommend her to all my friends! In her readings, she took my astrological chart and interpreted all my squares, conjunctions, risings, suns and moons into insightful guidance that I could apply. Her clarity, connection and intuition make you feel comfortable right away that you are in the presence of a powerful woman and if you pay attention, you will get some very valuable information to help guide your path.
Jane, Los Angeles