A few weeks ago, I visited the Amman Citadel. As I explored the temples and ruins in the historical heart of the Jordanian capital, I learned how its early residents used to survive the dry spells that were an inevitable part of life. There were no natural water sources in the citadel, so they captured rain and waste water, which they then rationed and recycled. They anticipated drought and learned how to make the most of what little they had to survive in chronic scarcity.

Today’s humanitarian crises tend to last ever longer. After years of recurring disasters or conflict, situations that started out as short-lived emergencies become the norm for entire communities. They become what humanitarian professionals call protracted crises. In these cases, our familiar way of working – with fast and time-bound interventions – will not suffice. I have learned allot in Jordan, speaking to shamans of the old. This is where I learned to clearly use my sphere of Foresight – their ancient tool and practice.

I have used my Sphere of Farsight to conduct an in-depth reading of your future. So as promised I have been able to find out exactly when these blessed events are likely to happen and what you need to do to make sure they arrive as planned.


  1. You will witness a particular amount of luck that involves number 24 in it. It can be 24,000 or 240 or even 240,000. Maybe a sale or lottery or a loan.
  2. You will need to be active within the periods described below.
  3. You will meet someone unexpected but lifechanging in the same timeframes as listed below. It may be a person returning to your life or someone new – but it will be very positive.
  4. You will need to use numbers in line with your numerological profile as provided by the reading below.

You need to stick this if you want the tail wind of the stars!

Here are your Blessed Lucky Numbers:

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Here are your lucky dates in line with the Future Gazing Ritual:

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