Stellar Insights: August 2 – 8, 2021

As the week begins, what’s on our mind may be on our minds. And with that, big and bold ideas may also capture our attention. And, while we may find ourselves getting fired up with excitement, it’s important that we stay within reasonable bounds and not overstep limits in terms of what we share and how we share it. Yet, paradoxically, instead of being restrictive and curtailing opportunities, being strategically efficient in pruning what we say and clearly forging how we say it may actually allow for beneficial developments we didn’t envision or expect.

What’s the astro that has me saying this?  Yesterday featured the conjunction between the radiant Sun and messenger Mercury and over the next days both planets connect to structured Saturn and change-maker Uranus.

Sunday features the Leo New Moon. And with this, we can intention to feel a deeper connection to our heart. We may feel reminded that generosity begets generosity, that giving can create a circuitry that allows us to receive as well. Tap into child-like wonder and share your gifts with others. Follow any fascination you have with the realm of royalty to see what it inspires within you. All the while, see how coming from a place of pride can help you refine the way in which you stand for yourself and others while also watching that it doesn’t get in the way of feeling connected to a free flow of creative expression.

One more note: As this week—let alone this month—features a focus on Uranian energy, don’t forget to follow one of my favorite maxims for times like this and Stay Bouncy!

Astrological Highlights

August 2

Sun/Saturn Opposition

August 3

Venus/Uranus Trine

Mercury/Uranus Square

August 6

Sun/Uranus Square

August 8

Leo New Moon

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (-7 hour GMT)

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