Stellar Insights: August 9 – 15, 2021

Photo by James Naphtali via Unsplash

 We begin the week feeling a sense of fresh and new, given the Leo New Moon that occurred on Sunday. We may find ourselves experiencing being in the midst of a field in which it seems that new seeds have just been planted, seeds that relate to the realms of self-expression, generosity, childlike wonder, and/or dignity.

And while some things in this field may be infused with joy and possibility, and energize our heart, what’s initiating may also be things with which our hearts are wrestling and touched deeply by.

Perhaps take a few moments today while or after you read these reflections to quietly focus in on your heart to see how you are feeling. Consider peppering your day and/or your week with mini heart-connection moments of reflection.

With the advent of unfoldings you may be experiencing personally—whether inspiring or taxing–and/or what you are tapping into as we move through through this challenging time in our collective history, it’s bound to be speaking to your heart. And with the week beginning with a Venus/Neptune Opposition, and our experiencing of thinner boundaries, greater sensitivity, and the felt sense that everyone/everything is more connected and unified than we often perceive, it may be a time in which we’re flooded with feelings. So take time to tune in and see how your heart is, reminding yourself that sensitivity doesn’t equate with weakness and that vulnerability can lead to resilience. Trust that you can feel your way through this moment and that power resides when we perceive with our heart.

Also remember how doing so can be part of the fuel we need to champion that which lights us up and deeply enlivens us. I say this specifically too because this week features a powerful alignment with warrior Mars, given that it squares the Lunar Nodes. And with that, there may be a collective focus on discerning our desires as well as the ways to galvanize our will to pursue them. On the one hand, the week may also feel incited with warring, with things (or people) raging. On the other hand, we can personally tap into the ability to discern how it is that we can move ourselves along a path that can help us honor our true nature, as well as—since Mars is in Virgo—nature itself. And given this morning’s release of the International Panel on Climate Change’s report today, nature is certainly on our mind.

Astrological Highlights

August 9

Venus/Neptune Opposition

August 10

Mercury/Jupiter Opposition

August 11

Venus/Pluto Trine

Mars/Node Square

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time Zone (- 7 hours GMT)

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