Stellar Insights: July 12 – 18, 2021


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We may find ourselves feeling that extra sense of glow and sparkle this week. An affinity towards the light and the bright may be so powerful that may find ourselves fighting against any perceived appearance of dullness. We opt for glimmer rather than matte, exuberance over apathy. And whether it’s the twinkling of a star in the sky or on the cover of a glossy magazine, we may find ourselves bedazzled by the luminous.


All the while, relationships serve as a strong theme around which our lives orbit. And while we gravitate to aligning what we love with what we desire, it’s important to ensure we don’t let our pride get in the way of calling for what we need. Embrace the uniqueness of who you are and yet don’t let it blind you to seeing the subtleties when it comes to finding a way to champion for those who play a valuable role in your life.


Allow this time to open your heart in new ways, accessing a deeper well of generosity than you perceived possible. Shower yourself and others with a bounty of giving, radiating beneficence to those around. Allow your heart to open you up to the reservoir of feelings that have you feel a deeper connection—to inspiration, to other living beings, and to the richness of yourself.


As the week proceeds, let a sense of flow encircle you, trusting yourself to receive awareness as to how to align with the river of life. Faith may be a theme, perhaps even being a raft that carries us through any turbulence we feel when we perceive ourselves caught in a powerful eddy; it may allow us to consciously deal with what was stirred up and recommit to pursuing a path with more conviction, strength, and determination. This may have us tap into a well of confidence that comes through realizing that even if solutions aren’t initially at hand that we have the resources required to discover them, and embody their guidance and be transformed by them. And with that we embrace shadows and emerge from them.


Astrological Highlights


July 12

Mercury/Jupiter Trine


July 13

Venus/Mars Conjunction


July 15

Sun/Neptune Trine


July 17

Sun/Pluto Opposition



All days reflection Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT)

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