Stellar Insights: July 26 – August 1, 2021

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We are on the move this week.  Or rather should I say “The We are on the move this week.”

The reason for this is that on Wednesday expansive Jupiter re/enters Aquarius, the sign that reflects the community, the collective, the connections that make up societal networks. And as such, it may seem like we are entering a several-month period in which the focus again turns to the “We”—how our actions interact with, influence, inspire, and affect others. How while we are individuals that there is a social fabric that binds us together.

You may remember that Jupiter was in Aquarius for a little while already, galvanizing this zodiac sign from December 19, 2020 through May 13, at which time it swam into Pisces. Since then, we’ve seen Piscean themes of dreams, longings, boundaries, and–of course–water capture our individual and collective attention.

Jupiter will spend five more months in Aquarius (it re/enters Pisces on December 28). During this time, we may find that collectively we take a more science- rather than faith-based approach to matters. Hope may seem to get overturned by the rational. There are problems to solve and we are encouraged to take an intellectual approach to remedying them. And while we may pursue fixes to problems that affect groups of people, we could find that a mental orientation may actually feel emotionally cold at times.

That said, let’s not overlook Monday and Tuesday with Jupiter in Pisces. Consider spending time being inspired by the water, art, music, soulful quests, compassionate acts, and other arenas related to this sign.

OK, moving on…and speaking again of movement….

Right as Jupiter moves into Aquarius it opposes motion-oriented Mars. And with that, we may notice big, bold, and dynamic actions all around us. Sitting still does not seem the way to go as we need to move and go after what we desire. And while this energetic may be catalyzing and give us the fuel we need to pursue something of import, it’s quite important to not overstep or push ourselves beyond our true limits. Be enthusiastic and optimistic, by all means, but just make sure you’re also clear about what is truly achievable given the resources, time, and energy at your disposal. Additionally, given that Mars is just at the end of Leo during this alignment, things may feel fiery and electrified. There’s a potential incendiary events to infuse the environment, with tensions high and outbursts of anger and frustration ready to plunge forth. People may feel overly stoked or provoked; move forward towards your aims but do so patiently and consciously so that mishaps don’t line your path.

The importance of taking a slow and structured approach to moving both ourselves and our ideas is further amplified by alignments involving messenger Mercury at the end of the week. It is a time when we may feel inspired to learn and communicate; yet, making sure we’re at least partially playing a long game, rather than just focusing upon immediate results, will inspire more ease and yield greater reward.

Astrological Highlights

July 27

Mercury enters Leo

July 28

Jupiter re/enters Aquarius

July 29

Mars/Jupiter Opposition

Mars enters Virgo

August 1

Sun/Mercury Conjunction

Mercury/Saturn Opposition

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (-7 hours GMT)

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