Stellar Insights: July 5 – 11, 2021


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Early this week, think about how you may access a fount (even if it’s a small one) of forgiveness. Curate thoughts of compassion. Instill your thoughts with imagination. Let your words reflect your ability to more readily slide into someone’s shoes. Pepper your reading list with some poetry.

Consider too how you may have learned to more readily do these (all or some) of these things over the past six weeks. I say this because Tuesday features a square alignment between messenger Mercury and boundary-dissolving Neptune. And yet it’s not a one-off but rather part of a sequence that began the end of May. That’s because owing to its recent retrograde cycle, Mercury and Neptune connected like this two other times: on May 22 and June 5. As such, look back to that time to see how your communication and the things you are interested in learning may have evolved, notably in a way that embodies more sensitivity, artistry, healing and/or empathy.

This week also features the evolution-is-key-to-sustainability Saturn/Uranus Square dancing with love planet Venus. As such, you may find yourself called to at once make sure your relationships, finances, and the way you embark upon pleasure is truly align with the foundation of your values. And at the same time, you may feel called to give yourself some space and independence to redefine what really matters and how you want to co-create partnerships so that they feel further enriching and allow you to be who you are at your core.


Pay attention to your need for both the known and the unknown, a tried-and-true path and one that lets you wander at will, a color-by-numbers approach and one that allows for the creativity that evolves from a more chaotic and drawing-outside-of-the-lines approach. Both have value. And while their synthesis on the surface seems like a tricky balance to master, remember that it’s possible.


Friday features the Cancer New Moon. Remember that before the monthly New Moon, the Moon is in its balsamic phase and a lack of external light forms a background note. During this time, we can look for illumination within, in the deep recesses we can access through quietude, reflection, and letting ourselves be carried on a stream of inspiration. The Mercury/Neptune Square that I spoke of before may be a beacon of alliance to help us do this this week.


As the Moon becomes new and begins its latest lunar cycle, we may find ourselves tapping into a nest of emotions. The days of and just after the New Moon are ones in which we can turn our attention to the themes of home, family, and nourishment.


What has you feel at home? Who has you feel at home? What role does your home play? How do you want to make your house or apartment more homey?


How do you feel about your family? How have family patterns informed the way you meet/greet your life? What families have you forged in addition to your family of origin?


How do you nourish yourself? What foods do you feel are the most nourishing for you? Are there other activities you feel called to begin that will let yourself feel more nurtured? How do you nourish other people?


These are just some of the questions we can focus upon as the weekend arrives and the Cancer New Moon invites us to focus upon feelings, family, and feeding ourselves and others.


Astrological Highlights


July 5, 2021

Sun/Neptune Sextile


July 6

Mercury/Neptune Square

Venus/Saturn Opposition


July 8

Venus/Uranus Square


July 9

Cancer New Moon


July 11

Mercury enters Cancer


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Time (- 7 hours GMT)

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